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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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AP Heavy Build

Last updated on April 2, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I want to start off by saying that this guide is a great AP guide for beginners to advanced LoL'ers alike. I've tried and tested many AP builds and found that this one keeps me strong regardless of how bad/good a game is going ( Let's face it, we all have bad games... Damn you Shaco!). I think you'll also find that this build will keep you at your maximum DPS potential at any point of a game, regardless of your skill level or # of deaths!!! That's a pretty bold statement... Let me explain... =D

Summoners Spells:
Since this build isn't really isn't heavy on mana regen, clarity will help out a bunch here. I chose ignite for the +10 ability power when it's on cooldown ( I normally cast this whenever it's up for the bonus!)

I chose Magic Penetration runes for my Marks because they add more value than the measly amount of AP you'll get from the Mark runes. I chose the AP at lvl 18 runes because in the end you'll receive more AP and it helps your AP grow at a fast and steady rate throughout a match. Very important!

I think 10 is all you'll really need in the Offensive Tree since everything afterwards doesn't really help our cause. I chose the rest in the Utility tree because of the great mana regeneration, ok movement speed buff and... more gold! Every little bit helps! =D

Kage's Lucky Pick (x2) -- +50 AP and generates an additional 10 gold every 10 seconds. Easily pays for itself and then some. Cost(per item): 765g
Sorcerer's Shoes -- +20 magic penetration and enhanced movement 2. Cost: 1100g
Haunting Guise -- +20 magic penetration and +9 Health per 5 sec +8 Mana Regen per 5 sec. OH yeah.. it also reduces your Ability Cooldowns by 10%... whats not to love about this item? Cost: 1337 (1337 = Leet. Coincidence? I think not).
Void Staff -- +70 AP and gives you 40% magic penetration to enemies magic resist. More penetration and more AP... Sign me up! =D Cost: 2295g
Abyssal Scepter -- +70 AP and a nice +57 Magic Resistance. This item also reduces magical resistance of nearby enemies by 20. You're spells are going to hurt! Cost: 2650g
Zhonya's Ring -- 120 AP and increases your AP by 25%!! Yikes. Also there's a passive that I don't fully use it it's full potential. Makes you invulnerable for 2 secs but you can't take any actions. Cost: 3580g

Item Order and Build Strategy:

In order for this build to be truly effective, it is critical that you get the items in the order I have them listed. In this order you'll find that your AP will grow steadily and at a great rate rather than having no AP and getting a big Burst from purchasing higher ticket items. This is achieved because of one of my favorite items... the "Amplifying Tomb". You'll notice that you'll be picking this item up quite often. This item has great +AP for it's price and is involved in almost all the higher tiered items you'll be picking up later.

So, to start off, I always grab the "Amplifying tomb" and a health potion. I love the tomb for that nice +20 bonus AP early game. Also, you can sometimes catch some enemies off guard with the extra AP dmg from your abilities. Next it's important that you play it safe and use your money to grab your 2 "Kage's Lucky Pick" as early as you can (Don't get the boots first!) so you can hurry and start accumulating some nice gold (You'd be suprised how fast these items pay for themselves and the extra +50 AP is nice!).

Next you'll want to pick up some boots for some speed (Don't want to be without boots for too long) and then start on your next core item... the "Haunting Guise". This item will give you some more +Magic Penetration and some much needed mana and health regen going forward in the game. After picking up this item, it's a good time to finish off your "Sorceror's boots" to finish your core items and move on to the remaining items in the build. ( I think you'll be suprised at how quickly you'll accumulate these items. Yay for +gold items! )

The reason for picking these late game items is really simple, their cost and their stat relevance. Again, let me explain... for the amount of AP and Magic penetration (These are the most favored attributes for casters) they give, each individual item in the recipe is no more than 860 gold. On top of that, most of the item pre-requisites for the higher teired items give you JUST the stats you want... AP!! This means you'll be growing much faster and steadily than other item builds where you'll be picking up some items with wasteful stats or sitting with no items because your waiting to purchase high priced item/recipe.

Wrapping it up

Because your income isn't really based so much on killing creeps as it is gaining extra gold from items/masteries, this build will help you stay competitive if you're doing poorly or make you ungodly if you're doing well!!
I can't explain how important it is to be ahead of your enemies in items and power and this build succeeds in both without much effort... but good planning.

I hope you beginners/advanced players alike will find this build useful and hopefully you'll see why I say, "this build will keep you at your maximum DPS potential at any point of a game, regardless of skill level or # of deaths!!".

If any of this information is wrong please let me know and I will make the necessary corrections. Thanks for reading!