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Shaco Build Guide by TheChoz3nOne


By TheChoz3nOne | Updated on November 23, 2020

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Runes: Hex. Rocketbelt Runes (more AH; less mana regen)

1 2 3 4
Taste of Blood
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

Manaflow Band

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Jungle Role
Ranked #11 in
Jungle Role
Win 51%
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Champion Build Guide


By TheChoz3nOne
Max W if opponent is bad versus our boxes but if it's champion like Urgot, Shen, etc... I'll recommend to max E. You can also max E and W both.
What mythic should I choose? Back to Top
1) Liandry's Anguish

Against enemy champs who're buying items for health we'll buy a Liandry's Anguish that burning champs of the health value. Also gives to us a worthy AH, legendary items gives to us a bonus 5 AH what is a good for Shaco. You can buy it against tanks, but tanks often buy a magic resist so we won't feel dmg from Liandry but you also can counter this with a lot of boxes, ult, how much we'll use our 2-shiv poison, etc...

2) Luden's Tempest

If we need to have a distance with a demon like Teemo we can buy a Luden and we will use our E skill every 10 sec [to use a passive which gives a bonus dmg] to kick Teemo's ***. Also we'll have a magic penetration against squishy champs.

3) Riftmaker

If we're staying with a tank who is buying a lot of armor, so we should buy a Riftmaker and we'll ignore an armor of enemy and do a clean dmg. Grants all other legendary items with 5% magic penetration. You don't need that item in 100% of situations even with a tanks, if we have many squish enemies we should buy a Hextech Rocketbelt or a Luden so we just need to a survive in a lane phase to dominate against squish enemies...

4) Hextech Rocketbelt

Against squishy champs also good decision is Hextech Rocketbelt, if with Luden we're poking enemies, so with Rocketbelt we must kill an enemy with our procast. Also we'll have a magic penetration and with Rocketbelt also feeling nice to push a creeps.
Boots Back to Top

We're upraging boots when lane phase has come to end.

1) Sorcerer's Boots = If we're dominating, not dying, all good, with this boots we'll get magic penetration that will consolidate our domination.
2) Plated Steelcaps = against AD champs like Irelia, Sett, Riven.
3) Mercury's Treads = If the enemy champ has a magic damage and a powerful control.
Situational Items Back to Top
Situational Items:

1. Morellonomicon/Oblivion Item = when opponents have a lot of life steal/vampirism but I won't recommend to buy this item because we can buy Oblivion Orb that have Grievous Wounds too. You can buy Oblivion Orb after mythic item.

2. Demonic Embrace = If there are many very fatty opponents we should buy this item that works like Liandry. Also works with Liandry, but i won't recommend to buy this item with Liandry because it's not effective as you think because you can buy Cosmic Drive to have more AH so we'll use boxes, 2-shiv poisons, our ult, etc... This suits well as 4th item.

3. Zhonya's Hourglass = stasis is also a good save from danger situations. Ideal item for Shaco to run away from 5 evil and hungry opponents.

4. Bunshee's Veil = we'll get a magic resists and a shield that will block any abilities.
About me Back to Top
The author of this guide is ВLEIZ351 who is playing in russian League server since Season 3; вLEIZ351 is playing in Diamond-elo since Season 8. Main champs: Shaco (jungle/top/sup/mid).

What about me?
I am just a translator from Russia. How you see, I'm not the superior in English but I'm really tried :)
I am also a Shaco main btw :P

OP.GG Profile 1 (RU):
OP.GG Profile 2 (RU):
YouTube channel of BLEIZ351:
League of Legends Build Guide Author TheChoz3nOne
TheChoz3nOne Shaco Guide

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