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Soraka Build Guide by Cerzia

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cerzia

AP-Tank-Mid Soraka?

Cerzia Last updated on April 7, 2012
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I've forgotten how skilling works but in the case of this build I go:

Starcall Infuse Starcall Astral Blessing

Then the rest is situational. For example if I've started Dorans Ring and need a little health boost Astral Blessing is more important than Infuse.

It's pretty simple and common sense, I mean you shouldn't need to follow a skilling order anyway, just take what you need and keep that up.

Overall though in the majority of my games Starcall > Infuse > Astral Blessing is my standard skilling order.

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Considering I'm lazy and I know my guide is terrible:

Everything below this point is outdated and was for pre- Infuse nerf Soraka.

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- Ripped right from my blog.

I've just ripped this straight from my blog n_n


I start tome, sometimes dorans if i feel I'm against a strong laner. I try to leave heal to level 4 as I should be able to farm safely till then, if not I'd take it earlier, against champions like Annie I'd probably nab it earlier encase of an early stun + w ignite burst.
I rush the gold for 10 Items, sometimes if i base and have 800 gold just after the kages pick I'll take the philo stone over shoes. You can normally get away from your lane easily anyway as you have two heals by now as well as your silence - great for stopping that pesky fiddle.

As game progresses your gold income is huge due to her amazing farming abilities and you can normally take down the enemy champion early - "Oohhh It's Soraka this will be easy" (First Blood) "Omg soraka's OP"
While you sustain in lane, (constantly using your E for mana and W for health, with health potions) you can play more aggressive, hitting all 6 creeps whilst pushing their champion out.

Late game, as you're not an AP carry you do kind of fade away, which is why I started building her tanky. By now, - like a ***. I will probably have taunted the enemies in the chat, just to throw them off a little, make them /hate/ me. In team fights then I just get into the middle of them, dropping down their magic resistance with my Q's while my team shred them. Most cases you will die but the amount you do for your team from that will win you the games - but don't be over confident. Late game you can just stomp on everyone, you're flying ahead in gold, selling your gold items to get your build finish and have probably bough a couple of Red/Blue elixers with your lose change.

This is when I'd say my build fails. I don't know what the best 6th item.

With the five before it you're going to be running:
Aegis, Boots, Zonyas, Cap and Abyssal.

Zee End

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Okay, apparently I have to elaborate on this?

Item 1: Amp Tome or Dorans Ring.

Amp Tome: If you're sure you can sustain in lane w/o your extra health go ahead and grab this, will allow you to rush your gold item.
Dorans Ring: If you're against a lane that will harass you a lot the extra mp regeneration and health can help you a lot.

Item 2: Shoes (Or Item 3)

Item 3: Philos Stone (Or Item 2)

Philos Stone: This can keep your health and mana nice and high whilst you farm and harass, can save you trips back to base and also adds a nice gold boost to your income.

Item 4: Heart of Gold


Item 5: Ionian Boots of Lucidity

Ionian Boots of Lucidity: CDR on Q = win game?

Item 6: Aegis of the Legion

Aegis of the Legion: I personally find that this item is GREAT value for money. It will help all of your teammates near you and let you tank a few more hits from anyone you're up against from its extra hp and both resistance boosts.

Item 7:Abyssal Scepter

Abyssal Scepter: You're in mid lane and you don't have MPEN. Now you're more resistant to bursts while your Q will just shred down their magic resistance. 10 max level Q's on one champ has him down by 120 Magic resist, with this you're bringing that too -140. Now imagine if you had a Swain top lane. That team fight = GG :P

Item 8: Zonya's

Zonya's: Defense, AP, What more do you want

Item 9: Rylais

- I've changed my mind, put this before your hat, it slides off because of her hair.

Rylais: Q slowwww Q slowww Q slowww Q slowww Q slowww

Item 10: Deathcap

Deathcap: Whats your defense now, 150/150? Buy AP, tank, spam Q, win game.

Item 11: Potions

Potions: Red, Blue and Green, just make your buffs look real damn pretty.


Will of the Ancients: Some people think you need spell vamp, personally I don't but I run heal in summoners.

Deathfire Grasp: Good item in general I just don't see room for it in my build as a tanky-ap caster.

Different Shoes: Differen't shoes are always optional, I just believe that the early CDR on my Q helps me lane stronger, near end game I always sell my shoes for either Dodge tabis or Merc treds.

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I like this build because I choose against the WoA item. I've got spell vamp, faster leveling, CDR which is great for my W and 15% reduction on summoner spells, great for my Heal spell.

If you want more kills on her go 21/0/9, might want to change item build around too. Personally I don't think you need 21/0/9. She doesn't need the MPEN so you could experiment with 0/21/9 as well.

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Pics~ Xx <3

I dunno if I was shoving these somewhere else so whatever.
Just trying out some other item builds on her.
I'm building WoA a lot now, my reasoning that game was the brand support but overall I think it's a good item, I'm also running ignight over heal a lot more now so that could be why.

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I played her in forest. YES FOREST. HOW IS THAT A JUNGLE?

I've done it three times now, here's the screen shots! - Twice ranked, once un-ranked.

I start Dorans ring when foresting, make sure you get a big pull and put up W second.
Dat beastin ELO.
The 3 Games I've done soraka-tank jungle.
That Yi game, first time I've lost playing him AP Jungle, I was so sad :(

I'll upload more pics if I do some more forestin.