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Build Guide by rockoshocko

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League of Legends Build Guide Author rockoshocko

AP nuker Karma

rockoshocko Last updated on April 24, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I play Karma as a heavy burst nuker who just so happens to support her team at the same time.
Karma is a very efficient farmer, being able to demolish creep waves in 1 or 2 skills, and she is amazing harasser. She can be played in mid or dual lane but it just requires that you be competent and if your in dual lane, then your teammates be semi-decent. that being said, on with the build.

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the 10 magic pen from your Greater Mark of Magic Penetration really help do damage all game, the Greater seal of Vitality health runes make karma more beefy while she is harassing and the ability power speaks for itself. (Karma loves and desires more damage AKA ability power)

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yes, i play Karma 21/0/9

the extra 10 ability power from cool down Ignite is great and the extra 5% damage from Havoc is the oomph you need to make this build work. As with every hero i play the extra 1 gold per 10 sec and 5% exp gain is always useful.

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Ok, the item build is pretty specific for doing damage. the Doran's Ring in the beginning helps with health and damage for whole game until you need to sell it. and Sorcerer's Shoes are a must have for the magic penetration. (30) which effectively cuts through every heroes magic resist unless they get magic resist items. then you go for Rylai's Crystal Scepter. always get the 2 ability power items first and the health last. then rylai comes in which is GREAT slow since you do two multi target nukes, and your Spirit Bond will make amazing slow on the targeted hero. then comes the situational s.
Morello's Evil Tome can come before or after Rabadon's Deathcap based on if you want less cool downs first or more damage. I generally get morellos tome first because it makes nuking easier and you still get some ability power. rabadon deathcap is a must if you don't pick it before morello. it is karma's key item and always will be. it not only boosts her ability power from items but her passive ability power scaling as well, making her do tons more damage. the next two items are also exchange-able. if you notice the enemy team getting magic resist get Void Staff to destroy their worthless items(you get ability power still, and cut through their magic resist) last would be the next big ability power item, Zhonya's Hourglass, which is simply chosen because it holds the next biggest amount of ability power in one item. to get this last item selling your beloved ring is necessary.

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Skill Sequence

Ok, now my skill sequence may seem weird becuase i only get one point of Spirit Bond, and at level 5, too. this is because it is the hardest nuke to cast and you are better off scaling damage on your two main ones. Soul Shield should always stay one point ahead of Heavenly Wave since it is most useful, (shield yourself/ally and do damage)

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells i get Clarity and Ignite because ignite cool down gives you +10 ability power with my masteries and clarity lets you nuke longer. ignite also helps with those rascal healing heroes like Fiddlesticks!!

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Early game i usually go bottom lane because that is comfortable to me, and i suppose its closer to dragon as well. I try to make sure i am laned with a melee hero that preferably has a stun/disable because he/she can go in use skill. then i come and Mantra Soul Shield him for the damage, catch up and Heavenly Wave them. Combos go as this

Mantra Soul Shield -> Heavenly Wave

Mantra Soul Shield -> Spirit Bond -> Heavenly Wave and then you just start over again

make sure to harass with your infinite mana pool and when you are low on health just Mantra Heavenly Wave yourself.
if you have one stack of Mantra and low health~~!
don't worry about damage
run to tower
Mantra heal yourself with Heavenly Wave
Soul Shield yourself
and keep running
if you have two stacks then worry about damage and try to hit the enemy chaser with both Mantra empowered nukes.

during team fights cast Spirit Bond on an ally or enemy your choice. if its far enemy its easily breakable, if its close enemy it probably wont damage anyone. either way after casting bond Mantra Soul Shield a teammate, i usually try to shield a tactical teammate but its usually a mob and the damage is all that really counts. then you Heavenly Wave or Mantra wave depending on health of team. when you get mantra again
Soul Shield
Spirit Bond
Heavenly Wave
and you will most likely push team fights in your team direction. you will do most damage in team fights and at end game, if you don't win for most magical damage dealt. you played karma wrong.

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When you are strong enough and confident enough that your using of skills on creep waves wont hurt any team fights that may occur. then its time to 5 sec farm creep waves. first you run up and try to hit all with Heavenly Wave, then you Mantra Soul Shield yourself, this kills every single creep, if you missed some with skills, then just auto attack till dead. This is how you can get all your items really fast and quite efficiently.

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With ganking, as said before, you Mantra Soul Shield your melee initiator when he is near their team, then you Heavenly Wave and wait for cool downs to end. rinse and repeat.
don't forget to slow the enemy down with Spirit Bond.

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This is my version of Karma, so far i do amazing every game and usually do more magic damage by end game result then any other hero. Usually by 100000. This build requires you to kill creep waves efficiently, which wont be too hard if you harass with your AOE skills. and it requires you to harass. Soul Shield is an amazing long range instant nuke that you can actually use when the enemies are cowering behind towers. if the enemy is low hp and camping tower, just Mantra Soul Shield a creep close to them and if they don't die they will be really close. that's all for my build. if you see me in-game, my id is rockocats and hope you love Karma as much as i do!!