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Ap kennen:Want another stun,sir?

Last updated on December 17, 2012
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Hello and welcome to my Kennen build.Kennen is a very mobile mid champion.He also has tons of stuns and his damage is still above average.He also uses energy and no mana,that means you can keep spamming those abilties for constant harras.That's what makes Kennen one of my favorite champions.In this guide,I will tell you how i play Kennen and why I play him like that.As you may see in my item build,I build him pretty tanky for being an AP carry.The reason why I buy those extra health,magic resist and armor items is not for those extra stats,but it's mainly for their passive and actives.More about that furthur in this guide.

I play Kennen only mid.Many people think he's a good adc,but I think it's a waste of his beautiful abilities if build him ad.Abilities like Thundering Shuriken and eletrical surge have (except for their stun) no use at all.If you build him ap,those abilities are way more effective and dangerous.

Top Kennen is not very good either in my opinion.Kennen is not very strong untill lv 6,so many top champions like Jax and Xin Zhao will completely zone him,or worse,while in mid,pretty much every mid champ needs to have his ulti to really start being dangerous but my that time,Kennen will also be lv 6.

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Pro 's and Cons


-When fed:insane damage
-When not fed:Can still be a huge help for his team with his endless stuns
-Those stuns are always usefull
- Lightning Rush makes it very easy to get away or to chase someone down.
-great harrasment


-After using all his abilities,he has nothing to do for a few seconds.
-Hard cc will kill him easily
-Pretty squishy,even with this build.

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Skill explanation

Mark of the Storm :His passive and the reason why Kennen is that strong.Every 3 abilities in a short period of time will stun your opponent.This gives Kennen an endless amount of stuns.This passive makes it very hard for someone to get away and makes it very dangerous to gank Kennen.It also gives Kennen the possibilty to go to top or bot lane and help your adc or top laner to get a kill.This passive gives also a psycological factor:if your opponent already has 2 marks,he won't come close to you,because he knows he's only one ability away from being stunned.

Thundering Shuriken :This is your main harrasment tool.But you can also use it for many other things:if you are completely zoned by your opponent,you can farm with this ability,if you are zoning your opponent and he comes to close,you can trow a shuriken at him and he will back off.This is also your main damaging ability during a fight and it helps you catching an opponent that's running away (with help from Rylai's Crystal Scepter.I max it first for the early harras or to make it easier to farm.

eletrical surge :This ability is (combined with Lightning Rush ) the perfect farming ability if you have 200+ ability power.This ability can literally kill 50 minions at the same time.It's also an extra harras if you just hit your opponent with a thunder shuriken and then you use this ability,not only will it cause a bit extra damage,but it will give your opponent a second mark of the storm,and that will make your opponent back off.I max it second,to make it possible to kill those huge minion waves in a few seconds.

Lightning Rush :This ability is usefull for catching up on someone or to get away.This is the only gap closer or gap maker Kennen has,so use it wisely.Do not use it to harrras your opponent!If you do that,you will be way to close to your opponent and if his jungler is nearby,there is no way you can escape.I take it second and max it last,because the speed bonus and duration stays the same,and that is what makes this ability usefull,not the damage it does.

Slicing Maelstrom :This ulti is a bit like Amumu its ulti:stuns everybody in a pretty big range,but it does way more damage than the ulti of .Use this ult wisely,if you are chasing 1 opponent and you know there is a teamfight comming in about 30 seconds,don't waste it on that 1 guy,but keep it for the teamfight.This ability obviously makes Kennen a beast in teamfights and is the reason why he doesn't need to be fed to still be a huge help for the team.

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:My first big item is Hextech Revolver .The reason why I take that is because Kennen has no natural big health regenerator.He needs a big of health every now and then and a thunder shuriken will heal him a bit with Hextech Revolver

:The main reason why I take this item is because of its passive.With the slow above his stuns,it's REALLY hard to escape from a Kennen.The health and AP ofcourse are also very usefull.Kennen needs to be in the middle of a teamfight to really get the best out of his ulti,so a bit health,mr and armor are always welcome.

:The lowering MR aura fits perfectly with his ulti,huge mr builders (like Galio won't be that much of a problem anymore.The extra magic resist comes in handy for a bit less squishyness.I often pick Abyssal Mask before Rylai's Crystal Scepter if my mid lane opponent is a champion who can harras me freely witout any risk ( Katarina , Ryze , Akali ).With that extra MR,those harraments will be less painfull.

Zhonya's Hourglass :This is an item you really need late game. lightining rush in that teamfight,tap r,activate Zhonya's Hourglass and watch them all getting stunned and cleared by your team.You have to activate this item before they can stun or silence you,so be quick.

All my other items are pretty normal and don't need to be explained.

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How to play Kennen during the game

Early Game :In the early game,you should focus on farming.During farming you should try to hit your opponent with thunder shuriken and eletrical surge every now and then.Don't try to go all in until you're lv 6.Once you reached level 6,and you see your opponent is about half his max health,you can go.Suprise him with a Lightning Rush and stun him with your Q and Z .Once he's stunned,trow in your ulti and ignite,and he won't be able to escape untill he dies.

Beware of ganks.Even with his Lightning Rush ,Kennen is very very weak against slow or stun.If you are near the enemy turret and the enemy jungler comes from river and stuns or slows you,the only chance of escaping is flash.If you don't have flash,you are dead.

Mid Game :You should have a few kills or a nice creep count by now.If your opponent went to base,feel free to gank top or bot.With that stun it should be easy to get atleast 1 kill.Don't forget to keep on farming.Farming makes or breakes the game.Earlier today,I had at the end of the game 286 creep kills,do the math yourself and calculate what you can buy from that ;).

Late Game: In this phase of the game there will be teamfights and baron attemps everywhere.Try to be there in every teamfight,because Kennen really makes a huge diffrence.More about tealfights,further below.

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Kennen in teamfights

Kennen really makes the diffrence during teamfights.How you should act during the teamfight depends.

-In a team with a good engager ( Ashe , Cho'Gath ) you should wait till they engage.If the fight is going on,you Lightning Rush to the centre of the fight and use your ulti.If the enemy starts to attack you then,you have to acivate Zhonya's Hourglass.

-In a team without a real engager,Kennen can use his ulti to engage.Just flash in the enemy team,tap r and activate zhonya's hourlass.This has to happen very fast.If you flash in and they stun/silence you before you even can activate your ulti,you will die.

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There are some champions Kennen has a hard time,and some champions Kennen has an easy time with.

:kassadin is the most difficult champion to play against.Pre 6:no problem.Post 6:big problem.Try to stay as far away from Kassadin as possible.But still try to harras him as often as possible,kassadin has no way of big health regain.If he's about half hp and he just silenced you,try to back off and as from the moment you're unsilenced,go for the stun,ulti,ignite...and and he'll be dead before can can rift away.

Kassadin is your main concern but all hyper burst champs are pretty annoying.With hyper bursters I mean LeBlanc , Annie (is she can get close enough) , Orianna...
If you lane against those champions,you should take Abyssal Mask first and then Rylai's Crystal Scepter.

But ofcourse,there are also champions Kennen won't have any troubles with.
Katarina :w8 to stun her until she uses het ulti.
Brand :Dodge his abilities and after he missed an ability,go and harras him (even with Lightning Rush ) because there is nothing he can do anyway,because his abilities will be on cooldown.
Akali :she can hurt you alright,but she needs to be really fed to kill you with 1 Q,1 W and 1 R,if that doesn't kill you,you have enough time to stun her.Or if you are about to kill her and she tries to escape using her twilight zone ,no problem:you can do your ulti or you can run across the zone with Lightning Rush and then eletrical surge .You'll see where the sparks are going and then you know where she is,so you can finish her with a Thundering Shuriken

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Team compositions

There are those teamcompositions you can do nothing against during teamfights,you can accomplish that with Kennen too,but you need some good allies.

For example:
Mid: Kennen
jungle: Amumu
support: Nunu
(top): Galio
adc:needs good ad carry with only attack damage as damage source( Draven, Vayne,...)

If you have that team,there is no way you'll lose a teamfight if there is a bit of teamplay.
Galio starts of with his ulti.Then Nunu stands next to Galio and starts his ulti.If Galio its unti has ended,amumu jumps in with his ulti and directly after amumu, Kennen with his ulti.By the time Amumu its stun has ended,Kennen's stun will be applied and by the time Kennen's ulti has ended, Nunu will be finished with his Absolute Zero.If that huge amout of magical damage doesn't kill your enemies,there is still your adc,who was attacking from the beginning of Galio it's ulti.

If you decide to go adc Kennen or top Kennen anyway, Katarina fits perfectly as a mid champ.

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This was my Kennen guide,how i play him.If you got any questions,please ask them,I'll gladly answer your questions.If you got some tips for me,please tell them,I will try them out and add them to my guide.If this guide helped you,let me know.


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