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AP Teemo

Last updated on July 23, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Just a personal guide I made to keep track of what I use normally when I'm running Teemo.

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Items (More Importantly, Why I Choose These Ones)

1. Berserker's Greaves: Your standard movement speed bonus and a noticeable Attack Speed increase for early game.
Alternatives- Sorceror's Shoes: Better later in game if your facing champions with item builds with Magic Resist (e.g. Kassadin and Galio), but I find I'm typically dealing so much damage with this set-up by late game that it doesn't matter and isn't normally worth giving up some early Attack Speed.

2. Nashor's Tooth: Great Attack Speed and Ability Power, with heavy Cooldown Reduction which allows more Toxic Traps to be active at one time, meaning more warding and flexible escape routes.
Alternatives- None: I rarely use anything else as my second item since this one is so key.

3. Malady: Some AP, lots of Attack Speed, and a Magic Resist debuff passive makes Malady a great item for ganking, since you will be able to put several stacks of poison on an unsuspecting champion very quickly (even more so if you were Camoflagued), and each attack with deal more damage than the last vs. Magic Resist foes.
Alternatives- Phantom's Dancer: Makes a ridiculously fast Teemo even faster, and gives him an intimidating 30% Critical Strike Chance. I sometimes use this, but I find that it often takes too long to acquire enough gold to purchase it as a third item. I also think Teemo's poisons are his greatest weapon, and it's better to focus on that than get sidetracked with Critical Strike items.

4. Nashor's Tooth: I know, I already got one of these, but the more the merrier! Now you'll have 50% Cooldown Reduction, which means almost continuous Blinding Darts can be used in team fights or agains laning champions, really crippling the damage outputs of basic-attack enemies like Master Yi and Ashe.
Alternatives- Frozen Hammer: Throughout this whole build, Teemo remains incredibly squishy. If the enemy team is continously ganking and killing you, the large bonus of health and the ability to freely give out powerful slows can be a lifesaver. It's kind of annoying since it cost a substantial bit more than a Nashor's Tooth, but if you're really hurting than it will be worth it to just save up and get it.
I only get this if things are going bad, but if I'm still able to outmatch my opposition, I just stick to my Nashor's Tooth.

5. Guinsoo's Rageblade: This is an item I rarely (if ever) see used by other AP Teemos, but I find it very useful. The combonation of bonus physical and magical damage it lends your basic attacks is decent, and with with just a few active stacks of its passive, you'll be hitting the Attack Speed limit (2.5 attacks a second!) and be dealing even more poison damage.
Alternatives- None: I would strongly reccommend at least trying out this item by this point in the game, but if it's not your thing, perhaps go for a Phantom Dancer or another AP item... If you bought a Frozen Hammer earlier on, you might want to just save up and get your second Nashor's Tooth instead.

6. Hextech Gunblade: A very powerful item, Gunblade costs a lot to complete, and I rarely do unless it is a ridiculously long game or I am just completely fed. But when I do finish it, Teemo is nearly invincible. He will be dealing around 350 damage per auto-attack, and with a few stacks on Rageblade, that totals 875 damage a second just from basic attacks. Add on the fact that both Gunblade's Life Steal and Spell Vamp applies to your attacks, and you will probably be gaining life almost as fast as you're losing it in team fights (as long as you don't overdo it or do anything rash).
This also means you will be gaining over 90 health for every mushroom enemy champions bumble into, and with your 50% Cooldown Reduction and bonus Mana Regen from the two Nashor's Teeth, you should be able to spam them essentially everywhere, making it near impossible for them not to run into. Add onto this what is practically a damaging Exhaust active, and Hextech Gunblade is a game-changing powerhouse. The only reason I don't get this item sooner is because it is just that much more potent when it has some Nashor's Teeth preceding it.

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I think the Masteries are quite self-explanatory. It's a pretty typical lay-out for a AP-centric build. The only real alterations I ever use on this build is putting 3 points in Good Hands and 1 in Improved Recall instead of 4 in Swiftness. I always get Runic Affinity, however, since both the red and blue buffs can greatly increase Teemo's combat capabilities (burning attacks + poison = insane amounts of damage-over-time, while mana regen + cooldown reduction = a surplus of Toxic Traps). Just make sure you aren't debilitating your team's jungler (if you have one) by picking up these buffs, and have a Toxic Trap and Move Quick ready in case an enemy champion tries getting the drop on you.

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My runes are a tad bit odd, admittedly.
I like having 9 Seals of Avarice, granting me 2.25 more gold every 10 seconds. That gives me 540 more gold in a 40-minute match, and with how expensive my item build is, that can make all the difference in the world.
I like having both my Glyphs and my Quintessences be all about Ability Power, givng me an additional 42 AP by level 18, which is quite a bit considering it's runes.
For Marks, I like having a bit of early Mana, so with 9 Marks of Intellect I start off with 53 more.

*Please be aware that these are by no means the best runes for this build. In fact, if you have AP Seals and Marks, I would probably say you should use those instead. I am still working on expanding my rune collection, so I simply made do with what I had.*