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Shaco General Guide by Raleyman

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Raleyman

AP shaco FTW.

Raleyman Last updated on October 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I found that these runes are very good. You dont just go AP, but add some Cool Down Reduction. The cool down is mostly for your decieve, and that is because with deceive at the ready, you can escape almost any gank, as long as you are not stunned. Fear from someone like fiddlesticks does affect you, but as soon as the initial fear breaks off, you can Deceive away, and his Drain spell or Crowstorm Ultimate will be away from you.

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I like to build Shaco as an AP as his daggers and jack in the boxes are really great for luring people into them, as sight wards, and for your dagger, it does waaay more damage. One thing I have noticed is that AP doesn't do so well for your Ultimate, Hallucinate. It serves as a great minion so you can get past a turret without taking much damage, as long as it goes first, and it does the same damage you do. Great for back-dooring their inhibitor!
I added Warmogs armor, as it really helps with your ability to survive. When I did this build, I had 3,578 health!
Also, and added tip, Jack in the Boxes also attack structures (i.e Turrets, Inhibitors, Nexus) and at the same time, will scare their minions from yours. As an added feature, the box is invisible, the turret see's it and so does everything else, but it will be the next thing the turret attacks!
Now, I know what you are probably thinking as you look at the runes and items. How is this AP? Well, to tell you the truth it is AP in many ways. Not just the runes and masteries, but since Rylai's has AP and health, and Morellos has AP and mana regen, I have found that this build works really well. You may want to use this build as a foundation and add your own stuff to it, and I encourage you to! Find what items you like and are useful to you. Maybe you need more magic resistance, and get Banshees Veil instead of Warmogs. Or you need more Magic Penetration, and you get Abyssal scepter. Find what suits your needs.

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Pros / Cons

+ Powerful Jack in the Boxes (W) and extra-powerful 2 Shiv Poison (E)
+ Free 90 second Sight wards as your W spell.
+ Very Hard to be ganked, especially if you have Deceive (Q) and Flash.
+ Can change a 1 vs. 1 into a 2 vs 1 with Hallucinate (R)
+ Good with harass early game, such as jacks in the weeds.
+ With 2 of you, you can send one in one direction, while you slip off in another. Either split them up, or, if done from the weeds, send the clone one way, and continue another way.
+ When you deceive, you can deceive over walls.
- Not a team player. Will be focused in a team fight, so you need to hang out in the shadows and help as you can, such as throwing shiv's or placing Jacks behind champs.
- Does not do a lot of physical damage, and with MR on the other teams side, you may have to change that.
- If you use deceive (Q) you cant for another 10-15 seconds, depending on runes. Make sure you can get out of somewhere you Deceive to.
- When you deceive to gank, watch out for Oracles Elixer and Vision Wards, as they show where you are when invisible.
- If you jump in to gank after using deceive, they will focus you down knowing you cant use it again for a few seconds.

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Skill Sequence

The reason I do these skills is because the jacks help with your attacks in the beginning and being sight wards, and your dagger helps by damaging with a little poison, but your decieve doesn't matter as long as you have one rank of it. I like to get the rest of the spells maxed, then start building on the Deceive.
The fear from the Jack is great, and if someone just so happens to run into 4-5 of those jacks, being feared from one to the next and being attacked the entire time and cant get away, or that one really weak singed that just got away, only to run into a jack and die... well, it feels really good. Its awesome to know that you just brought down a God-Like figure, or just another feed for your team.

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Team Work

As I said in the Pros/Cons, Shaco is not a team player. It is much easier to go alone, since you don't want to feel guilty for leaving your teammate in a gank they themselves can't escape. Also, in a team fight, you are pretty squishy before Rylai's and Warmogs. You will be focused, normally right after the big spellcaster. It is much better for AP shaco to appear and kill the one about to get away, or to help kill the last remaining tank.

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Depending who you lane with, you may not get very many minion kills. I usually team up with SirDouger, and since he is Xin, he is normally out there taking the damage and healing from minions while I place Jacks in the weeds and harass the other champs away from him. It helps when I keep the enemy back while he heals from minions, and Shaco/Xin is a great combo if you don't care about minion kills, can handle playing in the weeds, and you can fear them into xin while they almost get away and his jump-in ability is on Cool Down.


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