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AP Ezreal; So you wanna be a mage?

Last updated on November 18, 2012
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Hey people who play Lol! (If you don't plan on ever playing, why are you reading these guides?) You can guess that I enjoy playing League, and one of my favorite champions is Ezreal. This is my first build. I just loved playing AP Ezreal a lot, so I'd thought I'd send my thoughts to maybe help other people play him too. Maybe you don't like my build, but really this is just here for others' benefit. Remember that even if this build doesn't work for you the first time, Ez is a difficult champ to get a hang of, and not every build works for everyone. Some people like playing more aggressive, some like poking, and some can only play well if they get a fed Mejai's Soul Stealer. But you can try out the build, then just play around with AP Ez to find what you want to keep from this build, and what you will dump to help it mesh with your play style! :]

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Why to play AP Ezreal

Well, let's begin with why you'd want to play an Ap Ez. To be frank with you, AD Ez isn't bad. Ez is a really powerful attack damage carry. Many would say that he is a better AD than AP. But I think that "powerful" shouldn't be your only way of choosing a champion to use. Some champions are OP, but I wouldn't use them because I don't like their design. Even if their powerful, if you don't think their abilities, design, story, ect, are cool, you still won't use them. AP Ez fills these requirements for me.

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Pros / Cons



~Awesome, long range poker ~Very squishy, like most mages
~An extra flash! OMGosh! ~Not the most natural farmer
~Ulti is always off CD ~AP makes his Q useless till you get Lich Bane
~Good AoE with W ~He's got a hunger for some mana!
~He's a challenge ^.^ ~He's a challenge >.<
~Ezreal spells are cool! ~His joke sucks. T.T
~He's got the dance from the ~His passive is pointless when he's AP
first season of the Melancholy
of Haruhi Sezumiya! Watched
every episode!
~OMGosh he's just so cool!

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For my runes, I'll just explain shortly, that I think the early game AP is really useful. Same for the magic pen. More damage! The mana regen allows you shoot your opponent a bit more ;). Really, if you never spam your moves, or you spam more, this part is flexible. You can interchange your favorite runes to fit your playstyle, but this is what I like to use.

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You might be wondering, "What this is AP? Why do you have all these Utility masteries?" Originally I did use a 21-0-9 for masteries, but then, just for a change of pace, I decided to try getting the extra money from Utility to lower Ezreal's need for farm. I have since realized that the money bonus gives you about one Amplifying Tome per 40 minutes. Not super helpful. But I loved the extra cooldown for his moves and the fact it lowers your Clarity's cooldown by half a minute. I merely removed the money masteries and increased my escape power with movement speed. Again, change this according to your play style. With this and Ionian boots, it removes 20 secs from your ulti's CD, and better allows Clarity to remove your mana hunger, (I myself love poking.) Less ulti CD means you can use it to farm and can be assured you'll still have it for the coming team fight. Naturally if you want more damage you can go for 21-0-9. Feel free to play around! For the Offensive masteries, I like the AD, as it helps your early game damage with your Q and it really helps you farm. Then, 4% CD and some more Magic Penetration.

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I always start with boots with health pots. If you find you get mana hungry early game, begin with a Doran's Ring. But if you have followed the guide up to this point, Clarity will usually take care of mana. The boots will build into your useful cooldown boots, where as a Doran's ring is temporary investment that you have to sell for less than you bought it for when you need a different item. Boots will help you get around to aim your skill shots and avoid ganks. On the other hand, Doran's will give you more overall sustain, so take it if you are worried about out lasting your enemy early game. And if you bought a Doran's first, boots should be your next purchase.

Assuming you have gotten the normal boots already, your first purchase going back should be some AP power. If I have enough, I like to either get a Blasting Wand or a Needlessly Large Rod. By getting a Blasting Wand, you set yourself up for pretty much every AP item you could need, and leave some money to help upgrade your boots. A NLRod is good to get earlier on, because in the early game, no one has any items. Getting it later on means you need to save up for it, which will stall your build for a whilst the enemy gets to buy items. Either way works, but I recommend getting a NLRod if you do have the money for it when you go back.

The next thing you buy is somewhat dependent on what you bought in the last step. I will either go for a Rabadon's Deathcap or a Rylai's Crystal Scepter. Getting a Deathcap gives you better scaling for the rest of the game, and the idea is with all that power you'll get more kills, which means more items anyways. Rylai's makes you about 150% harder to kill, giving you health, and making your W slow your enemies. It is super useful, especially when you're chasing someone. You Arcane Shift after them, and they kindly slow down for you. But, be warned, your Q deals physical damage, so it won't help you escape to throw that move behind you while you run. Anyways, you can get fed from assists more from a Rylai's and fed from kills more from a Deathcap.

If I got a Deathcap last, I'll go for a Rylai's next. If I got a Rylai's last, I'll get a Deathcap next. Pretty straightforward. I want all the useful bonuses from the other item immediately after I get the first one.

Continuing on, I get a Lich Bane. Why a Lich Bane you say? For some of you, its probably, Why not a Lich Bane sooner? First questions first. For those of you who don't get, Why Lich Bane?, its because his Q applies the damage from Lich Bane, essentially turning that measly 20% of your AP to damage to 120% of your AP to damage! This item is what makes your Q a viable source of damage in a fight. And in a one-on-one encounter, this does help your passive become more useful as well. Finally, this item applies 100% of your AP as physical damage meaning it can help you kill towers! At this point, most of you will start asking, "Why not sooner then?" The problem is that if your AP isn't high, the damage is diminished. Lich Bane costs quite a bit, especially for a champ like Ezreal AP, who has a trickier time farming. Also, building one really can hurt your early game damage as 2 of its components don't provide good AP power, unlike Deathcap. And it doesn't totally raise your survivability like a Crystal Scepter. But maybe you enjoy it greatly. Then get it earlier. But I do suggest going for the other mage items first. Overall, I would suggest planning on getting all three of these items.

To finish up, things really become dependent on your game. Need more damage? Get another Deathcap. Need more survivability? Get a Zhonya's Hourglass. Need... tenacity? Get a Moonflair Spellblade. Facing lot's of health and defense? Go for a Deathfire Grasp or a Void Staff. An Athene's Unholy Grail isn't my first choice at this point; remember that you Clarity still, so you shouldn't need all that mana regen. I suppose that a Rod of Ages is still viable, but Ezreal is pretty long range, so your Arcane Shift with a Zhonya's and your Rylai's slow should be enough to keep you kicking.

And finally I end with a Mejai's Soul Stealer. (Ya, right!) Never get a late game Mejai's unless you're WaAaAayyy beyond fed.

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Skill Sequence

Nice and straight forward. Always get your Trueshot Barrage (R) when you can, then your Essence Flux (W), then your Arcane Shift (E), and finally your (Q).

To explain your moves a little, for Ezreal beginners, your Q, Mystic Shot, is a single-target skill shot. It scales off the total of your attack damage, but only 20% of your ability power. We level this up last because until you get the Lich Bane, this is merely there for the passive, which lowers all of your abilities' cooldowns by 1 second when this spell his a target. This includes it's own cooldown, but not your Summoner Spells. This makes all your cooldowns way lower than they appear at first glance, and allows you to spam your ulti. Just so you know, you can also use it to check bushes. It won't reveal anyone, but you will see it stop if it hits a target.

Your W or Essence Flux is AP Ez's main damage output. It has a great range, 1000, and it passes through minions, making it a great poke. It deals area damage which is necessary for a mage in a team fight. But its most assisting factor in a team fight is its buff/debuff. Every ally it passes through gains 40% attack speed, and every enemy it passes through loses 40% attack speed. This is a great boost for your AD people and can stall their ADCarries, all in one hit! If you throw in a Mystic Shot every time you can too, you can shoot it multiple times per team fight. Also, you can use this to check bushes. This doesn't reveal either, but if you hit an enemy champion, you'll gain a stack of your passive. If you hit two enemies, you'll get 2 stacks, three enemies, 3 stacks, ect.

Ezreal's E is called Arcane Shift, and this is an "AMAZING!" move. It deals pretty good damage to a single target and its pretty much a free Flash! A slight problem is that it doesn't have a large jump distance, so to jump a wall, you must be against the wall, and you won't move too far away if you're just running. It is also a difficult move to use as a damaging output. You see, the range on the damaging bolt that fires after you reappear is pretty good, but it automatically shoots to the nearest enemy with NO champion priority. In a one-on-one fight, you can use this to easily deal damage and dodge some of the enemies skill shots. In a team fight, if your tank is being focused as he should be, you can use this to jump around and target their squishy AP or AD Carry. But, in most cases, save this for chasing and running.

Finally, Ezreal's R, his ulti, The Trueshot Barrage. This move has unlimited range, lots of damage, does AoE, reveals enemies that it hits, and with your cooldown and Q, you can use it in every team fight, within reason. It is a great source of farm. Everytime I go back to the Summoner's platform, I like to look at the lanes and find some concentrated groups of enemy minion, then let this baby fly! It can easily kill minion, giving you a bunch of money from inside your base. Remember though, that, although this move is AoE and flies out forever, the damage is lessened by 8% per target hit, to a minimum of a third the original damage. This means if you fire it through a line of minions, it won't do nearly as much damage to the enemy champion as if you move before firing it. It also means in a team fight, the squishy people in the back of their team will take a lot less damage.
Summoner, you also have to choice between using this move to turn the tides in a team fight, or aim it kill all the enemies that get away with just that last little bit of health.
Oh! And one more note on this move. If you notice a small team fight forming somewhere far away on the map, no biggy! Throw the Barrage into the fight to pick help your teammates and maybe pick up an assist or maybe even a kill. (Though I don't advise using it to kill steal. Your teammates will hate you! ;])

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Well, I guess that's about it. Ezreal is a cool champ in at any time, but AP Ez is his own brand of cool. Everyone plays an AD Ez, but by playing an AP you stand out. You also get to rely on his abilities which are super cool; he's more of a light mage than Lux! (Please don't get angry Lux fans, I like Lux a lot too.) AP Ez provides a nice challenge for people who like the mage role, and want to sweet character to use for it. Its an unexpected route, that leaves with a certain satisfaction of, "I just played an AD Carry. As a mage. And the enemy didn't know what hit 'em."
Thank you for reading. :]