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AP/ Attack speed destruction

Last updated on February 4, 2011
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The must haves of teemo

Easy and basic build with the captain, after many matches and tests I think this is the best build for Teemo. Based off of ablity power, cool down reduction, and attack speed. Vote after you have tested! Enjoy

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Items explained

start out with Boots of speed, 3 health pots and you are ready to go! I usually start out going to mid lane and going camo with blinding dart ready to nuke! Teemo does crazy dmg at level 1-4 compared to most champions, the combonation of blinding dart > ignite > chasing till death = Fed. after you place a few mushrooms down and are out of mana time to recall. Get beserkers grieves and if out of hp pots, usually should always have one, since teemo has so little hp, it recovers quickly. so always have 1 hp potion. now, I start saving for Malady, its great for nukes because it stacks MR debuffs, perfect if you kite into mushrooms or just flat out auto attack toxic darts. Then you build for Nashtor's tooth, great AB/Speed, exactly what we are looking for. Next item that is unique to my build is brutalizer saving for Ghostblade, it givs CD reduction and a lil boosted Attack dmg never hurts! plus the ghostblade gives 20% movement already worth 2k, then another 50% attack speed! that is key to nuking towers in 12 seconds. after that you should have 1 slot left, which I think varies with who you are fighting with, either, you can grab Gunsblade for dmg/AB or grab banshee's veil, basic defense item. even though I highly doubt the game has lasted this long, you've probably got the ghostblade at the end game stage.