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AP Master Yi Build Guide (Alex Ich inspired)

Last updated on December 3, 2012
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Well this is my ap master yi build guide inspired on Alex Ich play.

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Rune set up is pretty standar. Magic penetration marks, Flat AP Quints, scaling per lvl AP Glyphs, and flat armor seals.

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Masteries are also pretty standar, i just wanna say that the 3 points on brute force are optional, and wanna say that i just take them to improve last hitting.

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Going into items, boots are clearly for magic penetration, to get through heavy MR teams.

Zhonyas hourglas as 2nd item, this is pretty important, gets your alot of armor and AP, and the item activation allows you to go into the enemy team with your Q and just go into zhonyas while your team gets into the fight, when your team is into the fight you can ult, heal if you are getting drop low, and Q them again for the kills.

As a 3rd item I take rabbadons for the obvious reason, 140 AP + 30%, your Q does alot of burst damage now, and your healings are off to the skies.

As a 4th item I take ryalis, for the sustain, and the AP as a bonus.

As 5th I take Lich Bane for its UNIQUE, so you are not useless while waiting on your Q to go down, the thing is, you Q your enemy then autoattack them for Lichs Bane ability and then go into heal-zhonya till your Q is off coooldown. You can take a Shen earlier in the game, before ryalis.

As last item you can take a Guardian Angel if you are carrying hard but you get killed too easy (bad positioning or whatever) or if you feel comfortable on fights, you can let this spot empty for the consumable elixirs and wards.

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Skill Sequence

Skill sequence is pretty obvious. You take Q first, then take E second (only 1 point and leave it there till you max your other abilities, this early point its for last hitting, +15 dmg passive), then one point on your W. Afther those 3 lvls, you always max your Q and your ULT when possible, then W, last E.

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Game Play

Well, this is pretty simple, on lane phase, try to farm as much as you can. Dont be too agressive, but attack your enemy whenever you can. Try not to push your lane or you will get ganked, and beside his ult master yi doesnt have many escape tools.

Mid-Late game and teamfights are pretty all the same with master yi. Q the enemy team when your team initiates (or you can initate too). When you get focused you can do 2 things (its always the same):

If the enemy CC is down (they have no CC to cut off your heal) and you getting focused you can go on your W, its gonna be pretty hard for them to kill you while healing, they probably change focus and wait till they can CC you out of the channel; wich will give your team alot of time to kill the enemy team.

If the enemy CC is up (idk, enemy allistar pulverize is not used yet) and you getting focused after doing Q on their team, you just pop-up your zhonyas, and they will change focus and forget about you, prolly they will your their CC on somebody else on your team, then when you get focused you go on your W cause their CC is down.

Now, always after using your Q for the first time and using Zhonyas-Heal, you should ULT (before or after your first Q) so if you kill an enemy your CoolDowns will be refreshed and you get another free Q, so your burst (wich is hughe) is refreshed everytime you get a kill. On regular basis, you get kills when you Q the enemy team for the 2nd time.

Another tip, try to land your Q on their squishy targets, so you make sure you will hit them, your Q only attacks 4 targets, the enemy team has 5, and there are going to be minions on the way most of the time.

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Well, this is my AP Master Yi guide, hope you enjoy, hope its usefull, and forgive me about the spelling mistakes, im not an english speaker, just doing my best.