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Tryndamere Build Guide by SecretOPs

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SecretOPs

AP/Hybrid Unkillable KING. Secretly OP

SecretOPs Last updated on June 17, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello, I'm assuming by just looking at the item build + masteries + runes, you're thinking, "LOL WTF DIS SCRUB, AP/HYBRID TRYN LULULUL". Well, I'd just want you to take a second to think of the possibility. A Tryn with AP early game allows him to Q for more + E for more damage, which helps his bad early game. Also, with this item build, he'll be able to heal for a lot with Q + life steal back + nuke with slow from Gunblade, nuke from DFG, slow from w, e for even more gap closing, r to live + GA. So I don't understand how thats not very strong or at least decent compared to usual e + w + auto + r regular Tryn. You can run this type of Tryn both mid or top as well. Now that we're through with the basic introduction, let's jump right in!

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Now that we're past the introduction, you're thinking, "Lol okay bro, but DEM MASTERIES, SOO BAD LULULUL NOT 21/x/x USUAALLLL". I get where you're getting at, but since this Tryn build relies on being hybrid, he needs the early AP + attack damage for the game + armor pen, and the 9 defense/utlity isn't too needed with OP heal + spin to win + GA + ulti. Of course, if you believe there's better masteries for Tryn go for it or suggest it below with explaination.

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As for the runes, you obviously want to change depending on the match up. But generally I'd like to just run AP-per-level along with some good old Armor pen. Kinda self explanatory, AP for heals/scaling for items/spin-to-win, etc... Armor pen for your autos which will also do good physical damage with Gunblade + PD + Triforce + etc... You can reduce the amount of AP-per-level with flat AP/armor/MR/whatever you want/depending on matchup.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost + Ignite


Ghost to stay on people. Also with this build, Tryn has spin-to-win along with big heals + ulti + w to slow + Gunblade slow, and GA. You can get flash instead of you prefer, but I don't think its really needed.

Ignite since you want to be able to secure kills in lane.


You can get exhaust if you prefer, its also a great choice for Tryn, more slows OP + exhaust lets you stick on people.


Another good choice instead of ignite/exhaust, really good if the enemy team has a lot of CC. Situational though.


You can get heal to bait and etc, but I think exhaust/ignite/clense a better choice. You could be a SilSol and run heal/ignite though.


A fine choice if you choose to BD/do big teleganks, but I think it hurts your early game laning without ignite/exhaust/ignite, and Tryn has a pretty weak early game.


For trolololing.

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Early Game

As a melee in either Top/Mid, you'll have a pretty rough early-game generally. So try your best to abuse bushes top, last hit + spin out, w to reduce some damage, Q to heal off harassment, and just farm until the jungler hopefully ganks/your opponent makes a mistake. Ward river so you don't get ganked. If you are constantly pushed up go grab your red buff or just go kill wolves. Know when to engage and disengage, and early game is all about laning.

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Mid Game

Keep farming and farming. Once you have Bilgewater Cutlass you'll do slightly better at least. Try to get the tower and not feed. After that, you'll have map control, so run around and accomplish things once you have pushed down your tower. Or keep pushing the wave/apply pressure in mid lane/top or at their buffs.

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Late Game

Late game with your items, you should be beyond terror. With OP decent CDs heal, stronk AoE nuke, AoE slow that reduces opponent damage, items dat nuke + slow, and hopefully GA so you'll have to die 3 times to die. Careful about going full ****** though, since you're NOT a tank. You really can't survive that much burst but can heal a good amount off, and against 2-3 people focusing you, you will MELT FAST. But they'll be pretty stupid to try focus you, considering how you'll absorb + heal + ulti + GA it off dps, leaving your carries to do big dps.

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Team Fights

Team fights just run in (not full ****** though), W to slow enemy + lower damage, use the item nukes on carries when the time is right, auto auto str0nk, you can either E out to heal & repeat OR to do more damage/kill. Ulti if you're going to die/planning to kill/trade with someone, careful not to use it too late & just get bursted down t00 quick.

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Final Comments

Basically with this build you'll have a LOT of fun playing Tryndamere in a different way. I heard it was used at high elo sometimes as well. Of course you'll probably get lots of flame from your teammates calling you a scrub/******/baddie/etc... But ignore them, enjoy the game, and potentially carry them if you pull it off. But remember that you'll have a rocky early game, so consider cordinating ganks with jungler, or play really passive & farm at least until they make a mistake. But once mid game comes, you'll probably change some of their opinions of it. So feel free to use it to carry scrubs/climb elo/etc. Also, if you have any criticism/want to flame me/etc etc feel free to leave a comment below!