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Ash - Gank Build. ( Tested )

Last updated on May 14, 2010
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Gazz Hoy

Ashe Build

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I know their are a heap of Ashe guides but seriously have you looked at what they make you do. It takes like half a game to get your first item, Its all biased on theory and 5 v 5 Games. From playing 3 v 3's its come to my attention that you cant always get these items.

This Build works well with a Master Yi Build which my friend Tye uses ( II Snook ) We will be posting the Build for him in the next week or so.

Early Game:
As soon as the game starts you want to be buying "Sapphire Christal".This gives you 200 Mana, This is essential for Ashe as she uses mana for "Volly" and "Frost Shot", In the early game you will only be using these, NOTE: Only use frost shot when attacking an enemy champion.

At the start of the game i wouldn't suggest going for first blood on your own, unless you have played the build for a bit. In a 3 v 3 their is always the "Gank" at the bottom on the map, this is a great way for you and your team to get a quick start, because you chose "Volly" as your first ability as it has a slowing method. Plus u can attack several targets at once, essentially slowing the whole enemy team making it easy for your team mates to deal a huge amount of damage in a short period of time, "Volly" can also save you and your team mates at the start of the game, allowing you and your team mates to get behind your turret without an enemy on their tail. After the first "Gank" you will be wanting to harass the enemy to keep their levels down and in the end out rank them.

The next item you want to buy is "Catalyst the Protector" This item gives 290 Hp 325 Mana and 300 Hp + 250 Mana per level. Which i find extremely helpful, as you don't need to go back as much to heal or get more mana essentially almost tippling your time in a lane.

In the first 5-7 min's you want to have at least made about 1700-2500gold, an easy way to do this is just one hitting enemy minions this will take some practice but in time you will find it easy to farm gold with Ashe. In the guide i don't say to buy any potions because i don't find it necessary. When you get hurt just go back to base and heal up, while your their check how much more you need for you next item.

The next item you will be wanting to buy is the "Berserker's Greaves". These boots are a type 2 movement speed and also give 20% attack speed with is very helpful for Ashe.

Mid Game:
Now as we enter the mid game, you will be wanting to have at least a kill or 2 if not a few assists, in the early game you are more of a support unit, plus constantly harassing the enemy team to keep their levels down. Which is one of Ashes great talents. This is the part where you break away from being that assist player and start taking control of the game, up until now you have only had minimal +AP and +ATT Speed.

You will want to be buying these items, i find in this order they work the best.
- Recurve Bow |
:Make into: |
- Last Whisper |

- Make Catalyst the Protector into
Banshee's Veil

- Recurve Bow |
:Make into: |
- Nashor's Tooth |

End Game:
In the end game you should have 5 - 20 kills and under 2 or 3 deaths. Ash is relatively easy to stay alive with, the only time i die is if i make a stupid decision or if i get 3 man "Ganked".

This brings us to our end game items, these items will seal the game for you increasing your "Crit Chance" as well as your "ATT Speed".

- Zeal |
:Make into: |
- Phantom Dancer |

- B.F. Sword |
:Make into: |
- Infinity Edge |

Thanks you using my Build my in game name is "Gazz Hoy" Add me if you got any questions and yes i realize i didn't put a runes recommendation. and that would be because i haven't got my runes for Ashe yet, but please feel free to let me know what works for you.

Thanks ( Comment and Rate )