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League of Legends Build Guide Author Draknius

AP Vladimir

Draknius Last updated on August 4, 2010
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Hello there! This is my first guide so feel free to rate and comment as you like.

Vladimir is a mage+tank hybrid so in this guide de idea is focusing on the dmg of your skill plus the hp you need to stay alive in the battlefield long enough to help your allies and destroying turrets. If you are gonna rush with your team, stay close to the enemy minions! they are your food to restore hp while you are fighting. Maximizing your Transfusion skill plus the AP you get from the runes will make you an excellent harasser all the game, esspecialy on early game, you will deal tons of dmg while you heal yourself!
Also in this guide sanguine pool is a important factor of Vladimir. Most of us only use sanguine pool to run or maybe finish off an enemy without being focused. At early game, sanguine pool is not very effective because you dont have HP bonuses. At the time you get Haunting Guise Sanguine Pool starts to hit more because of the plus hp you get (200). Still not very effective though, Sanguine Pool uses 10% of your bonus health, wich means that now hits 20 more, not very effective! I have the bad luck that i cant finish a game, they always surrender for some reason and i cant maximize the dmg of Sanguine Pool with the boost of the Rylai's. But dont worry the math will do the work! Haunting Guise plus Rylai's give you a bonus of 700HP wich means that sanguine pool is hiting 70 more! Always remember to stay ll the time Sanguine Pool last below your enemy to maximize the dmg you deal.
Tides of blood its very important too! Always remember when harassing to combine Transfusion with Tides of Blood to burst the dmg you deal. Hemoplague is your best tool to finish your enemies, i've seen alot of newbie Vladimirs that only use ult to harass...BAD! specially on early game hemoplague its usseles if they dont have low hp.

Early game.

Start with a point on Transfusion and buy a Rejuvenation Bead or a Dorans Shield. Personally i like Rejuvenation Bead because Spirit Visage will be easier to buy if you are not having a good time. Take a lane and prepare yourself! With Vladimir, potions and recalling at early game are just usseles. If you are taking dmg from enemy champs just stay behind creeps and use Tranfusion to heal yourself for a while. Harass you enemy till they are low hp and then use sanguine pool to slow them, use Transfusion+Tides of Blood+Hemoplague(if needed) and he will fall without taking much dmg. if you use Hemoplague, use ignite to burst dmg, so if they use heal, ignite will take their hp and Hempoplague will finish you job!. After killing you enemy you have 3 choices:

1- Stay on your lane and kill minions to get lvl, Vladimir can heal himself using Transfusion so you dont need to recall to heal.
2- Go help a gank on top/bot, at early game lvling on mi should make this easy for you.
3- Go and buy Boots of Speed and Spirit Visage if you can.

Mid Game.

If thinks are working out well, you should be around lvl 7-11. Buy Haunting Guise and Sorcerer Shoes. Haunting Guise will make you a good harasser while Sorcerer Shoes will break down they magical resist. At this part of the game you should go around and help ganks or destroy turrets. Dont rush to much breacuse even with Transfusion you are Squishy! At the end of this part of the game you should get Needlessly Large Rod. Maybe you wonder why Needlessly Large Road instead of starting Rylai's first, well, the answer is simple! They give same Ability Power and Needlessly Large Rod its way more cheaper, i know Rylai's give 500HP but at this time of the game you dont need Sanguine Pool to fight, and if you are defending just use Transfusion to stay with full health.

Late Game

At this part of the game you should get Rylai's to burst the dmg of your skills and slow you enemies when you are atacking. If things are going well you wont be unkillable but they are gonna run of you for sure! Never rush alone, he really shines at fighting but alone hes another squishy vampire. Stay with your teams when pushing and you'll win for sure.

Well theres no more to say! Good luck and leave you comment :).

By Draknius.