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League of Legends Build Guide Author irukazuchi

AS Lux (CD Goddess)

irukazuchi Last updated on June 7, 2011
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Lux Build

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We all know about Lux. She's on of the summoner's I would hardly call versatile just because the cooldown reductions on her skills are impossibly long. So I wanted to find a way to make her a more constant potent fire. What I see from most lux builds is the emphasis on pure ap power with the cd reduction boots. Personally I've always hated the build because once she shot her load off she was just pew pewing with piss poor dps till her cds were up. So I endevored to add a little more flexibility/usability to lux. I know we'd all love it if Lux's cd's could drop to like a four sec rotation but that'd be OP. So I got it down to around 6-7 secs.

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They're pretty usual. All Greater Seals of Fortitude, all Greater Glyphs of Potency, and Greater Marks of Insight.

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    Archmages's Savvy (3)
    Sorcery (4)
    Archaic Knowledge

    Good Hands
    Perserverence (3)
    Expanded Mind (4)
    Awareness (2)
    Meditation (3)
    Quickness (3)
    Blink of an Eye
    Intelligence (3)
    Presence of the Master

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Here is where I differ from everyone else. At least I haven't done research on this build and thought about it while I was playing a match.

Sword of the Divine
Sorcerer's Boots
Mejai's Soulstealer
Nashor's Tooth

My emphasis was I wanted the cd reduction without sacrificing the sting of using sorcerer's +20 magic pen. So Nashor's Tooth was great because it gave me awesome +50% AS while adding +55 ability power +10 mana regen per 5 AND reducing my abilities by 25%!

I immediately went for mejai's soulstealer after I bought basic boots for 350. I play conservative enough that I can hold stacks and know when to be aggressive to snatch even more stacks. (I piss some people off for a KS or two but it was questionable....)

Sword of the Divine for further AS making lux atk speed over 1.5 I believe with +60% AS and 100 magic dmg per 4 atks. So I made up for some lack of better ap items with pew pew hits.

Manamune for the extra mana, a little more mana regen, and to add some atk dmg to my passive atks. Critical because I substituted malady for a rylais.

Using rylais, I gained enough ap to sit somewhere around 300-400 ap. And you can imagine the beauty of slowing your opponents with such force while either kiting or being aggressive with abilities.

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So you've gotten a good summary from my items but I'll just re-iterate a bit and add some more. I sat at around 300-400 ap. (Don't quote me on the ap *could be higher* since I didn't use rylais in that match. I'm about to test rylais). In terms of AD dmg I sat somewhere around 200+ AD, with a 1.5+ atk speed. YES, this is a completely hybrid build and I know there's probably one out there but this is MINE. I thought of this so don't go accusing me of being copy cat....thought of this on the fly while playing.

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Pros / Cons

Pro: is that Lux is known as a squishy because her hp just doesn't scale that well. She's an ap powerhouse and ofc a great support. I say this is a pro because I took away her squishiness somewhat by adding rylais to give a serious hp boost while creating a slowing effect for all her atks. So I'd say that her survivability has increased well.

Pro: is that with such a high attack speed in combination with a nice cd reduction, you can keep up the attack on even a tank and chew through hp. Lux vs squishies is no contest as they have no resist just like Lux. BUT, lux will have the stun, double slow, and kite factor to keep her ahead of curb. (I was like a ranged xin.)

Con: No lifesteal. I live by a rule that being able to heal yourself in the heat of battle of is a godsend since as Olaf proves. You can live on 200 hp if you have enough AS, AD dmg, and lifesteal. Lux has her shield but its not like it will soak much dmg.

Con: No resists. So even with rylai's, Lux is still very squishy so it's best to not go barreling in like a tank thinking you'll survive an attack from even two enemy champs. You'd have to be VERY good and knowing how to handle both to take them both down. xD (ofc I can do this but, it doesn't work all the time. Especially if one is say a ap/stun/tank like alistar)

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This is the last thing I'll speak on. You SHOULD ALWAYS try to last hit, that way you're more in control of your gold gain and the lane. However, everyone gets a little lazy and we know that champs with much attack speed will farm better than one who's atk's come at .6+ - .9 interval. So I'm I've improved the lazy farm technique xD. ENJOY.