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Miss Fortune Build Guide by trollworkout

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League of Legends Build Guide Author trollworkout

Ap Miss Fortune Support - RAIN OF BULLETS

trollworkout Last updated on July 12, 2014
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Hello. I will make this brief for now. This is an alternative build for MF to play her as support and AP. Miss fortunes AP ratios are not that great and she's not that bursty however she can be really annoying due to her e rain of bullets. She can harass and CC the heck out of enemy support and adc making them unable to farm properly. If done well it should make enemy laners hug the tower letting your ADC farm away.

MF Ap only works with certain champs.

MF has no escape mechanism so if you get caught you may need the help of your ADC to scare them away.

MF is not tanky so enemy laners will try to harass you just e and walk away.

MF is a ranged adc unit mainly so she can assists the adc in getting kills and in harassing with basic attacks. Is like having 2 ADC bot. Is really annoying for enemy ADC as they get double the harass.

MF's spells don't use much mana just 2 doran rings or 1 grail will be enough for mana items.

MF Ap Support can use her support item Ice Queen Claim to slow the enemy further to get away or to chase either way.

Nashor will help get kills.

E - is your bread and butter. E to get away. E to chase. E to harass. Her cd is very low on e just under 9 seconds so you can keep on spamming it. If you get athene and nashor you can get down it to almost 6 seconds. Since the spell itself last 3 seconds means every other 3 seconds you can E. Very annoying.

Q - This will help you get kills. Just Q a minion on low health to get free cheap kills. Her q scales on ap and ad so deals hybrid damage . I think her AD radio on Q is better.

W - This is her natural passive MF steroids. She deals a lot of damage from her ability and you need to max this second to make MF viable in teamfights.

R - R is buffed up by being ap and late game if you have close to 600 ap you will be able to kill a support from 80% health . This deals a lot of damage late game. Use this offensively and defensively. If your team engaged and is fighting just ult away help your team. If they are coming towards you ult them as they approach they will duck and avoid your ult or even back off if they are very low. This is very effective against enemy adc approaching you. Ult them as they come near you and by the time they are close they have 40% life and will back away. Your q and w and e can kill them.

Mf is squishy and she dies fast. The trick is spam and harass using E as much as possible. Since e procs every hit means you get 1 stack of spellthief every sec. Mf can get a lot of gold form Spellthief/Frostfang. Late game you can have close to 3000 gold from the item itself. This is really useful for buying wards and pots and what not. In fact if you look at gold you will be same as the ADC without any farms. Do the math you make almost same amount of gold as ADC if you keep procing Spellthief/Frostfang using your E harass.

E E E E E and more E. E will save your ADC if they are being chased. E will keep your enemy slowed so your ADC can get to them. E can also control the battlefield and positioning of enemy team. For ex if you have approaching enemies and some of them are low E between you and friendlies and the ones that are low will walk around the E giving your friendlies time to back off or finish a kill. Eing behind a retreating champ will make them confused as they don't want the damage and slow so they may sometimes go in another bush or find another path. Really useful tool . Learn to E and you learn to MF Ap Support.

Note MF is an ADC and she can sometimes steal ADC kills. Is normal as MF has more CC and more control of the battlefield. Try not to steal ADC kills if you can.

MF Can work as AP support. She's not as bursty but she can be really annoying due to that E poke. She can also CC and control the battlefield really well. Her e slows you down by 65%. When they see you bot they think is 2 ADC and they will kinda ignore your E as it doesn't deal much damage but as you get more AP your E starts hurting so they will start avoiding it.