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AP YI - unkillable nuisance

Last updated on April 6, 2011
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Please inform me of any errors because I might have forgot to finish a section, tell me ANY suggestions, have an open mind, and tell me why you disagree if you do. Thanks!

Think AP Yi sucks? You are partially right, but he is great at some things also. I will be going over the pros/cons later, but right now - put your griefing aside and stop having the "it is all ap yi's fault or all eve's fault" mentality. This mentality only arises from bad players. Don't hate on the champion hate on the players.

If you have GA with 3k hp you are as annoying as **** because they must focus you or 3k dmg will be taken per 6 seconds while yi can't get nuked and if you die you can come back up and meditate for all your hp.

Remember, this build is concentrated for him going mid. Side lanes should ONLY be taken if vlad/mord/nid are mid.

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Skill Sequence

It is very basic R>Q>W>E, E is only good for activating lich bane if you go that route, and E is also good at taking towers. If you are having hp problems (which hasn't happened to me), get w>q that level, but try to keep to q>w. R plus ghost makes you a ***** to gank.

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Item build

Usually I get two doran rings if I didn't have enough money for a blasting wand. You really don't need boots until you after you have the blasting wand, you should be able to harass the mid enough for them to not be able to force you to have to run. Plus you can just meditate. Getting Morello's tome is one of the fastest ways to get the cd you need and not have mana issues. If you had a good start with kills/minion kills you should get rod of ages, however, if this isn't the case, giant's belt should be after your sorcerer's shoes. If you had enough for rod of ages you can get rylai's next.

If you are going for better alpha striking get the deathcap, if you want the E burst for ganks/towerkills, get lichbane.

If you have the rylais and the rod of ages, get GA. You will see why when you come back from the grave, meditate and bam! you got your 3k hp back.

If they have nukes/strong Physical get the hourglass and USE IT WISELY, and don't be afraid to use it after your alpha.

If the enemy has nasty mages get the banshee's veil.

Lich bane chomps on towers and works well with E since you can alpha, Lich strike, R, Lich strike, E, lich strike, meditate, lich strike etc. Causing your single nuke to be substantial. I personally have stopped doing this because I group with premades for AP yi, however the lich bane might be better if you can't depend on your team.

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The usual mage build as listed; however, I have seen other AP Yis run with CDR (cooldown reduction) runes. I don't have those runes and I have not tested them yet.

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Pros / Cons

Meditate for 1.1k hp with 300 armor/magic resistance.
You hp will be around 3.1k.
You will deal about 3k dmg across enemy team every 6 secs.
Outlast in long fights
Awesome in team fights
Virtually ungankable
Great pusher
Kills buildings ALMOST as well as ad yi
Best at mid lane except against mord/vlad/nid
Can reach squishies in fight because his alpha usually hits their entire team.
Stuns/Silences/Knocks shut down meditate
Ignite can stunt your endurance
Can't kill tanks well late game.
Not good at assassinations, do NOT attempt to except as explained later.

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MID lane please :)

If mord/vlad/nid is not on the enemy team, go mid. If there is any other mid that can POSSIBLY shut his gayness down mid rather than the three I mentioned, I will put it here. Your techique should be simple, Q on a minion when enemy champion is in bouncing distance. If you can't see a unit alpha strike will not hit it even if you would have been able to bounce all the way to the unit.

Your job is primarily harassing, your alpha strike will "accidentally" give you your minion kills.

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Side lane :(

However, do not be over-aggressive, and tell your partner you are not initiating, you are merely harassing because a lot of times your partner will view your harass as a GO GO GO, and bad things will follow for a non-intentional full fight. You are there for endurance through time, not constant damage in a short battle.

As said before: If you can't see a unit alpha strike will not hit it even if you would have been able to bounce all the way to the unit.

As said before: Your job is primarily harassing, your alpha strike will "accidentally" give you your minion kills.

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Mana issues? No

And he has NO mana problems mid-endgame, beginning game mana problems are almost non-existent. Sure you will need to tele back, but it is same for everyone else. Teleport will allow you to tele back for the 1-2 times you need to recharge mana. This is NO problem.

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Team Work

You should inform your team of this like "I will go mid unless vlad/mord/nid are mid". The importance is to make sure YOUR TEAM is on the same page as you; they are not psychic. Another good thing to tell them is that you cannot be depended on for a gank, except for a teleport buttsecks as explained later.

Your teammates might not like the fact that all of your abilities get reset if you get the kill or have the appearance of KSing this is because people don't like champions that shine with KSing, however being able to back to back alpha after consecutive kills allows you to dominate team fights while extended fights make you **** in your pants because you just alpha striked for a kill, alpha striked again half a second later, another kill, alpha striked again another second later. You just dealed 300-600 to 3-5 people 4 times which can reach up to 12k damage in 3 secs while you couldn't be hurt. Katarina wishes she could do this. Now you tell me "this hardly happens this way." I agree with you; however, striking 5 people the first time 3 people the next time 2 people the next. Therefore, try to ks so you can ks even more adding up to tons of damage and keep on meditating and always me stupidly fast.

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Fast yi is fast - no gank for you

As I said in pros/cons, you are virtually ungankable. This is because you can ghost+ult for insane speed while all slows are ignored you can outrun rammus' powerball etc. I have left many fights with LOW LOW hp with lightning speed, wait till they give up chasing, meditate, sprint back into fight. They get frustrated because they thought you were done. Note: fear still works on your ult.

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Alpha strike - yes, i reached you

Before I talk about how his alpha strike is comparable to vlad's pool, I need to discuss the importance of using minions/pets to strike to the enemy champions. If you want to hard harass without getting hurt, do this because if you strike the enemy champions, you keep with your ORIGINAL target until alpha is completed, you should be already spam clicking to where you want to go or W for meditate.

As said before: If you can't see a unit alpha strike will not hit it even if you would have been able to bounce all the way to the unit.

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Alpha strike - yes the OP vlad pool

Like vlad (not being able to be targeted during his pool), yi can be under focus fire but then alpha strike. Use this to your advantage. While in a heated team fight, bam! yi is in another random spot. ALSO, YOU CAN AVOID SKILLSHOTS/ABILITIES THROUGH DOING THIS (especially karthus ult, so find a minion butt buddy and time the alpha strike to avoid the ult just like vlad). Not only is this OP like vlad's pool, it doesn't cost yi hp and alpha strike has lower CD.

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Meditate vs Tower

Does your team have low hp, but you aced your enemy and you have no minions for taking the tower blows? Meditate on the tower, you gain 300 armor so you HEAL HP while getting turret shots. I have done this many times. I also have meditated after a kill where i tower dived since I heal through the enemy champion's damage over times AND the turret. You can also tank the turret so your friends can rape the enemy AT THE TOWER.

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DO NOT FORGET TO ACTIVATE E WHEN ATTACKING A TOWER, this is one of the main source of your tower push domination. I have gotten 5 building kills in games through pushing with E on my own. And if the enemy's ganking champions are visible and not near your tower activate R, or if you are almost at the point where they start heading up to you, activate R do a handful of swings then get out. Your advantage is outlasting and repetition. Master yi accidentally takes towers down by clearing waves with Q making his minions kill the tower for him. Play passively until the enemy is low then try going for tower unless you are confident with the dive. CHECK THEIR SUMMONER SPELLS FIRST! You don't want them to heal at the last second denying you your food.

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Mundo ult vs meditate

If they already burned their interrupts and you heal full hp better than MUNDO with even LESS CD than mundo because the heal also provides armor/mr. The only thing that makes mundo's ult compete with master yi is that master yi has to stay stationary. Uncommon? No if you are smart you learn your enemies' interrupts so you can extend/bait and then tank the 5 people WHILE healing. I have MANY times turned the entire game around by doing this.

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Teleport has many uses:
1: Stopping tower pushes
Everyone knows this, I don't need to explain. You teleport in when that lane needs help defending the tower.
2: Ganking
Stop laughing and just CONSIDER this because this has NEVER gone bad for me; only good.
This is how this goes down: you notice another lane is taking heat, the enemy went past your minions to kill your MED-LOW hp allies when they have either 1 champ advantage for the gank or they have somewhat higher hp/mana than your allies. You teleport in, surprise buttsecks, it has never gone wrong, the worst thing that can happen is you waste your tele because your allies got lucky and got a kill, you can't do enough damage and they escape with almost no hp or you scare them away and you prevent the gank.
3: Tower tanking/pushing
This requires explanation, you teleport to your minion that is getting his by the enemy tower causing the minion to be invincible while the teleport is going down. This blocks 3-4 or so tower shots depending on how close the the invulnerable was to the next shot, meaning that you want to wait until JUST before the shot hits the minion. Excellent way of helping a push a lane with friends, or just by yourself. Don't do it if you are already at the tower btw lol.

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Duo mid - read before you facepalm

I will get a lot of flack for this but this is why I put this near the end, but duo mid with ap yi has ALWAYS worked for me because the enemy mid can never get any minion kills, I always see them with around 6-10 minion kills at around 14 mins. This is because if you have lets say, cait with her disgusting Q and your annoying Q, your harass will be unstoppable. I have yet to go duo mid without getting the mid killed. Also it makes it so they can't gank us. For them to gank they have to cross all the way over from bot to top unless it is a jungler which usually attempts to save his friend mid rather than being able to try for ganks.

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Endgame sucks for AP yi?

Not really, 3k-4k hp with a 1k-1.5k heal+armor/mr with GA while going invulnerable and changing locations every 5-7 secs while dealing 2k-4k damage across their team, taking towers down fast AND running away with lightning fast speed. That is a bad endgame? Sorry, I am unfamiliar with your standards.

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If you want to see it in action, add me im ashqelon, I use vent/skype.