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Ashe - Attack Damage/Speed > Kiting

Last updated on June 7, 2011
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Ashe Build

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This Ashe Guide is based of my experience playing Ashe, so i tested many builds which always were based on Boots of Swiftness - In my opinion this is senseless. Due to the possibility to scale some movement speed per runes and masteries, which are also scaling some of your summoner spells like Flash and Ghost you wont need those boots. In this guide i want to explain my standard build, which is mostly based on Attack Damage and Attack Speed for carrying your team in the late game while dealing a recent amount of damage.

Ashe is a very good champion, on the one hand she gives you the possibility to control the croud by her ulti, so you can easily pick out one champion by giving your team a focus through your ultimate, on the other hand you can easily deal damage to targets based on your great amount of Attack Damage and Attack Speed.

Even Ashe is a champion, which i would recommend to learn as one of the first ones. By carrying with Ashe you learn the game faster than with others, so you can easily understand when you should engage, when you can chase and when you better should play defensive because you are mostly responsible in teams actions. I think many people would disagree with me in that point, but i would give the advise to those, that you have all abilitys on this character which in some actions force your team to attack or defend such as your ultimate. Because you are a bit squishy, you even learn what you are able to do and what you should not do in the next time - Through those dangers you should get the most experience.

Anyways, i dont want to tell you a long story, i just want to convince you in starting to play Ashe as specific carry, because i think you learn the most out of it, and you are able to aim at successes which wont make you giving up as fast.

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Pro's & Con's

Pro playing Ashe

[*] Ashe is a champion, which is easy to learn at the start
[*] In the late game Ashe deals a great amount of damage
[*] You can easily slow enemys through your volley and your frost shots
[*] Chasing is easy through your slow
[*] Ashe is a very great farmer, you can easily get your equip by pushing lanes
[*] In the early game Ashe is a great ganking possibility due to slows and Ulti

Con playing Ashe

[*] Ashe is a very squishy champion, which could end frustrating
[*] This character is often a main focus of the enemy team
[*] Enemy teams often build armor very early to counter your advantages

I think this part should be selfexplaining but i want to drop some words on this. A carry is a champion, which should take his team to the win. To do that, you should be able to deal a great amount of damage so that you can easily take down specific targets. That is in my opinion one of the most important points: When you finished your build and your damage is great, your job is to focus the right persons in team fights. And under the right focus i understand to take down the most recent damage dealers in the enemy team to avoid a death in your own.

I want to keep you this fact in mind because you will need it in the late game. When your team engaged, however this could even happened through your ultimate, you should ensure to kill those damage dealers.