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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Ashe, Beginners Guide

Last updated on September 5, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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First and foremost, I use this build for This build doesnt apply for all Ranged AD Carries but the goal as a Ranged AD Carry is the same for every champion.

As an ADC, you should be going botlane with a support. Your starting items should be based on who your support is. For example:
- If you lane with sustain supports like or , grab a for early damage. Otherwise go for and 3 .

Note: The items will not be the same for every game. Adapt to your opponent's build.

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Pros / Cons

-Infinite slows and kiting ability with
-Global stun with
-High damage output if itemized

-Item dependent
-Slow starting movespeed (300)
-Skill shot ult

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-As any AD (attack damage) carry, farming is very essential. Sure, killing an enemy is worth 300-600 gold, but if you constantly farm, you can gain 100-300 gold per wave. Many high level players focus on farming instead of worrying about kills. Farming creeps is the most reliable income, so don't ignore it. Sometime, when you have an aggressive support such as, or , kills are easy to get, so utilize their abilites to your advantage.

-By level 7, you should have enough gold for a B.F. sword. If not, grab two since they provide sustain and damage.

But Imagine you are in this following scenario:

The game started and its around 4:00 in, you started with and 3x
You are level 6 and already got a double kill and have a nice amount of gold. so on your second trip you have about 1800 gold, at this point FORGET THE AND BUY A And rush Infinity Edge Always remember that it never huts to buy a couple of if you have a little extra gold since they are cheap and can allow you to stay in lane longer and get more farm.*REMEMBER* Your goal is to get as much farm as possible so stay in lane as LONG AS POSSIBLE without giving the enemy team a free kill.

However, If you aren't really doing that great and you are pretty well even with the enemy ad carry in creep kills, Follow your build and buy the doran's blades
Then once you get your Infinity Edge You can start being more aggressive

-In teamfights, you want to stay away from the main crowd, and dish out damage with auto attacks as your tanks tank the frontlines. is a great AD carry because of her ultimate, . Fire off her ult as an initiation, then let your team follow up as you stay in the back and fight.

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Begin with either or [item=boots of speed] and 3 according to who your support is.

for the damage.It is your MAIN source of damage because of the Incredible 250% crit damage
ENHANCES your dps because of the ridiculous attack speed and the insane crit. Movement speed is just a bonus. Also, the more auto attacks you get out, the more effective your slow from is.
POWERS your Infinity Edge because of the +100 Attack damage once you get it stacked. Plus it gives you life steal which helps sustain your life obviously.

for attack speed, or for movespeed.
I've seen some Ashe players build teir 3 boots for the movespeed considering she is incredibly
slow, but I don't think it is necessary once she gets her .
, ,or against heavy armored opponents.
guardian's angel is a great item to have, because it reduced the amount of focus towards you, and gives you a chance to clean up a team fight.
is also great for bursty AP champions like or .

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Final Tips

As one common mistake is that people keep their toggled on CONSTANTLY. Do not do that. Only toggle when you are Chasing and are running from an enemy champion.

Do not waste to escape from a that is right on top of you and is guaranteed to kill you no matter what. Save it for team fights. is one of those ultimate's that can completely change the outcome of a team fight for better or for worse.

Don't be hesitant to use to check a bush before you enter or check for a gank, this move can save your life, your team mates, Uncover an enemy team taking Baron/Dragon. It has many uses.

TIP: When chasing an enemy champion launch a bit in front of them so you don't lose them, maybe even uncover an enemy team mate about to counter gank you.

while this is your bread and butter as don't over spam it, it will DRAIN your mana and can mess up a gank just because you had no mana to use your Enchanted Crystal Arrow.