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Shyvana Build Guide by litecrunch


By litecrunch | Updated on January 19, 2021
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Runes: AP Bruiser Shyvana (Dueler)

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Press the Attack
Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4
LoL Summoner Spell: Challenging Smite

Challenging Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Jungle Role
Ranked #14 in
Jungle Role
Win 49%
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Champion Build Guide


By litecrunch
About the AP Bruiser Build
As you all know we are all trying to discover new builds now that the preseason has dropped. There are a lot of new options now and the possible combinations of items are endless. I have been trying many builds and I found one that looks very interesting. The full build is:

Nashors Tooth, Riftmaker, Zhonyas, Demonic Embrace, and Void Staff

The new Riftmaker is a very good AP Bruiser Item. The stats are:

Cost: 3200 gold

AP: 80

Health: 150

Ability Haste: 15


Effect: VOID CORRUPTION: For each second in champion combat, deal 2% bonus damage (max 10%). At maximum strength, the bonus damage is dealt as true damage instead.

MYTHIC Grants all Legendary items 5% magic penetration

This item was made for dueling as an AP bruiser. You will deal additional damage the more you fight and it will eventually deal true damage after you stack it completely. The boosted damage will apply to your E, and the magic pen it gives will make sure your e will scale well into the late game the more legendary items you complete. Your CDR will be coming from the newly updated transcendence rune, which gives cdr over time and at lvl 11 will make your takedowns on enemy champions REDUCE YOUR COOLDOWN ON ALL ABILITIES, INCLUDING YOUR E BY 20%. Even if your e will be doing a bit less damage then a normal AP build, you will be able to use it more often because this build allows you to gain Fury and stay in dragon form longer, as you will be auto attacking enemies a good amount. The health and omnivamp from this item alone give you great fighting sustain.

Next Items: Nashors Tooth and Lichbane.

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU RUSH NASHORS TOOTH AS YOUR FIRST ITEM, EVEN BEFORE YOUR MYTHIC ITEM! NO MATTER WHAT YOU BUY, ATTACK SPEED IS ALWAYS THE NUMBER 1 STAT YOU WANT TO BUY FIRST ON SHYVANA! The reason why attack speed is very important is because it allows you to duel people better with your on-hit e damage proccing more because of your attack speed, as well as significantly increases your clear speed and you can get more frequent dragon forms using your autos. Even though they removed the 20% cdr on nashors, they increased the on hit damage by 10% ap scaling, so the damage will be very good. The cdr doesn't matter that much because the new transcendence will make up for it, your cdr will still be decent. If you want to burst people more, then you will get the lichbane after your nashors, as the damage from it is very bursty, but make sure that their team is mostly squishy champs before you buy it. Also, you may have noticed that I did not include boots in the build. This is because the new lichbane gives you so much movement speed, a whopping 10% increase which is as much movement speed as if you were to buy boots. If you prefer to have the bonus movement speed from boots, then you can buy whatever you see fit against the enemy team. If you don't want burst yet and prefer to get dueling potential, then buy the mythic item riftmaker. If you are playing jungle then I recommend buying recurve bow for Nashors Tooth early in the game, as it increases your clear speed pretty well. Always prioritize attack speed first, dont build ap on your first back when getting Nashors Tooth unless you have enough gold for it, as the clear speed is way better.

The Next items are AP Defensive Items to make you survive as a bruiser later.

The items are Zhonyas and Demonic Embrace. They nerfed zhonyas by 10 AP and converted the 10% cdr into 10 ability haste, but they reduced the price to now costing 2500 gold. In my opinion the whole item is better now as it is cheaper, the ap doesn't matter because the reason people buy zhonyas is for the defensive stats vs AD and the OP active. The next item is Demonic Embrace. It is essentially the old liandries with defensive stat stacks depending on how many enemies are burned.

If you are fighting against heavy AP compositions then you can replace zhonyas with a different item such as banshees or the new abyssal mask, which if you land a multi-man ult then the damage the enemies receive will increase by 10%, this applies to your teammates as well.

The last item is entirely your choice, I put down Void staff because the combination with riftmaker magic pen late game will make you deal essentially true damage to your enemies. Depending on the enemy team comp you could go anything you want, you could choose more ap items or tank items.

I will be testing out this build more, including with different runes as well, such as conqueror, and I will be trying it in different roles as well such as mid and top.
Early Game Back to Top
In the early game you usually want to start in the bot lane to get that bot lane leash. If you are against an early game jungler or a jungler that wants to invade you then I can suggest to start with a toplane leash instead. By doing this you prevent the enemy jungler from being able to kill you, as invading junglers usually start wherever their bot lane is and path to your next buff. Always do a full clear, you can skip gromp (If starting red) or krugs (if starting blue) if scuttle just spawned and you want to make sure you secure the scuttle. After you take it you can walk back and take the last camp that you skipped. Always build attack speed after your first back, and a control ward. Look for possible chances to take dragon. You take dragon rather quickly on shyvana by yourself, just make sure that you place a control ward and leave quickly if you notice enemy laners are rotating and gone missing towards the bot river.

If there is a good and free gank available, finish whatever camp you are clearing and go directly over there and gank. It doesn't matter if there is a free scuttle to take, if a gank is free then both you and your laner will become ahead. Don't forget that killing gromp gives you a lot of fury, so if you want to get your ult for an upcoming gank or fight then do gromp!

One of Shyvana's Strengths is her ability to clear get objectives rather quickly. If it is safe to do so, do rift heralds and place them after an enemy laner has died. A good rift herald is one where the tower is already down by two plates. Towers become tankier the less plates they have available so you usually dont want to place a herald when the tower is at full health. If you take first tower you will be at a massive advantage over anyone else, as the gold it gives if you kill it is equivalent to 2 champion kills.

Buying a dark seal early is 100% worth it. You can get up to 65 AP from just a 350 gold item if your dark seal is fully stacked. If your dark seal is decently stacked and you are ahead then you can even buy Magi's to boost your lead even further. Buy this item, as there is never a situation where it isn't good!!!
Mid and Late Game Back to Top
During the Mid and Late Game you want to be looking for big engages with your ultimate. Always provide vision to your team before a big objective spawns so that your team can have the vision advantage, and have a chance to ambush the enemy team while hiding in a bush. You want to hit as many people with your e to increase the damage output. If you are the only frontline for your team then avoid using your dragon form to poke them unless they are already low. Tell your team you want to engage with your ultimate by pinging that your ult is ready. A lot of times teams don't follow up because they don't know your plans. An example is telling your yasuo that your ult is a knockup, tell him to use it by pinging your ult and then pinging him. If you and your team communicate how to play fights out then you will have a better chance of winning the teamfight and the game.
About The AP One Shot Build Back to Top
The classic AP Shyvana One Shot build is stronger than ever before in Season 11! I guarantee that the enemy team will call your champion broken if you manage to pop off and get a lot of kills with this build. As with the AP bruiser build mentioned above, the AP one shot build always starts with Nashors Tooth rush first. It allows you to duel people in human form pretty well, get dragon forms faster, and increase your clear speed drastically. After you finish that then buy Night Harvester ASAP. This item is pretty ridiculous and make your e's REALLY STRONG. Even in human form, if the Night harvester item effect is off cooldown on an enemy champion, your human e will deal really unexpected damage. It actually makes you a good threat and your human form actually useful. The rest of the items consist of horizon focus for more damage with long range E's, deathcap for huge burst and the last item is optional, build void staff for more penetration or zhonyas for survivability. Overall I believe Shyvana is even stronger in season 11 then she is last season. This may change as items get nerfed but so far in the preseason shyvana is really strong. Enjoy one shotting everyone from a whole screen away and enjoy your enemies crying for AP shyvana nerfs in all chat. Have fun!
Conclusion Back to Top
I hope you guys like my build, and I would really love it if you try it out. I will also love to hear what kind of new builds you are running in season 11. I wish you guys the best of look in season 11!
League of Legends Build Guide Author litecrunch
litecrunch Shyvana Guide
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