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AP Jinx ~ Don't ask ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Last updated on August 23, 2015
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Why AP Jinx?

AP Jinx is almost like a mind game. Your flame chompers has a 100% AP scaling. People assume that they can walk into the snare (not on purpose of course) and it won't be too bad. WRONG! AP Jinx will have much damage from the AP. Plus, it's a snare. Her flame chompers are hard to avoid and easy to place so you can easily get free poke.

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Pros / Cons


    -Easy poke
    -Good harass
    -Fun to play!
    -Good laning phase
    -OK Teamfighting
    -Hard to be countered
    -Easy flash burns
    -Can have high skill cap if not used to Flame chompers!
    -Slow waveclear (good but it takes 5 seconds to detonate)

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Start this with two health pots (or one and one mana potion if you think you can handle the lane well)

Start this with three health pots if your lane has heavy poke.

For your ult proc or your Zap!
For attack speed, and abuse of your range increase using Switcheroo!
CDR For more Flame Chompers! or Super Mega Death Rocket!.
Attack speed for more Nashor's Tooth procs
For when they walk into snare, get ulted, or get hit with zap, they have a mini ignite over time.

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Skill Sequence

Max first because it's AP Jinx! They won't suspect the damage.

Max second because when snared, its free easy poke. You can also place the chompers in a different direction than your Zap! so they have to either eat a Zap! to the face or get snared by Flame Chompers!

Max last because it's not the most helpful to you in this case, since you aren't AD.

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This is my first build guide, I hope I can make more. I always do offmeta things (annie jg, Leblanc jg, etc.) A lot of people think off meta things are bad. I'm not one of those people. 8/10 times they will work if you play them out right. Most of my build guides WILL BE off meta or unorthodox. Thanks for reading!


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