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League of Legends Build Guide Author DarkPaladinBoy

AP Nunu Mid Guide Don't Get The Yeti Angry, You Won't Like H

DarkPaladinBoy Last updated on July 31, 2015
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So AP Nunu is a champion I LOVE to play because no one expects his power to be that great. He is one of the best lane bullies in the game. He has a 1:1 AP scaling on his E which is on a REALLY short cooldown, insane sustain (HP wise) on his Q also letting you almost never miss cannon minions and helping your team secure Dragon or Barn. His passive which gives him little to none mana problems in lane and his W which is used to increase your movement speed, take down towers fast or chase the enemy to get in range for your E. His Ultimate has a 2.5:1 AP scaling! So you can 1-shot the enemy ADC/squishy on late game! Nunus power spike is Mid game when he has boots and 2-3 items completed. There make sure to roam and snowball as much as you can! If you as nunu get ahead you can snowball very hard ( literally :p ).

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Amazing Lane bully
Crazy sustain/damage
Good Roams
Good Gank follow up/escaper
Can take towers fast.

No wave clear.
Kind of bad all in
If you make a mistake you can get punished.
Not that great if you fall behind a lot on lane (which will very rarely happen)

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Just walk up and take the CS. If the enemy tries to poke you just E him and Q or your hp to get back. Stand in between the enemy and his creeps. That way he will get pushed really hard while your wave is in the area of your tower. that allows him to sometimes even miss experience!!! Your minions will not push that well because of you lacking wave clear so freezing/slowpushing and building up a gigant wave over time is easy to do with Nunu. Also you are a lane bully, not a god. I see a lot of AP Nunu players take free hits with the excuse of saying I can just heal up. Dont overestimate your sustain. It is great but 1 Q at the early levels cannot heal half of your HP!

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Your job is to E the enemy threat/ADCand eleminate them! Also you can win the teamfight for your team if you get a good ultimate! Make sure you are not getting focused and ult!

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This was my 1st guide ever. I am indeed a bad division/player who doesnt have much experience at the game but I think I know Nunu really well. i really hope you enjoyed this guide and try it out :D you will make your opponents rage HARD hehehe :D. Bye guyz ;)


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