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AP Hybrid

Last updated on December 7, 2010
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Sion Build

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Not Updated For Current Season

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As I have seen many Sion AP builds, I have always lamented the fact that Sion's attack speed allows him not only to miss kills, but die rather quickly once his Abilities are used or on CD. Thus the purpose of this build is to maximize damage(AP) while maintaining the ability to 1 v 1(via AS), but most importantly, to provide stuns and support for your teammates which can also cause serious damage to your opponent.

The primary limitation of a Sion build is his low mana pool(as with many resultant pseudo tanks). Therefore, the purpose of Sion's build to accumulate the trifecta of Mana + Mana Regen + AP as quickly as possibly.

1st 10 minutes: Living Bomb Mode
While Sion can be aggressive early on, I find that this aggression often leads to early FB's by the opposing team. Therefore I suggest, while regularly watching your mana pool, to first obtain Death's Caress, which should the primary ability. Do not be afraid to dance around your foes or opponent's minions to land a quick 150+ damage(+1/1AP) before retreating quickly and refilling your mana pool. In doing so, you will drive your opponent to his tower, and limit his ability to push you and your lane partner(can also be done solo if you tower hug). Your next ability can be either Enrage or Cryptic Gaze, depending on the nature of your laning opponents. If you are faced with tanks/pseudotanks I suggest Enrage. If you are faced with Casters, your best bet is Cryptic Gaze. Now, with your Meki Pendant, your ability to do damage via your Cryptic Gaze/Death Caress Duo will force your opponent to regularly retreat or will grant you an early FB depending on the competency of your lane mate.

I would also like to note that my Skill Sequence is chosen primarily to increase my Mana Regen, but also increase my Health Regen since I did not begin with Regrowth pendant.

Now, if you are faced with low health, you can tower hug or use your Death's Caress to garner enough gold to return for your Fiendesh Codex and your Boots. If you have safely secured your lane, you can continue until you have enough gold for the Codex/Boots/Meki Pendant before returning to your lane.

10-20 minutes: Increase Survivability
By this time you should have already obtained your Tears of the Goddess increasing your mana pool greatly allowing you to increase your ability to do magical damage. You are now faced with one of two choices: If you are confidently faced with poor opponents, I suggest ganking. Your Cryptic Gaze/Death's Caress spam is absurdly annoying. More so the Mordekaiser since you don't lose health when using each ability.

If your team is doing poorly, I suggest continuing to lane and obtaining your Sorcerer's Boots prior to your Archangel's staff. This Magic penetration assists greatly for those annoying pseudo tanks who have plenty of health.

Be forewarned, Banshee's Veil is your doom 1 v 1. Be wary of opponents who adapt quickly to your build.

Additionally, your build will now allow you wipe out minion waves with one Death's Caress.

20-50 Minutes: Be one with the Team.

If you have not won by now but are in this game for the long run, grab Zhonya's Ring for a quick AP boost. Your primary purpose is to stun the enemy with your Cryptic Gaze for a significant amount of damage, and utilize your teammates to finish them off(Note that even if you do get the kill, you're AS/Death's Caress will rarely get you the killing blow). Your survivability will depend on the amount of Minions you can kill or if you have the Golem's Mana buff. With the later, you will be able to kite enemies with your Cryptic Gaze until they are low enough to finish off with your Death's Caress. Additionally, do not be afraid to die. If you can stun the enemy DPS or the opposing physical carry, you will have done your job well enough(hopefully) for your teammates to finish the job. Otherwise, you can run a car chase with the opponent, and hopefully grab one before they tower dive.

Continue to farm minions for the handy increase in health bonus, and hopefully your game will go according to your wishes(win :D).

Optional Items:
Mejai's: If you are doing really well and killing regularly I suggest picking this up early. You can solo many casters with this handy increase in AP.
Void Staff: If you find it necessary to increase your Magical Penetration against pseudo tanks(Force of Nature etc etc) or Casters with Banshee's Veil.
Anything you want after Archangel's staff: I find that this build allows you to farm rather quickly(if you aren't getting ganked) in addition to doing whatever the hell you want. After your mana pool has increased with the Archangel's staff you can do the following:

Go Tank Hybrid: Banshee's Veil + Force of Nature/Warmog's + Guardian Angel
Go DPS/AP Hybrid: Blood Thirster + Phantom Blades + Guinsoo's Rageblade

This build works for me. But the play style depends primarily on you. Hopefully you will find yourself with a small number of kills, a small number of deaths, and way too many assists. However, if you are the team carry, you'll find yourself with a large number of kills, a small number of deaths, and way too many assists.

Even in your losses you will end up X/X(K/D ratio) with several assists. So you'll feel good about yourself even if you lose ;).

Anyways Good Luck with this build, I hope you find it as wonderful as I have with your AP Hybrid Sion :D