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Kayle Build Guide by CaterpillarCake

APish Kayle

By CaterpillarCake | Updated on November 13, 2012

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(Red)Marks Options:
Attack Speed - What I usually use.
Hybrid Pen
Magic Pen

(Yellow)Seal Options:
Armor - What I usually use.
Health/level - Not a bad choice. Will have more of an affect than armor in the laning phase when facing AP.
Gold - They have an AP mid, AP jungle, an AP top, and an AP support? Maybe consider this, for the first 15-20 minutes you will probably not see their ADC.

(Blue)Glyph Options:
Magic Resist Flat - What I usually use.
Magic Resist/level - If the enemy laner is AP you probably want flat. But if they are ad, by all means, take per level.

Quint Options:
Movement Speed - What I usually use.
Attack Speed - Kayle scales ridiculously well with attack speed. If you don't want(or don't have) the movement speed quints take these!
Hybrid Pen - In all honesty I don't know how good these quints are. And I'm not sure how well the flat penetration scales with the % penetration from Kayle's passive.
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You have a lot of options in masteries.

Obviously take the mastery that boosts your summoner if you have an offensive summoner.

I prefer the 3 AD over the 3 AP even though you will be going for an APish build. It will help you last hit and will frankly deal better damage early on than 3 AP.

Get both % penetrations. This will give you up to 25% from just your passive and masteries for both magic and armor pen.

You want executioner because it stacks very well with your Q. Take whatever you want to get you to this mastery. I like the lifesteal for sustain.

The 6 MR if you are facing an AP character is great. If you are facing an AD character obviously take armor.
You can take both the armor and the MR if you want to skimp on the utility tree.

The big point here is the movement speed.
If you skimped on the defense tree you can take a couple points into mana regen too which is nice.
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Boots + 3 Pots. Always. Unless you are going to be fighting someone like talon.

Boots Options:
Attack Speed - Kayle Scales really well with AS.
Magic Pen - Its decent but I usually take attack speed.
Tenacity - This + Wit's End will make an AP champ cry.

First Major Purchase:
You probably went home before you got enough for a top tier item. Look at what you need. Magic Resist? Attack Speed? AP? Cooldown? Armor? Health? Play Kayle enough and you will start to be able to tell when it is better to have what.

Wit's End
I often like to build Wit's End first against AP champions.

Nashor's Tooth
This in combination with Guinsoo's is really strong. The CDR from Nashor's and Blue will give you 40%. Allowing you to always be ranged and spam heals and Q's like a madman. This item is a must. AP Kayle is very much geared towards dominating mid game. The cheaper, more cost efficient items ensure you will do this.

Guinsoo's Rageblade
You can build Blasting Wand first for strong Qpoke and heals. Once you have this you should dominate mid game. (I generally recommend Rageblade as a 2nd or 3rd item)

This is a good item, but I generally don't build it.
The reason for this is that until Kayle can get a couple item's under her belt, she is not really doing all that much magic damage.
In a normal lane trade, you are probably only going to get 1 Q off and 0-4 auto attacks. Keep in mind that you are maxing Q first so if you Q first you are not getting any of the magic penetration from Malady. And if you are maxing Q first you are not getting a whole lot of magic damage from E.
Also if you build Wit's End and Malady as your first two items, your Q damage will suffer from not enough AP.
HOWEVER, THIS IS NOT A BAD ITEM. There is a time and place for this item. Melee top laner getting MR? Does your team has plenty of CC and lots of magic damage? This item IS cheap and it is GOOD. 24 MR reduction is nothing to scoff at. Abyssal costs more and only gives 20 MR reduction.
In some cases Malady can be a good 2nd item.

Hextech Gunblade
The spell vamp and lifesteal from this item is incredible with kayle.
The active is awesome, letting you chase longer after you Q.
This is a good 3rd or 4th item if you are doing well.
Do NOT consider this item if you are doing poorly.
If you buy this item, you MUST learn to use its active.
League of Legends Build Guide Author CaterpillarCake
CaterpillarCake Kayle Guide

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APish Kayle