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Annie Uuuu! Yah!

Last updated on February 6, 2011
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Okay, you see this and go "WTF", I did, too, but then I realized how good it was, it was "uguu~d", really. When you drop tibbers in their face and they don't die, they expect you to run away with your short legs, but when you throw an autoattack after them that crits for 400 damage.
This is not supposed to be a "good" AP Annie, It's just another way of playing her.

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Okay, right. Annie has the third longest autoattack range, which makes her great at harassing dumb midlaners like lux or vlad without much effort. She has pretty ****ty AP scaling, so putting more AP in there isn't really going to help you. If you really want to get some AP for tibbers, then buy mejais. Annie has insane nuke damage, I find that after just farming creeps until lvl 6, using no spells because you saved the stun you built with W in spawn, you can pretty much just walk straight up to anyone, drop tibbers in their face, follow up with Q then W then Q again and get either first blood or a regular kill.

During many of the games with DPS Annie, I've met lots of Lux's, sivirs, Ryze's and Ashe's in the mid lane, they all have some seven hundred HP, just harass them a little with your autoattack, and drop tibbers.

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Pros & Cons


-Can kill most other nukers with ease.

-Dangerous even when cooldowns are up or you're out of mana.

-Has AoE stun and because of that awesome in teamfights, can shut down players like Kata and Ryze.

-Runs REALLY quick, can summon tibbers next to a tower and backdoor like a boss.

-Makes cute sounds whenever she throws small fireballs, it's awesome.

-Dropping tibbers and scoring a double/triple kill with your magicks and awesome damage then pointing at your items will make the other team VERY unhappy, many times making them surrender because the annie that just killed them, had Zeal and Zerker greaves.

-Insane early game domination with Incinerate and tibbers, great late game domination because of the Phys damage she conjures, can take down towers QUICKLY, having the early game presence is what most carry champions don't have, so you WILL get fed, if you aren't killing lots of people, you are DOING IT WRONG.


-Squishy until she gets the giants belt, if early game isn't working out well, buy the belt earlier.

-Because of no AP, your nukes won't do much if the game goes on for too long(40-45+) and tibbers is mainly used for backdooring or the AoE stun.

-If you see a tank, turn 180 degrees and skip away unless you're really fed.

-Your team will laugh at you if they see your items before you kill lots, demoralizing your whole team if you die a lot.

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Working in the team

In most team fights I get my little *** behind the big bad tank, or Rammus, he's real cute.
When tibbers drops, EVERYONE engages, if you get focused, just flash out and abuse your autoattack range as much as you like, with the occasional Q and W of course.

You have AoE stun nuke, therefore you are superior to ryze and many many other casters.
Your lack of AP and the addition of your Giants belt will make veigar, who uses his R on you, kindof funny to kill.

Last game I found myself sitting at the enemy teams blue buff, our Soraka walked out of the bush and got the enemy team master yi's attention, being the intelligent master Yi, he doesn't follow, but instead waits for his team to come there.
I stand a bit back, chillin', their tank runs straight into the bush together with the rest of his team, I drop tibbers, incinerate, disintegrate their vladimir, flameshield and start auto attacking, everyone DIES, really, the sudden insane 1.75 Stun nuke with DoT from tibbers makes the enemy team vulnerable to the rest of our four members, since all my abilities are on cooldown, I proceed with rightclicking on low-hp targets and finish them off.

Annies superior speed makes it possible for her to chase slower casters, supports and other champs that do not have five phantom dancers in their inventory or "Yi" in their name.
I chased a fleeing akali across the map (without slow effects in my Auto attacks) and killed her. Every small non-mana fireball I sent her way dealt a whopping 400 damage, and these fireballs have no channeling time whatsoever.

Annie throws small fireballs at the turrets when you push, so everyone will focus that Ashe or sivir they think the damage is coming from, oops, +150 gold to us.

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Last words

I play on the Europe server as "Uruchi Tsukimiya", feel free to look up my match history, I might just have some games with DPS Annie there. I have played Annie for quite some time using various combinations, this is the one I enjoy, it is tons of FUN. It will of course not be viable in high-elo ranked, but it's all guud if you look past that.

This guide will probably be updated some times, giving you a PROPER guide and not this bragging that I'm currently offering.