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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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AP Twisted Fate; All you lanes are belong to us

Last updated on January 29, 2012
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Twisted Fate Build

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Introducing TF

Twisted Fate is A great and undervalued champion. A squish range caster or a squish Dps carry, he is incredibly versitile in the field. Playing Tf well relies on good timing entirely, from picking cards, to pulling off a suprise 3v5 in bot lane while top remains blissfully unaware.
I prefer AP TF, because it utilies his abilites better and making his Ability burst devastating.

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I choose the magic pen and flat Ap Quins for a bigger puch in early levels, but I dont keep this with blues due to AP TF's weakness late game, Ap/level bumps up his AP later for just a little more strength late game.
I use the mana regen Seals to make Tfs abilities a little more reliable, as using the Mana blues constantly just to reinforce the bread and butter Q can be quite a drag in lane, and can put you in a bad position with those who are more capable to take advantage of it's cooldown (such as Ahri, who may use this knowlage knock you out of lane easily taunting and dealing easy damage with her q). These can easliy be swapped for Mana regen/lvl, for those wanting to focus more of their effort late game into keeping handy stun cards and keeping Destiny Up.

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I chose standard Ap masteries at 21-0-9, seeing as the extra AP bumps up the damage level for stronger early game, and having extended Buffs is brilliant late game, taking blue buff whenever you're able, along with more mana regen to make you more sustainable.

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The Items... Basic Hit based AP with a touch of cooldown. I move straight into Rod to suprise the lane partners, who may have been comfortably ignoring most of the damage from my Q. It doesn't matter much if you start with either staff, just build a rab then move on to Lich's. Lich bane can stack fanasticly with TF's E and W, Proc'ing stacked deck and hitting blue all at the same time as lich. Makes that first hit much scarier on kill and relief ganks. Late game items include the Morrello's for some CDR, and Reileys or Void staff depending on the game, Taking the Crystal Scepter for a handy slow which can be all the difference in a succsessful team fight, or void staff to beat the enemy down when packing heavy MR

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Summoner Spells

I take Teleport and flash, and I get critisism for that, But I have good reason. I take teleport mainly because of the Nerf that TF had received quite a while ago, reducing his ult to a stones throw. teleport helps cover a half distance moving far across map, using towers, minions, wards then getting the best positions using the gate.
Taking flash is usual. Provides a getaway, a chase, and working well early game for picking up kills from distracted or overextended opponents. Hitting hard in mid lane with a few succsessful Q's then flash-stun-Wild for a quick clean kill. takes a few games practice to Judge the right damage output, but at the best of times this combo can be quite uncontestable.

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Summary - Skills and Style

How I play fate:

I usually take Mid Lane with AP TF. This build works best once u've mastered fainting and hitting with your Q and aceing those card picks. I get into lane starting with Q, (Can be changed out for W first for those lvl 1 ganks which can really propell a good Midlane. Plan this out with your team). Burning mana to the ground with your Q is just fine as long as it brings results; if they dont dodge the greater part of your harrass they will be forced to brun some Pots earlier or recall faster. When you level, pick your W. A nice mana bump from the level and the mana regen will allow you to begin the Q-Blue cycle. Your opponent will be forced to dodge a lot of constant harrass, and they will burn a load of mana in the counterharrass and dodging, allowing TF, with a good mana sustain to Eat the lane unpertubed. I pick W third to deter them from getting closer by lining it up with my cooldowns and have it safely around till off CD

Getting Boots makes this combo scarier. you become harder to hit, and the CDR makes your combo faster. If they become more offensive, switching a Q out for a stun in the cycle will scare them off, but make sure you have the mana handy. As your AP increases, Charge your mana and call in a gank or two... lining up your Stacked deck again and pulling a stun/E-Q Burst. follow up with another Stun-Q for the Kill.

Ganking at level 6/7/8 after recalling or regaining mana through using TF's W with Destiny and gate should be a lot of fun. Watch Top and Bot for over extentions and weaknesses, or to Releive a lot of Presure in lane, which is vital for good team play. avoid Teleporting ahead of teammates and too close to enemy towers, and typically Teleport to the opposite side of the field to a Jungler unless preforming a countergank. This should ensure that you survive if your not playing too aggresively. Once pulling off a few good kills Teleporting down lane into advantagous spots behind is effective at pinning The enemy between you and your team mates, and your stuns will ensure a kill. *Still avoid Junglers, because a counter gank will most likely end up with you burning an unessasary Flash or dieing*

I follow up leveling Q where I can, Keeping The stacked deck at a LOW mana cost by negelecting it signifigantly, leveling only when prompted until getting Lich Bane.
Building up AP and a small amount of CDR while moving around confidently with destiny/gate and TP. Helping take turrents with lichbane will give you confident Lead in the game.

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A few Insights

Most skillshot abilities can be blocked well by placing a few minions between you and the enemy, such as Nidallee's spear of ultimate doom. Tf's Q is not one of those, and positioning yourself in lane to kill minions and harrass succsessfully with minimal use of mana defines a skilled TF player. No Q should have only one target, and there should always be a card flying down lane to soften a minion wave.

His W is a slow, mana, and a stun. That means that TF has huge flexibility, and mana sustain. usually avoid using the slow on champions, as the stun is more effective, but quickly clearing lanes should be easy with a well placed Q and Slow, which has an area affect.

Since Destiny does not deal damage, and nor does gate, Tf is constantly at a technical disadvantage. be aware of this, as another Ap carry may melt you if your too agressive.

Tf's only true escape is his ultimate. Therefore, charging headfirst into battle will result in death, when the enemy realises they have more than one button on the keyboard. Your stun will gain you a bit of time, but in a hard situation, misspicking this should result in failure. Give a bit of space, and wait to gain some advantage.

If the enemy team has too much MR, Void staff and maximising your usefullness as a pure utility will be more behinficial than Flangling cards about the place while sion brushes them off. He probobly doesn't care, so coordinate to initiat tactical advances with you team instead of goin balls first into fights

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Team Work - Gate, Plays and Hard times

Using gate effectively will require good thinking. Avoid Telepoting between clusters of enemies of enemies... its easy to get pinned between opponents when teleporting down lane. You only have a small amount of time to decide where to go, but good map awareness and a bit of better judgement will give you plenty of room to engage and give yourself Ample room to escape a counter gank.
Your team has just as much say on your ult as you do. Its not just a jump, and it doesn't make you Omnicient. when playing with a Karthus, Shen, Panth or likewise, Knowing the map is just as important to them as you, if not MORE. Let them call for Destiny, and limit your use of it until your team is in the best place to Utilise it.

Moving around the map is your specialty. in teamfights, a confident team can use your Destiny to initiate favorably in a 3/4 vs 5 situation, ensuring an advantage. following up by putting yourself in a pinching position (But not somewhere you will be pinched yourself) will break the Opponents line and escape routes...

...If this doesnt go to well, map awareness and some good judgement may get you away... but chances are there will be a loss. At this stage, using your gate to help your team counter pushes well should help you to even out the odds.

Remember... a good game with TF is 12-3-4, A better game is 5-0-30. Death when playing TF will put you behind imensely, and the +2gold passive does not work for anyone when your dead. Because TF is a squishy caster some death is inevitable but extra aggravation is not ideal tactically, as Tf is one of the hardest Champions to catch up with, so his game must be strong and consistant.

Sorry about writing a book about it but i was told too and was tired.Sorry for spelling sekatsim, Grammaticalerrors, and poor humor. Enjoy!