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League of Legends Build Guide Author TelosXIV


TelosXIV Last updated on June 28, 2011
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So I was up one night thinking, hmmm, how could I make a support into a carry, or a carry into a tank? But then I thought, why would you want to? And then it hit me, ARAM (that's all random all middle for those of you who don't know)! Now don't yell at me for making a bad guide if this goes sour. This guide is a test to see if my idea works. I am in no way a master LoL expert but I do believe in my creative powers. Also I'd like to inform you of something, I DO NOT recommend this guide be used as a common occurrence. This was just a fun idea I had to help people if they get stuck with no carry or tank in ARAM.

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First Champ: Soraka, the Surprise Carry (Caraka)

Okay, so Soraka was my first thought for it thinking "Man I wish my Carry could heal themselves." Ladies and Gentlemen my wish has come true. Soraka came to the stage stunning me with her powerful heal and her mana regen. Now of course Soraka's heal scales with AP so you would think I would make her into a mage right? WRONG. Soraka may need the ability power, but she has no damage spells(Star call has **** scaling so I dont count it. Plus a really bad targeting system.) So I looked to Ashe and Garen guides to help me find how to make her great. What I took from the two of them was A. AS is very important and B. CC can help a carry save the day or catch their pray. I therefore present to you Caraka (Carry + Soraka, kinda like Lanewick[Lane + Warwick])
Skill sequence!
Soraka's ability you want to focus is her heal. Max it out ASAP but make sure to get her other abilities too.
You may notice I took her build up through Utility but didn't get the final. That's because in ARAM you can't jungle, if you're going to use this in a regular game, let mercy be had on your soul, but you should get the final point in utility, not in greed. Greed is good for ARAM because if you manage to die somehow, you'll have quite the bit of money. Also the (% cooldown reduction isn't to bad.
Soraka lacks a few key natural talents most Ranged DPS Carries have, AS, AD ect. So i put it in her runes. I also gave her some magic resist and speed for defense. If you are ARAMing it, you should only be hit by magic spells unless theres another ranged carry, and if you start to lose the team fight, you run.
Item Build
The item build is designed to be AD heavy with some Life Steal and slowing effects. Get it in that order or get Banshee's earlier if you need, otherwise you'll be fine. Frozen Hammer is also a must, this little CC item will help kill fleeing enemies, or help you pick them off as they flee you.
Summoner Spells
Take Ghost and Exhaust, it helps to run and chase.
Unlocking Soraka's inner potential has been a fun time for me, please leave feedback for those of you who are daring enough to try it! As for the other AD Soraka builds, this one is more team oriented, and with its more reduced cool downs, seem to have a little more chances of surviving ganks. Also remember this build is only if you're stuck in ARAM with like 2 tanks and three supports, otherwise build her into support like she is made to be.

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Second Champ: Ryze, from Nuke to Carry

So today I was playing a game with a **** ton of lag (7800 or so) most of the game so I couldn't do much with my Ryze but auto attack. So rather than trying to do a traditional Ryze I went with a bunch of AD items and to be honest he did some pretty okay damage so I decided to make an entry on here. Now I may get the argument that "Ryze is already a Magi Carry" WRONG! Ryze is and will be a Nuke. The closest he will ever come to team playing is using rune prison to get enemy kills. A good Ryze can flash/teleport in at the right time and eat a weak champion alive. This Ryze, however, is made to use his Rune prison to hold down his enemies and lightning attack the **** out of them. Again, remember, this build is not good for regualr 5v5s. Ryze is excellent at what he does so if you can let him do it. This build is for ARAM as I have said before and this situation is when you have 5 characters that are Magic Damage. Enjoy.
Skill Sequence
Rune prison is the most helpful spell in Ryze's arsenal as an AD Carry. max it out as soon as you can. Overload will help later with cooldowns, and Spell Flux will help your hopelessly magic team. You're ultimate will be, sadly, almost completely useless in this scenario.
I took Spell penetration just so you could sneak in some damage with rune prison but thats it other than that I took the spells Soraka did for the same reasons.
Quint speeds for defense everything else is to maximize damage.
Item Build
Basic AD carry stuff except for the Manamune. I added that in just so Ryze could do damage with his spells.
Summoner Spells
Ghost and Exhaust for running and chasing.
Not much more to add, just remember Ryze's passive if you really need a hold. If your grasping for it try REQ for a cooldown. Also dont try to use this in a real game, it wont end well.


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