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Ashe Build Guide by ForsakenDesire

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ForsakenDesire


ForsakenDesire Last updated on January 26, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello fellow summoners! I'm currently unranked for the new season as my internet has been having issues so i'm afraid to go into ranked but I was a silver 4 player last season (it was my first time doing ranked play). I have played league for around 3 years now and my account doesn't show it because it's been on/off play until recently. This Ashe build focuses mostly on Ashe's ability to kite. I'll explain more further on.

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The runes I've chosen are just the standard ADC runes being flat AD reds flat Armor yellows scaling/flat MR glyphs and AS quints.

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Pros / Cons

Ashe's pros are that she has a slow (increased by this build) with her q
Her w is an AoE slow that is great for early wave clear and harass
E is a major part of this build as it gives 3g per unit kill
R if aimed correctly has the possibility to turn team fights, gank, and get that 360 MLG no scope from across the map ;)

Ashe's cons are that she's super squishy... this build does sacrifice a lot of defensive options for more utility if focused you will almost surely die in seconds

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I would like to thank C9 Sneaky for the masteries even though they are pretty standard around ADCs but since i'm a C9 fan boy well I turn to them for info :)

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Creeping / Jungling

This build will require you to have good CS at the start you can be as aggressive as you want as long as you don't miss a ton of CS but once you start getting your items flowing it will matter less and less as your farm becomes easier to obtain and your harass potential sky rockets :D

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Now for the juicy part!
Your starting items are standard so not much to say except if you really need to you can get a 2nd Doran's Blade
Avarice Blade and Vampiric Scepter with these 2 items you now get +5g per unit kill as well as the +3g per 10 which adds up and you have the sustain to buy less pots and focus on wards
Hurricane, Essence Reaver, IE are all the 3 items that you really need for this build since Hurricane allows you to spread your Q around and farm easily, Essence Reaver allows you to never run out of mana at key moments, IE is just an amazing item with Ashe's passive which gives you a guaranteed crit :D
GA, Banshee, and Randuin's are your defensive choices GA is my personal choice that allows you to survive team fights, Banshee is versus heavy AP team comps, Randuin's is versus heavy AD team comps
Boots well ADC kinda want the AS so greaves are the best choice and if you can build early t3 enchants (Homeguard ofc) you can get around faster which means you'll lose less gold

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Team Work

In team fights you become a key player! Turn your q on and face roll your w and r since Shiv and Hurricane will proc a lot and pass around your slow and burst you should be able to easily win team fights with good positioning and chained CC

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Skill Sequence

Once again I turned to Sneaky for the skills and imo they work rather well in the order they have optimizing your harass potential till you can get the ability to pull in massive amounts of cash

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Depending on your lane partner you could go for barrier but a standard heal/flash combo works just as well for most match ups

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Its not fancy since I don't know much about coding but i'm going to learn and update this the best I can as i go along but any feedback would be greatly appreciated but till then enjoy playing Ashe facerolling the entire enemy team :) and feel free to add me @ForsakenDesire
and i'll gladly play with you :D