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Ap Tryndamere

Last updated on December 6, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello this is my first guide I beleive, and as you all should know Ap tryndamere has never really been done...right. Sure you can complain its not viable, teamfights suck, blah de blah, But really, in my opinion hes one of the most versatile in a teamfight. I guess its all about how much you play Ap tryn :P

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Start with kages, then boots, then avarice for early crits on minions granting bonus heal+ a possible crit when you auto atk them after spinning, your gold per second will really count towards endgame when the stuff really starts to hit the fan. Now the mask thing your probalby wondering why thats evne there, and heres why, your W coupled with a spin and a shot of deathfire, makes that little 5% first double to 10% cuz of the W, then if u engaged with DFG your dealing 20% additional magic dmg, so its about 15% from dfg and an additional 12% from the mask in ONE spin, your spins cooldown is like 6 seconds, if they dont flash form this their stupid, no offense.....
Now the Last Whisper is used for Armour Penetration, Why do u want to penetrate their armour, cuz the spin deals physical, its up to you to either rush this or build last as I do.
as for boots upgrading, alacrity to me is the only real useful one out there, nobody wants to follow a trolling ap tryndamere into battle unless hes winning, so if there is noone with you, the additional movement speed will help you get away, out of a 1vX, cuz situations where the team is so mad that u heal and ult out of every single situation, well trust me ive had 5 ppl chase me to base more than a few times...mind you that got them killed.

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Skill Sequence

Your q is important....its nice to levell it up for the bonus dmg, if you like to auto attack champs instead of spinning, but the base heal is so insignificant it makes me cry, maxing ur spin will maximize your damage, and your thinking, "Tryndamere spin easy to dodge", not if your slowed for 50%,
Especially when their ADC is down for the whole 50 atk dmg, u just lost a bf sword for 5 seconds basically, and your slowed on top of that. He's a broken champ played AP and AD, jsut sayin.

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Flash ignite Basics flash to get away ignite for dmg and reduced heals......nothing esle relaly works with Ap Tryn, I know, I've tried.

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Ranked Play

YOU HAVE TO MID! Top lanes in this certain type of match have at least 20+ armour when they start, and thats the last thing you want to face off against. Mid alnes tend to have +12 magic resist, and trust me, Tryn does not give a single !!!! his spin deals physical and his autos are physical with like 4 mage dmg from mastery. Ganks are literally wasted on ap tryn becuz u can spin/flash out of any situation and any dmg dealt he'll jsut heal off without a problem. Juke out any stuns and force them back to their turret so they lose xp. DO NOT spin through minions unless the champions within range of your spin or your last hitting multiple units at once, needless to say you'll be vulnerable to ganks and other such things because your overextended. Also the gnaks from your jungler go quite well when u slow the enemy champ, unless they have a jump/flash or a ridiculous amount of resistance, their dead. End-game you'll notie their focus is always on you. You have broken ganks, demolished mid, helped lanes, ganked bot and top with ur spins and slows, escaped chases with ease, THEY ARE MAD!! If any team member on their team does not have their anger solely focused on your fed behind, then yes temafights will be hard, but if they do you have an ult that lasts 6 seconds allowing your team to take charge and rip through them. menawhile your either spinning away or helaing for 700+ and jsut heading right back in.
Yes i have done ranked but only with a premade 5 because this is literally impossible to pull off in solo qeue. everyone moans, then leaves becuase they dont think it'll work.

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Pros / Cons

Pros: early game domination.
Can beat tough to handle champs like Fizz, Diana
A great Heal/Ultimate
Useful in teamfights (some of you might disagree)

Cons: Ignite cuts ur heal froma dashing 700+ to a measly 300- forcing you to ult if your focused can escape one, unless your behinds being slowed, multiple though..nuff said
Turret huggers...simply cant hit them
Being camped by strong junglers like Jax and Lee, masters of these champs you'll have a really hard time shaking
Just disables in general, Ap tryn is a mobile factory of destruction, being stopped is like throwing a stick of metal onto the train tracks.

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And that sit really..If you have a ahrd time getting it done with this build then I have failed you,
Thanks for reading, I have played a lot of games as Ap tryn and he is viable, even if only one spell deals damage:]


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