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AP Singed Offttank of Doom

Last updated on May 15, 2011
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I main singed and do pretty well with him. I play him as tank and off tank but I enjoy playing an off tank more than main tanking. Here is my off tank build and what I do with it.

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I start with a regrowth pendant. This just allows you to stay in lane really well. You are kind of squishy low level and this will really help you out. I usually sell it when I am finishing my crystal scepter. Go for your catalyst next. It helps you hp a lot because of your passive and is also good for you mana which you need to farm.

I make boots of swiftness next. This is an easy choice because unless you can catch people you are kind of useless. Next finish your RoA which is just awesome on Singed. Follow this up with Rylai's for HP/AP and an amazing slow. This allows you to kite really well and then turn around and catch them with a fling when they start to retreat.

The Abyssal is situational. If they are more AD heavy feel free to use an hourglass. I think DC and Void are self explanatory.

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Skill Sequence

I start off with fling. Its good if they are greedy and get to close to your tower or if an allay needs to you fling someone off them. I max poison first after that because its my farming tool and gets me tons of money and makes them fear me in lane so I can starve them for money and xp. Take the slow at lv 4 then max it last and take your ulti when you can.

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Summoner Spells

I take heal and ghost. Ghost is for chasing or retreating. Its just a really good skill for his abilities. Chase with ghost fling slow. Get a kill and they coming to gank you? Run with ghost and glue behind you. You can get lots of kills with them chasing you. With ghost and your ulti almost no one can get away.

Heal is your safeguard. Maybe you get stunned and you just need a couple of extra seconds to get away with your life. You can also use it to run into a fight and heal your allies and push the enemy back a little or win a team fight. I just find it synthesizes will with singed.

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Early levels you are pretty weak. You cant do much damage yet and you are a little squishy and mana hungry. Once you hit level 3 and have 2 ranks of poison you can really start farming. Run into the enemies and run your poison. I usually only have it on about 1 second then off. You dont need much when the minions are sitting there attacking each other. I will use a little more to push back the enemies if I feel our lane is stronger.

After level 6 you should start to feel a little tankier and should try to kill anyone who overextends. Use your brush to get behind them or rob their exp. Singed is great because you drop poison around minions and run in the brush and your poison is still there last hitting for you. He really dominates his lane.

Rylais really helps you all game. This is by far my favorite item on Singed. It makes your poison slow which makes you the ultimate kiter. They chase you and start taking damage. The retreat and you turn around and fling them. Now no matter where they go they take damage. This is best with melee characters as they cant ever attack you. Mix this with fling now slowing them as well (more than poison as it is an aoe) and then your glue. This makes you very good when you solo people. I have even gotten many kills and escapes in 2v1 or worse odds.

For team fights activate your ulti first. This gives you added damage and ups your defense.
Turn on your poison and run in. Fling a squishy towards your team. Use your glue accordingly. Sometimes you need it to catch that carry. Sometimes its to hold them in place after your fling. My favorite is if they are grouped up I use it right in the center of them and put poison all around them. When this build is finished your poison is hitting for over 250 per second. It will also CC them with your Rylai. Your fling will be about 1k. You will also be vary tanky with over 3.5k health with elixers. He has pretty good base tank stats and your mr runes + abyssal if you take it adds a lot of res.