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AP Yi Huge Nuker by Mevarex

Last updated on April 3, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Ok so this is my AP Master Yi. Build is simple and effective, if u are patient u can do solo lane with it and be sucessful on it.

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Items but also a little AllInOne

Ok so ap master yi always starts with doran ring. Why? Because it gives him some hp, ap and most important mp regen that should last for whole early game. After it you should build as much ap as possible to make your q as much usefull as it can be. So why not rabadon? It gives you huge ap boost on beggining (130ap + some % also to next items you will buy in the future). The only minus about it is its cost, you must play defensive and start q at near minions to be sure you wont get cought by some stuns or cages, support your teammates at team fights and hopefully you will score. Next item is rylai because it gives u most imporant thing about yi in later game, HP! Remember that you need it! If you dont like this item than replace it with rod of ages perhaps, i personally like it for its passive that becomes usefull while running away from enemy and ulti is on cooldowns. Ok now between those 2 items you should pick up some shoes, if you have no tanks against you or they are low i would pick up some cooldown boots, if there are tanks go for magic penetration. Its an item very usefull in mid game and its a must have later, on early game not so needed. Next item is morelo mostly to reduce cooldowns and give u higher mana regen. This is the item i always do the shortest time. If you dont like it try to replace with deathfire and shoot people with its active. The fifth item is lich bane for extra walking speed, some magic resist, more mana and its passive to deal additional damage. The last one is hourglass and its a real butt savior, it gives you up to 100ap so you end having it above 800, grants some armor and has this active that will make your enemy cry for trying to chase you.

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Team Work

This is very important to not get directly into the fight. You should stay outside waiting for q or ulti with e to strike. If you are doing the second one be sure flash is not on cooldown because when it will end you will have to go away and start healing and than start again with q. Thats also very important to hit r before doing q in teamfights as much as possible because if you get a kill with it turned on it will grant you off all cooldowns on all skills so you turn it on again and strike q twice in total. Damage dealt and the look of your enemy after this is priceless. If you have all 5 of them close and visual its always a won fight (just make sure you wont run out of mana when your cooldowns will get off).

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Thank you for reading my horrible english and i hope my tips will guide you to the victory. For more questions try to reach me on nordic servers on nick Mevarex.