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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xochiquetzal

AP Sivir - Painful Boomerangs

Xochiquetzal Last updated on September 21, 2010
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Hey guys, had this build proposed to me some time ago, and have been refining it for a while. Been trying to save the build into a form I can refer to in the future, so here it is. Some comments or criticisms is appreciated as well. Nothing is perfect, but theres always space for improvements. Anyways, heres explanations

Mastery Tree: I went with 9/2/19 for 3 main things, mobility, spell penetration, and reduced cooldowns. The 1 point into defense is free for all, meaning it can be placed anywhere, depending on preferences. Also, the points into Haste (aka Improved Ghost) and Spatial Accuracy (aka Improved Teleport) depends on whether you pick Ghost and Teleport or not.

Skill Sequence: Basically, max out Boomerang first. Balance Ultimate and Spell Shield depending on enemy team and ally team compositions. More stunners on enemy = Spell Shield. More AD/AS on ally team = Ultimate. Always have 1 point into Ultimate however, the run speed can be a lifesaver.

Runes: Magic Penetration Mana/5 and AP. Gains with AP is not enough to warrant going all out AP, unless the AP gains allow you to one shot creep waves with boomerangs, or at least the melee minions. Remember, boomerang's damage is reduced per enemy it passes through. At level 4 with 20 AP you can one shot the ranged creeps if aimed properly, and theres no champions to further reduce the damage.

Items: Basically start with Maeki's Pendant and 2 potions. Depending on if you get healer Soraka or healer Taric (mind you, make sure they're willing to heal first, I've seen non healer builds), its either 2 healths or 1 health 1 mana. After this its free up depending on the player. You definitely want to rush Rod of Ages, but only do this if you're very confident in your laning abilities, especially if you're planning to skip the basic boots. After Rod of Ages, get a Mejai's Soulstealer if you can. Don't worry too much if you're dying, the item is relatively cheap, and by a stray chance you're able to rack up even 5 stacks, you'll be melting faces on the field. You can always sell it off later if you're getting focused too much, which should not happen with the intended playstyle. After Mejai's buy a Needlessly Large Rod, and finish Zhonya's Ring. After you finish your Zhonya's, hit tab, and do an estimate on the opponent's magic resists. Do the math, if you find any potential threats stacking Magic Resists (safe number is 80, so Mercury's Threads + Chalice is probably a good indication), get Void Staff. Or else, keep buying Needlessly Large Rods until your inventory is filled (leave one slot for wards if you need them). Upgrade them all to Zhonya's Rings if you are doing very well. Cooldown reductions are not needed, but are a bonus. Should you prefer cooldown reductions, get Nashor's Tooth AFTER your first Zhonya's Ring. Or just buy a Brilliance Elixir, and your talents and the elixir should provide you with enough cooldown reductions.
Elixirs are quite useful. You'd want to carry a Brilliance Elixir around if you have gold to spare. Popping one before a team battle can help significantly. Once you have 5/6 items slots filled, try to keep Brilliance and Fortitude Elixirs up (priority in that order). The effects persist through death, so the investment is quite sound.

Item Notes: Other utility items are useful, but I find most of them pointless or weak unless situations are dire, and you need them badly.
1) Deathfire Grasp. Short range, so to use it, you need to get closer, while the point of this build is stay out of reach as much as possible. However this item is useful if your opponents have dedicated players who jump you as soon as they see you, ie Malphite and Warwick. If thats the case, a DFG in the face and a follow up with a Boomerang Blade should drop them. Also, have your teammates keep an eye on you, and help out whenever this happens.
2) Rylai's Crystal Scepter. 15% slow. My opinion of this item is that its a waste. The slow lasts for 2 seconds only, and the spell affected take 9 seconds to cooldown.
3) Other defense items, ie Guardian Angel, Frozen Heart, etc. Pointless really, you have the 2 seconds of invulnerability from Zhonya's. Thats good enough if used properly.
4) Cooldown reduction items, very conditional really. I prefer to hit as hard as possible. Lets say you opted for a Nashor's Tooth instead of a Zhonya's Ring. Warwick jumps you, and you throw your boomerang at him. He survived with 100 hp, and since your auto attacks are relatively weak, he outheals your damage and kills you within 9 seconds, or get his hp to the point where your next boomerang wont kill him. But if you get a Zhonya's, the initial survival with 100 hp won't happen, and Warwick would have quit the game in frustration.

Playstyle is pretty much simple and straightforward. You want to avoid getting into melee range as much as possible. Basically stay out of reach, abuse the fog of war, walls, and bushes as much as possible. If you're close enough to auto attack, thats close enough to get jumped at, especially in team battles. During laning phase, if you can't get close enough to minions to last hit, use boomerangs to last hit, but do it sparingly. If you're last hitting pretty well, then use boomerangs to keep the enemy champions' health low, so they won't risk coming closer. Also, a good skill to train is timing your boomerang to hit enemy champions at the very apex of the spin, where it turns around. That way, they won't have time to dodge the second hit, and you can hit up to 3 times, which hurt so damn much. Most people would run sideways to dodge the boomerang on it's return path. To counter that, you curve the return path by running in the same direction the enemy runs to, putting the enemy between the flying boomerang and you. That's another very important skill to learn. If played right, and left alone to farm in the first 10 mins of the game, Sivir has the potential to become game-breaking, as if she gets her AP above 150 and the enemy has yet to build Magic Resist, they're literally screwed. One well timed and aimed boomerang can easily cut a big gap in a non-tank's health bar.

In team battles, you want to pop your ultimate right before the initiation, or right after, depending on risk tolerance. Then you want to hang back, abuse your ulti's movement speed increases, and keep your finger on Ghost/Flash in case the opponent have teleport type champions which can get to you, and throw boomerangs at targets with low Magic Resists. You'd want to avoid tanks with high Magic Resists of course, its a waste of time. Remember, people have to trade off between defense and offense, if they're stacking a ton of magic resist, your team should have no problem surviving the initiation and ensuing spells. Also, having an AD champ in the ally team helps alot with this problem. Spell Shield whenever you see something flying at you, especially if you know its gonna be painful. Timing and practice is the key. Oh, and don't fall for Tryndamere's I-got-1-hp trick, kite him no matter what, he can kill you with just two swings, the only 'safe' Tryndamere is a dead Tryndamere. Just hang back, and don't run in to melee range.

Also, I would like to add that wards are an extremely important element in this build. Wards contribute to the team's overall map control, as well as your overall survivalbility. Have wards in the river at critical points where opponents need to cross to gank your lane. Bushes in jungles or in your lane is also a viable place to drop wards. If the opponent have a jungler, drop a ward in the bushes near the golem in your team's side of the map, and gank him if he comes -you'd have to time the ward right, about after the 2nd or 3rd initial wave of minions is optimal. Or you can just hit, and Boomerang the golem when its almost dead. The extra mana regen and cooldown reduction will boost your farming significantly. If your lane has a stealth champ, invest in a Sight Ward.