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League of Legends Build Guide Author anglerman

AP Jax

anglerman Last updated on October 30, 2010
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Hello everyone.

Firstly, I'd like to say that Jax is a very versatile champion build-wise, contrary to popular belief, not building him hybrid can lead to interesting results.

Initially getting a large amount of burst damage from Leap + Lich Bane proc, increasing Relentless Assault damage by adding Attack Speed (to reach third hit) + AP and making Lich Bane proc constantly with some Cooldown Reduction.
This is a more item-based guide, Runes and Masteries in this one are a personal preference, there might be better ones (for example, getting AP per level instead, or Magic Pen, but I prefer my early game to be rich in AP than getting a little as I level)

Early Game
First item actually depends. I like starting with a Sapphire Crystal because of its cost, but a Tome can lead to a very nice damage by Leaps, together with AP from runes.
Prefer to lane with someone who can initiate for you, as you are less likely to be focused at by both enemies.
Buy a Sheen fast, use Empower and Sheen proc to farm (mana from Empower (only 20) regenerates very fast, it won't be a waste if you can last hit with it); get Blue buff if you can and rush a Tabi.
Against foes, try to not do the basic Jax combo: Empower then Leap for extra damage; go for Leap first, watch your Sheen cooldown to always get the damage bonus (don't try to time it with Counter Strike for damage, too risky sometimes).

Mid game
Shouldn't take long to build your Stinger, the Cooldown Reduction from it syncs beautifully with Empowering every time your Sheen is ready. Keep it there resting on your Inventory and finish Lich Bane. The Magic Resist together with your Dodge and Armour from Tabi makes you less squishy and helps survivability while paying attention to when to use an ability.
Still, wait for other initiators, never jump in first. Jax does better if he's the last one to enter on a teamfight, try to avoid focus with Flash/Leap on nearby minions/wards (buy some, put them on strategic places for when there's no minion around, try to fight away from them and then jump in to run), as Leap's cooldown will be fairly low by the time you get Nashor's, you should be safe counting on it.
Farm/Jungle every time you don't have anything to do, but don't go far. Don't ever go far alone.

Late game
Luckly you'll be on your way to finishing Abyssal by now. The aura on this is welcome on almost all teams; it's a very cost-effective item and the Magic Res, together with your ult, gives you a rather tankish amount, enough to ignore some enemies and go right for that squishy and take half of his health on a single Leap.
Next two items aren't rigid, on most matches I go for Will of the Ancients which syncs its aura with Abyssal for an interesting bonus magic damage for the whole team, plus spell vamp (with that much AP on you and Leap granting 70% of it per hit, you'll regain more health than you expect).
Zhonya's is just for the AP, really. The active isn't that great on Jax and can be replaced by many other item combos, feel free to buy whatever else.

Hope you guys can do well with this build, I got many positive results with it.
Any comments welcome.