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Ashe Build Guide by Ragnar456789

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ragnar456789


Ragnar456789 Last updated on July 12, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is just how I usually build my Ashe and I am looking for suggestions on it as well as seeing what people think of it. I can do decent with it depending on how early game goes and if I make sure to not get too agressive.

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My rune set is for getting my Attack dmg up as I level so I can get it as high as possible at 18. I also have some to increase my attack speed some as well to get it as close to 2 as possible. I do not go for the armor penetration ones like most since the mastery I have gives me 10% and I can get black cleaver later if need be to lessen peoples armour.

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My masteries maing focus on attack damage and speed like my runes but I did not put any in the mastery Havoc since it does not seem to give me enough and instead put points into armour, magic resist, health and health regen to make me a lil tougher early in the game so I could try to stay in the lane longer.

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I grab dorians blade first for the dmg, life steal, and health then usually go mid lane unless someone else wants it. With the blade I try to stay in the lane untill i get enough money to buy at least beserker greaves next. After that I save up for another blade. Then I will grab a zeal to give me more of a boost to movement speed, att speed, and crit. BF sword sometimes takes a little while but after getting that things get a little easier depending on the enemy champs. From there I make the zeal a phantom dancer and try to go for another BF sword. I will change a BF sword in to an infinity Edge first for the higher base dmg, more crit dmg, and more crit. after that I prefer to get enough money for another zeal and sell a dorians blade to free the space for it. After the Zeal I make my other BF sword a blood thirstir and will work on making the zeal a phantom dancer. I sell my last dorian blade for a BF sword and make that a blood thirster as well and keep the boots usually unless I see a reason to sell them for the black cleaver for the dmg increase since with the phantom dancers my speed is around 390 if i remember correctly

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Skill Sequence

I think volley is great early game since I focus on AD and thats what is added to the volley dmg. I can harrass peple early on with it and usually keep the mid lane in good shape early game. With frost shot added to volley it allows me the chance to kill enemy champs that go to far from their towers by hitting them with the dmg from volley and slowing them. I also toggle on frost arrow and just hammer away at them which they will either run or die usually unless I get ganked by a jungler but I try to be carefull and pay attention to all MIAs. hawkshot is nice to find people and the passive helps a little bit since all gold is helpful in this build. I do not care for the ulti since its dmg comes from ability power which I have none so I use it to last hit people that are running away and almost dead. To stun people that are running away so I or team mates can catch up and kill them, slow down an enemey so people can escape or so i can escape. stuff like that is my reason to use it.

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Summoner Spells

Because Ashe is so squishy I use ghost to run away if I am unconfident I could live in the fight such as I am pushing and all of a sudden get ganked then I try to ghost and run back to the tower if I can and it is the same with flash I will try to flash away to get some distance and continue to run.

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I can do pretty well in games with this build but I am sure if I played more and got more used to things and controlled how aggressive I get I could do better but I can usually lay waste to most champions and take their heath down fast since every hit is a crit almost and I can take out the Baron monster in the 5v5 map alone if I make sure to move before he knocks me in the air.

Any suggestions or thoughs are apreciated I do nto play a lot just in my free time so dont flame too much since I think I am going away from some of the other ashe builds I have seen. I just want to see what people think about it and perhaps give the build a try and see how fast you can take out some champs