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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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AP Damage Mordekaiser (Post Nerf) Guide By Hrcat EU E&No

Last updated on December 15, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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About This Guide

It's written by Mordekaiser - post nerf user. It has shown awesome results and if you don't get ganked but instead feeded you will be unstoppable. When I say unstoppable I mean on dealing 60+ % of HP with one hit and finishing off enemy with other spell. This build is good for both PvE and PvP but there are some of things you should know for each type of PvP:
- 3v3
Start with health pot and speed boots to get sorcerers shoes, it's quite important for ganking and running away. I used to take tome 1st for 3v3 but having shoes is always better and increase your survivabillity.

- 5v5
You can start with tome if you are going in lane with other person.

This guide is PURE AP, and You will end up with more than 800 AP at lvl 16+ if you play well.

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Runes and Skills

Are pure AP as well. After nerf you couldn't play that good as tank mord ( yes you could and gz to all those ppl that play well still) because his shield got nerfed to the ground, so stop wasting your IP on ruses that give you like health or armor, you will get ganked that's how it is now. So will you rather gank or get ganked ?

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Playing Mordekaiser - Post Nerf

Since our shield got nerfed tons, people started swearing Mordekaisers, calling users noobs and such but soon after the game starts and Mordekaiser reach 10 he is unstoppable. This is easy to achive if you don't go much to HQ and feed others. Kite with Siphon (In further guide "Motorhead") of destruction enemy heroes, save mace for them alone, once their HP reaches crit levels strike with mace. Use creeping death (Metallica in further guide) often as it does AoE and protects yourself but take care not to use it while on turret when there are other heroes around you. Finally Ignite is pro combo with our Ultimate so consider using it smartly, once you see that enemy healed get him to crit levels, Ignite and ulti. Don't waste ultimate on squishy heroes if possible, getting OP Melee hero under ulti pet is sometimes and often key for the battle. As well use ultimate smartly again, if you see that you are near turret and that there is OP Hero dying, drop ulti on him and use him to kill turret faster.

In most of my games I use ulti tactically, meaning I don't just waste it when it's not needed (middle of map 1v1 where it couldn't help me and would die till I get to enemy Turret) and that guarantees quick win of my team.

Now, that would be it, so basically don't rush and kite enemy.

Once you reach lvl 10 it will be way easier and you should have by then more than 150 AP, after you get lvl 15 and most of the items, you will simply be able to rush in three enemies and crush them in 5 seconds and still survive.

But that doesnt mean that you should rush in with your 500 AP on lvl 15 to Master Yi, Fizz and Soraka, nah, you should wait for minions to make sure your shield will always be up.

are quite important now for mords gameplay, he is pritty much useless w/o them on low lvls so wait for them and then rush to 1v3 and you will win for sure, unless you fed the enemy so much that you can't do anything.

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Mistakes New Mordekaisers usually do

1. Rush without minions in 2v2 with all cooldowns and die
2. Rush to turret thinking they can handle it but they die
3. Look at pre patch guide that buids tank mord
4. Buy starting recomended items...
5. Waste ulti