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Singed Build Guide by bored gamer

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author bored gamer

Ap Tank Singed

bored gamer Last updated on November 4, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi I'm Bored Gamer bringing you my first guide on mobafire. I'm an avid player of League just cause its a good team game. Anyways lets get to it, many people have guides on singed why would mine be any different? cause its mine thats why. You typically want to play a solo top lane as it is great for farming.

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For runes I take health, magic resist, armor and magic penetration, basic runes in a tanky ap character.

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for masteries i get magic penetration in offence and go towards utility build with mana regen, movement speed and buff duration. reason I chose this mastery set 9-0-21 over a major tank build i.e. 9-21-0 or a combo of all 3 is because you want the extra mana regen for when your using poison trail it helps to sustain you in lane and keep the spell up for a longer duration also the extra cooldowns and magic penetration help late game as you will be soaking up damage while also dealing a fair amount.

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For items always start with a sapphire crystal and 2 health pots, reason being this will help you early game giving you an extra boost in mana while the pots help you stay in lane. you want to go back every now and then an continue on the build. I always go into a Rod of Ages first and I'll explain why, RoA gains ability as each minute passes and it gives 3 important thing, Health, Mana, and Ability power. The reason you want this item first is it will give you great lane sustainability with a little bit a tankyness and you will have ability power to dish out extra damage. after which depending on the enemy team you may want to build more magic resist, or armor. typically in draft games people dont deviate far from the META game, and the item build i recommended will allow you to become a good tank with a fair amount of damage. -NOTE- you can also substitute the banshees veil for a guardian angel reason is if the other team is not primarily AP and more AD the GA will give you some extra armor and you get a second life.

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Skill Sequence

So.... idk what to write here uhmm lets get to why i picked fling first over poison trail. At the beggining of a game if you are solo top or support bottom(happens sometimes bad team comp in this case) you want to use it to harass as it deals 100+(whatever ap) and as all champions relatively have about 400-600hp to start with youve already taken down 1/6 of their health with one skill OMG. now onto skill sequences, you want to activate poison trail a little bit before you get into a fight reason being it doesnt drain a noticeable amount until its left on too long and if the opposing enemy has CC then having it on already helps you deal damage towards them. secondly you want to save your slow(W spell) for when the enemy is running, if the enemy is too far away from you then slow them and fling them behind you, if they are right there fling them anyways and when they run use your slow. your ultimate you tend to want to only use it in emergencys like when you feel you'll need it to survive or you need it for an epic chase.

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Summoner Spells

I take a flash, ghost combo reason being flash is flash thats all there is to that. Ghost is very useful for when your being chased it allows for a quick getaway while leaving poison trail on, and if the enemy chases you can easily turn back and fling and kill. you can also substitute ghost for exhaust if you feel its better or if your solo top lane take teleport.

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In short singed can be a very game changing character if you know how to play him, and hes good to tank and deal damage. He can be built many ways with a wide range of items to choose from aswell. Thanks for Reading leave some comments on how my guide was and how I can improve for my next one THANKS.