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League of Legends Build Guide Author Trojan995

AoE CC Team

Trojan995 Last updated on November 14, 2010
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Team 1


Team 2

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Utility: 21

This is a full team build that utilizes the champions with the best of the current metagame: area of effect crowd control. Amumu, Fiddlesticks, Pantheon, and Kennen all have great area of effect ultimates, with 2 AoE stuns (&) among them and 2 AoE slows (&). All these champs have non-ultimate crowd control as well; Fiddle has Terrify, Kennen has Mark of the Storm, Amumu has Bandage Toss, Pantheon has Aegis of Zeonia, and Morgana has Dark Binding. This team should work best during mid and late game, during teamfight and ganking phases. The team will operate fantastically even if the timing isn't right, but incredible coordination of skill activation would be needed to get an ace during a teamfight. Ventrilo would be recommended to pull off such a feat.

11/1/10: Changed Kennen to AD Kennen to suit my playstyle. Changed the build used for Kennen as well. Edited the wording of the the nuke and chase phases, and added some strategies in both sections. Removed Lux in favor of Morgana. Removed all mentions of Lux, and added information about Morgana. Removed Sword of the Occult from Pantheon and replaced with Youmuu's Ghostblade.
11/7/10: Added a second team consisting of Galio, Miss Fortune, Anivia, Gangplank, and Kog'maw. Changed Kennen back to AP.
11/8/10: Removed Lux mentions from the preface, added a comparison of the teams and a TL;DR for team 2.
11/14/10: Replaced the AP Kennen guide with another guide I prefer. Added icons and changed wording of various portions of the builds to work with the icons.

so far, this build is only experimental. I have a group of friends willing to try it, now it's just a matter of getting the proper champs. Also, I didn't have experience with a few of these champs, so I consulted a few guides on mobafire to get an idea of what needed to be done. I suggest you read these guides to get a detailed summary of how to play these characters.
My only concern is to help fellow LoL players learn to play new characters and team combinations, so though I personally do not fret about my rating, please do up-rate if you like the build, and comment with any suggestions or constructive criticism. I'd love to improve the build, and the task will be infinitely easier with the aid of experienced mobafire community members.

Amumu: the Misunderstood Mummy by Kryptix

Pantheon, The IP Farmer by DEWO

Kennen - Midget Sasuke from Naruto has Arrived as a Legend! by pip00p

Morgana Prime by Flood

Galio: --insert something clever here-- by Ezekial

Miss Fortunate Killzone by yukimika

Anivia: Frozen Death by Kryptix

TANKPLANK!! by Wagasaki

Kog'maw; because Cho'Gath couldn't feast fast enough. by Zuulkra

Also, thanks to Pip00p and Gravefury for suggesting champions for the alternate team.

Some personal touches that I added to most of these builds was Cooldown reduction, a Tiamat on Pantheon/Kog'maw/Gangplank/Miss Fortune and a Randuin's Omen on Amumu, Teleport for a summoner spell, and I made my runes and masteries without consultation (though they may be similar to the guides anyways.)

Comparison of Team 1 and 2

Team 1:
Harder to play
All 5 Champions have ultimate AoE CC
All 5 Champions have non-ult CC
More AP
Squishier champions

Team 2:
Easier to play
Kog'maw doesn't have an AoE ultimate
Best non-ult CC among this team is 1 stun, the rest of the CC is slow and Gangplank doesn't have slow (except for frozen mallet)
More reliant on items to have an AoE effect (3 of these champs need Tiamat)
More AD
More chasing power

Team 1


Kennen - Mid
This should be obvious why I chose him as mid; Kennen's incredible at mid to harass and still farm amazingly. He denies the mid carry vast amounts of XP by stunning continuously with his Mark of the Storm. He is overall a great mid champion, and plays the part better than anyone else.

Amumu & Fiddlestick - Top
It honestly doesn't matter whether they're top or bottom, but either way this is a good combo. Amumu stuns with Bandage Toss, and Fiddlesticks nukes with all his might. The crowd control with this combo is vicious, between Bandage Toss, Terrify, and Dark Wind. This team might be less likely to score a first blood, unless Fiddlesticks manages to unleash power I've not yet seen him produce.

Morgana & Pantheon - Bottom
As said above, as long as these guys are laning together, it doesn't matter whether they're top or bottom. This combo has more nuking ability than the above, with nearly as much crowd control. Morgana's Dark Binding and Pantheon's Aegis of Zeonia, combined with the the damage output of both characters will give you a nearly guaranteed first blood.

Farm as much as possible. Get as many champion kills as possible, but don't risk your life too much. The goal of this guide is to get you to the teamfight phase with a large variety of items, where your team will thrive. Excessive feeding by any of the champions may throw off the teamfight phase and cause your team to lose. As long as none of the enemy teammates have a ridiculous advantage, your team should have no problem kicking every last one of them back to their nexus. That being said, play as defensive as you see fit, trying to go for minion kills, gold and exp.

This is the ganking phase, in which side laners may gank mid or mid laners might gank the sides. Be wary, call MIAs as frequently as they occur, and don't push past the middle of the map when an MIA is called. Ganks are appropriate for this team, but can not be excessive, nor are they necessary. I suggest mostly ganking when the enemy ganks, as this will prompt a miniature teamfight, where there might be a 3v3 in a side lane. In this case, activate ultimates and watch the sparks fly. Neither lane should have a problem if the enemy mid champion were to gank. The best course of action would to fall back, let Kennen or Anivia dash over, and stun as frequently as possible. Kennen (or Anivia) should easily stun (or slow) all 3, 4, 5 champs in the fight with a quick Lightning Rush, Slicing Maelstrom, and Electrical Surge (or Glacial Storm). In the meantime, Pantheon can Heartseeker Strike, Morgana can Tormented Soil, Fiddle can Drain, and Amumu can Bandage Toss and tank damage. If played skillfully, ganks won't be a problem in the least during this phase.

Though full team fights may occur in mid game as well, this is where I'll be discussing the most important aspect of the build (if I haven't stressed it enough): team fights. The team fights must be perfectly coordinated, and will result in aces that occur in mere seconds. Here's how it's done:

Phase 1: The Initiate

At this point, 4 people are gathered in one lane on your team: all but Pantheon. 5 enemies are gathered in the same lane, and they may be pushing or holding a tower. Either way, the initiate is most crucial to this fight. What happens is:
1. Pantheon activates Grand Skyfall. Place this so one enemy character is undoubtedly in the center, preferably a squishy, and try your best to get all 5 enemies in the area of effect as well. Without ventrilo to coordinate this step perfectly, Pantheon may want to place his ult just a little behind the enemies to force them either forward or into the heart of his ultimate.
2. Fiddlesticks starts to channel Crowstorm. Fiddlesticks should teleport in at a location right in front of his enemies, so he can hit them hard and still control where he goes without being bombarded by enemy nukes. Fiddlesticks should do this right before Pantheon teleports in, so Fiddle lands not too long after Amumu's Curse of the Sad Mummy is activated.
3. Amumu uses Bandage Toss to initiate. This should happen EXACTLY at the same time as Pantheon's ultimate. Use ventrilo to coordinate. If ventrilo isn't being used, then Amumu should initiate as soon as Pantheon's Grand Skyfall ring can be seen. Amumu should make sure he hits an enemy in such a way that all 5 enemy champions will be affected by Curse of the Sad Mummy.
4. Amumu uses Curse of the Sad Mummy. This is rather simple, just his R as quickly as possible directly after initiating. Now, with any amount of luck, you activated Amumu's ultimate at a time that allowed Pantheon to do full damage, and Fiddlesticks to dole out serious damage as well with crowstorm.

Phase 2: The Nuke
At this point, you should have stunned every enemy champion and hit them with 2 ultimates already. Now, we let Fiddle's Crowstorm keep doling out ungodly amounts of magic damage and let the other champions step in as well. This will all happen simultaneously, so I'll list the actions by champion.

Amumu: Stay in the middle of the enemy team, hitting as hard as possible with Sunfire Cape, Tantrum, and Despair. Stun when you can with Bandage Toss, and if it seems that any are getting away, activate Randuin's Omen to hit the enemy team with an area of effect slow.

Fiddlesticks: Pursue while Crowstorm remains up, but don't risk your life to do so. When crowstorm runs out, hit the enemy with Terrify and nuke whoever is in range.

Pantheon: Attack any groups of champions with Heartseeker Strike, hit champions heading back to their nexus with Spear Shot, and stun any enemy focusing on attacking you with Aegis of Zeonia. Just do a lot of damage in general. Try to focus on those champions who grabbed a Banshee's Veil to counter the 3 nukers, but failed to protect against your attack damage might.

Kennen: As this whole battle went on, primarily while the enemies were under the Curse of the Sad Mummy, you should have been marking the enemy with Mark of the Storm. Once you stacked two, move on to the next enemy. When the Curse wears off, activate Slicing Maelstrom and hit as many enemies as possible with its AoE damage. When you have the energy for Electrical Surge use it quickly, trying to get off exorbitant amounts of stuns. Stun the hell out of them and attack anyone within range with auto attacks, but remember: you're the secondary AoE stun champion. Try to keep yourself at high health and avoid using Lightning Rush until next phase (unless you can score a stun and a kill by using it immediately).

Morgana: Throw down tormented soil, trying to hit as many enemies as possible during Amumu's stun duration. Try to get into the middle of the enemy team and activate [[soul shackles, and pop Black Shield on yourself. Don't risk your life to do this; if the other team is just itching to nuke you, stand back enough that you only hit the front 2 or 3 enemy champions. If the enemy just flipped out and ran as quickly as they could away from your team, keep up and hit all 5 with your ultimate stun if you can. Don't worry about stunning them, surviving the fight is far more important. If, for some reason (such as your ultimate is on cooldown or you don't want to risk dying in the crowd of your enemies) you can't activate your ultimate, put Black Shield on Fiddlesticks as he runs around with Crowstorm. It'll give him the ability to hit the whole enemy group better, as he won't have to be afraid of enemy nukes.

Phase 3: The Chase

At this point, you have 5 full and healthy champions, with the possible exception of Fiddlesticks or Kennen. All your damage dealing spells are on cooldown, but don't worry: there's only a few enemy champs left (if any at all). The best thing to do here is Lightning Rush. This should hit the fast champions who gracefully avoided the dozens of stuns, snares, slows, and fears you have already unleashed while nuking. Allied champs should just head back to base if they aren't high on health (wouldn't want the enemy to get a kill) and teleport back to get back in the action quickly. If Champions other than Kennen are ready to chase, then by all means, go ahead and try your best.

Congratulations. You just aced the enemy team. Again, and again, and again. They must be raging hard right now, because any time they get close, you just lock them down and beat them to the ground. Once you have all the enemy champions out of the way, I suggest toppling a turret or even a nexus. Good luck, and enjoy the endless array of crowd control.

P.S. A few notes:

1. Teleport should be used for two things: getting to the teamfight, so no one misses the action, and returning to the aftermath of a team fight after healing, so you lose no down time in pushing turrets.
2. All these characters should have high cooldown reduction, so that each respective character's ultimate will be ready whenever a team fight is in need of it.
3. Morgana over Lux: I changed my build to include Morgana because she has a lot more potential for a team fight. She has an area-of-effect damage spell () and an area of effect damage/stun ultimate (). Lux may have a better snare (), and I haven't quite compared the shields, but Morgana is much better for a team fight and I'm not a fan of Finales Funkeln.

TL;DR: Grand Skyfall, Curse of the Sad Mummy, Crowstorm, Soul Shackles, Slicing Maelstrom ----> GG.

Team 2

These are alternate characters for the above team. You can play all alternate characters, but I find the primary team superior. This is due to the combination of AoE CC ultimates and stuns/snares/slows/fears for non-ult skills on team 1. With the exception of Anivia, who is just as potent as the primary champions, only take a secondary team champion if you don't own one of the primary champions or you absolutely suck at them.


Anivia: Mid
Anivia and Kennen are 2 of my favorite mid characters, and they both dominate. Anivia has a devastating stun () and a spammable AoE slow for farming creep waves (). Anivia can easily outfarm the enemy champion, and score a few kills in the process. There are few champions as powerful as Anivia in the mid lane.

Galio and Miss Fortune: Top

Galio and Miss Fortune both have amazing poke skills (&) that will, at the very least, push the enemy far back and make them recall all the time. At best, this combination will push and destroy the tower in an instant. Both of these characters have slows and AoE skills that will punish the enemy creep waves (&).

Gangplank and Kog'Maw: Bottom
Both of these characters have ungodly range, with Living Artillery and Parrrley. Expect a first blood with Kog'maw's Void Ooze and Gangplank's Parrrley. With Gangplank being Tankplank, lane stay power will be tremendous. If the tower is pushed, Kog'maw will take down the tower no problem as he's an AS specialization.

Since the Late Game team fights are the only thing different in this alternate team, that's all I'll discuss exclusively for them.

Phase 1: The Initiate

At this point, 5 people are gathered in one lane. 5 enemies are gathered in the same lane, and they may be pushing or holding a tower. Either way, the initiate is most crucial to this fight. What happens is:
1. Galio runs towards enemies
This is pretty simple, just try to get in the middle of them. Hopefully they won't break up. Champions with spammable spells should cast them in an attempt to initiate, but only if it doesn't drive them back. When Gangplank uses Parrrley and Miss Fortune uses Double Up, the enemies will try to get within range for their respective attacks. At this point, Galio should get as close as possible to all enemy champions to prepare for Idol of Durand.
2. All champions ultimate
This is also pretty simple. Galio uses Idol of Durand, taunting them. Anivia uses Glacial Storm, slowing them (the slow seems pretty redundant, considering the enemies are taunted, but the damage is the primary part) and damaging them. Gangplank uses Cannon Barrage, slowing them (again, the slow is redundant) and damaging them. Miss Fortune uses Flash to get to whatever location she deems best for using Bullet Time, then she ults. Then she uses Make it Rain. Kog'maw spams Living Artillery, utilizing Tiamat to hit as many enemies as possible. Kog'maw shouldn't use Void Ooze yet, however. Save it for when they run.

Phase 3: The Chase

If any enemy champions are alive, chances are they're running for their dear lives. This is where you use Frozen Mallet to its full potential. Miss Fortune is best for the chase, considering her passive and Make it Rain. The other champs should just chase and spam whatever spells will slow them the hell down (Galio's Resolute Smite, Anivia's Glacial Storm, Flash Frost, and Crystallize, Gangplank's Parrrley to activate Frozen Mallet and Kog'maw's Void Ooze).

Tl'DR: Idol of Durand-> Glacial Storm-> Cannon Barrage-> Bullet Time& Make it Rain-> Living Artillery& Void Ooze->GG

There you go. An alternate team for whatever champion you feel isn't good enough in the primary team.


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