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Janna Build Guide by Guest

AP Janna (In-Depth Guide)

AP Janna (In-Depth Guide)

Updated on June 26, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Build Guide By Guest 1,814 Views 0 Comments
1,814 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Janna Build Guide By Guest Updated on June 26, 2012
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Janna is a well-known support champion who brings tons of utility to a team even without farm. I've had a lot of success playing Janna as an AP mid. In this guide, I'll explain when to choose AP Janna, how to play Janna in that role, and why Janna is such a powerful AP champion.
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Pros / Cons


+ Great wave clearing ability
+ Great roaming ability
+ Good ganking potential
+ Good mid/late game burst
+ Lots of utility
+ Unparalleled kiting ability
+ Amazing counter-ganker
+ Easy to stack Mejai's
+ 1000hp shields late game

- Squishy
- Very weak early game
- Mediocre damage output at best
- Hard to stop lane opponents from free farming
- Relatively long cooldowns
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I choose standard AP mid runes - flat AP quints, AP per level glyphs, magic penetration marks, and mana regen seals.
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I choose 21-0-9 masteries, filling up the AP side of the offense tree, and grabbing [Runic Affinity] in the utility tree, since your jungler should be giving you blue buffs starting midgame; the mana replenishment is also helpful for sustain early game.
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Starting off with boots and potions is almost always the best start - the extra movement is really powerful, and the potions give you some sustain in lane. Starting with a [Doran's ring] or an [Amplifying tome] or a [Faerie charm] are also viable; the Doran's ring will make you stronger in lane, and the other two allow you to build into a gold item more quickly.
Why stack gold items?

Gold items are very good on Janna because she can free-farm against pretty much anyone after level 7. With [Kage's lucky pick] and 4 levels into [Howling gale] at level 7, you can clear the ranged minions with a single q, and it will clear the melee minions too if they take a small amount of damage from your own minions. Taking more AP at this point will not significantly affect your ability to farm, and you can free farm all day.
Why get Mejai's?

[Mejai's soulstealer] is a very situational item on most champions - it helps them snowball very hard. Janna does not snowball incredibly hard, but in my opinion this item is core on her because it is incredibly easy to build up stacks without putting yourself at serious risk. If a teammate is about to get a kill, pop a shield on your teammate to secure an assist, even if they don't need it. If you use [Monsoon] during a teamfight, you'll get assists for every enemy champion who dies in that fight.

After you get Mejai's, it is important to start roaming to your other lanes. You can essentially farm your lane without being there by setting up a tornado and then going off to gank another lane without missing that wave of CS. The passive of [Zephyr] makes it faster to get to those other lanes to gank.
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AP Janna (In-Depth Guide)

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