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AP Nasus

Last updated on November 14, 2011
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R scales with AP.
E scales with AP.
W does not scale.
Q scales with farmed damage, and procs an autoattack (which is obviously AD).

Q, however, equally activates a hit of lichbane, meaning that your AP at the time of activation will be treated as extra AD. This means technically his Q scales better with AP Lichbane rather than with AD, as it adds his base damage as well. His sustained damage, weakened because of lack of autoattacks, will be made up with R and E.

With this considered, AP Nasus yields higher burst and more sustained damage, with sacrifices in less survivability both in terms of tankiness and lifesteal.

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Regrowth + pot

Philosopher's Stone

Tear of the Goddess

Merctread/Lucidity depending on heavy cc or otherwise.

Sheen (essentially a more farmy normal build at this point)

Randuins Omen / Lichbane (Depending on how much you need to survive+farm)

Lichbane / Randuins Omen (Take the one you didn't get, lichbane is core as it adds Q burst, AP, mana for archangels, and MR)

Rabadon (essential)

Archangel's (you may complete this earlier depending on your farm)

Shurelia's Reverie / Banshee's Veil (depending on if you need survivability/utility vs more survivability)

This build should give you a balanced amount of MR/Armor, lots of CDR, and AP.