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AP/cooldown Ezreal by LifeAbyss

Last updated on February 11, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 9

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Utility: 21

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Well guys, this is my first time making a build, and ive only played Ezreal for a little bit, but ive made a build for him by theory :D hahaha but i hope it works out for anyone who wants to test it out :)

ive done some math to it so i can get better calculations on his AP and cooldowns.

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Pros & Cons

- Great range
- Great at escaping
- Skill shots
- Good tower pusher
- Good support

- Very squishy
- Requires skill
- Early MP hungry (unless used correctly)
- No CC

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Summoner Spells

I would highly recommend Flash and Exhaust, because with his Arcane Shift you can blink away, and if its still not enough then you have Flash (also good for chasing). since Ezreal in my build cant really run fast, i chose to get exhaust, so that if they start to catch up then exhaust him then shoot him with an Essence Flux to slow his ATK SPD down for 20/25/30/35/40% for 5 seconds, with the exhaust giving him 40% slow, so whoevers chasing you will have 80% slow and ATK SPD you can either hit and run him or just run.

Clarity is an okay spell, but it wont be needed as much, because once you get Archangel Staff then you should be set.

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As you can see, i went 9/0/21, all for the reason of his cooldown on Flash, and the 15% cooldown reduction to your summoner spells.

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Skill Sequence

Well i didnt know what kind of skill sequence to follow, because i always end up getting what feels right to use at the time.

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As you can already see, i went pure AP runes, so that it'll boost up my AP even if its just a little.

sorry if its noobish XD

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Item Purchases

Starting off equipment:
-Meki Pendant
-x2 HP Pots

As the game progresses:
-Tears of the Goddess (turn it into Archangel unless you want the boots before it)
-Sorcerers Boots (Move +2, 20% Magic Penetration)
-Archangel Staff (400MP, 25MP Regen, 45AP, 3%MP goes to AP, use more Abilities = +4 MP/1000MP)
-Rabadons Deathcap (155AP, 30% more AP)
-Deathfire Grasp (60AP, +10MP Regen, 15% cooldown)
-Nashors Tooth (50%ATK SPD, 55AP, 25% cooldown)
-Archangel Staff

If you manage to get all this before the game ends and your level 18, then your AP attacks and cooldowns should look a little something like this:

Oh, and Mobafire stats on the equipment arent correct so im using the official website to get my lvl 18 stats.

Total AP - 360
Total Cooldown - 45%
Total MP - 2445

Archangel Staff x2 - 6%MP to AP
Rabadons Deathcap - 30% more AP
Force Runes
Total AP - 741.87AP

Also with his skills it should look like this i think...

Mystic Shot - 35/55/75/95/115 (+DMG) - 216.5 DMG
Cooldown - 6/5.5/5/4.5/4sec - 2.2sec
Essense Flux - 80/130/180/230/280 (+.7 AP) - 799.3 AP DMG
Cooldown - 9/9/9/9/9 - 4.95sec
Arcane Shift - 75/125/175/225/275 (+.75 AP) - 831.4 AP DMG
Cooldown - 19/17/15/13/11 - 6.05sec
Trueshot Barrage - 350/500/650 (+.9 AP) - 1,317.68 AP D/mg
Cooldown - 100/100/100 - 65sec

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Ezreal isnt made for jungling early game, so i wouldnt recommend it.

Ezreal is an excellent farmer if you can last hit minions. But he isnt good against a crowd of minions because most of his moves only allows him to hit a champion or a single minion.

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To the Viewers :P

If my Calculations are wrong or my build is wrong then i am sorry... feel free to thumbs up or down :)

sorry i cant put anymore detail in :(