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ARAM: Evelynn AP Build

Last updated on April 23, 2015
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First guide, sorry now if the format sucks. I decided to make this on a whim instead of studying (hooray for procrastination!). I play a lot of ARAM since they're short, and I wanted to make a guide for one of my favorite champs, Evelynn. She's extremely hard to escape from and I love her for it. I think she is vastly underrated in ARAM and deserves a bit more respect.

I am unranked and have never done ranked before. Semi-often I'll play with a guy thats gold (previously plat or something) and get some higher-ranked opponents. This guide is probably more helpful for people on the lower skill end.

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I wrote a lot on the items, but it got deleted so I'm gonna try and put it here.

Rod of Ages/Catalyst is for early sustain. You're not gonna be killing anyone 1v1, but you should be able to sneak in some poke to help teammates, and possibly get in some finishes. Catalyst and HP pots allow you to be a little more ballsy with your hp (HP/Mana per level, pots are obvious). If your first death is around 6, you should have enough for a early Rod, which will be important for diving those pesky back line pokers (adc's, Vel'koz, Xerath, etc).

The next items are just awesome. Sheen is obvious with Hate Spike. Hextech gives you everything you want; the active even slows. Ludens and Lich Bane are sweet too; both give movement speed on top of the other unique abilities to stick to people trying to flee.

Boots are needed, obviously. Get them when you can, kinda depends on how much gold you have on death.

Last item is defense. I like Visage for its everything. Sunfire or Randuin's against AD heavy teams. I don't like banshee's veil much, but if hey have a lot of crucial skillshots that you can't seem to dodge, grab it. I put in Abyssal because its just very useful. You already have decent Rod HP, so if you don't need more grab this over Visage. Its aura will always be in effect when you attack (you're Eve, right next to them), and it puts you at 430 AP (thus above 400, and you get another %HP added to your ultimate).

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General Things

1) Don't get caught out of position. In most cases, don't tower-dive. It doesn't matter if they have a low-hp adc in the back, you can just kill them next teamfight and laugh as they play passively until then.

2) Bait. Your ult is the ultimate (heh) bait tool, especially on ARAM. I've had it been extremely effective

3) Speaking of your ult, its awesome-er here. You can almost always get 3 champs at a minimum with it. Use it at the beginning since it does %current HP.

4) Farm. Don't be afraid to break invisibility to farm. They know generally where you are anyways.

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Ignite/Exhaust - wtf??

I always take these. Secure kills with ignite, catch a bursty enemy out of position with exhaust. The only other spell I advocate is Clarity, because it gives mana to all champs (many champs go oom quick, even with chalice or the like). Flash is acceptable only if used offensively (Annie Flash-stun, Ahri Flash-Charm, etc), but many players use it as a panic button so I don't think its worth it.

No heal? - heals you and 1 allies, slight move speed boost. heal on ally is nerfed cuz aram. Not worth it to me

Ghost is just meh.

Smite - would maybeeeeee be viable with Skirmishers-->Devouring, but that doesn't exist here.

Barrier - can be used for bait so maybe, but I wouldn't take it over ignite/exhaust.

TP is just no.

Cleanse I've never seen used. Since you don't know if they enemy team will have heavy cc until the game starts, I'd say its a risky choice.

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Your Job

Your job is to dive the enemy back line. This can be done off either team's initiation pretty easily, especially if you start invisible. Bear in mind you may not always get a kill. However, if you chase back the two or three people on their back line, that gives your team a 4v3 or 4v2 against the enemy initiators. With this build you have little armor, so its best to only take 1 or 2 hits from turret if you're intent on diving. If they're far enough back, you can easily run back and help your team get two kills on the other part of the enemy team (and remember, get that assist gold!).

When you dive make sure your team is in a position that they can follow-up; its very possible you could just get crammed in the middle of all 5 enemies while your team retreats. Basically just know your team and what they can and will do.

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This is personally how I ARAM with Eve when I build her AP. I've had pretty good success with it; you have a slow start, but once you get Rod of Ages (if the game is ~even) and your next item you start becoming a real threat.

I'd say this is not as effective if the other team is super-tanky, you might wanna reconsider your life choices and pull the liandry-rylai, maybe bork and some tanky.


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