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Ashe Carry on!

Last updated on May 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Always start off with a Regrowth's pendant, it let's u lane easily untill lvl 8-9 if ur not getting ganked, or harresed to much. by the time you are 8-9 u should have anywhere near 2k gold. go back to spawn and upgrade it to a philo stone and get the boots of swiftness. i get these instead of berserker's cause i find ashe often being focussed and since most have 2 speed boots, this allows you to have a small edge on them for kiting. if u have some money left either buy a vision ward for mid lane bushes or move to the next item. Then the main thing of the build wich makes ashe shine. Infinity's edge start with whatever u can buy first next time u goto spawn. autoattacks at this point on none tanks will crit for 300-400 dmg.
next is the phantom dancer this one is just an overall upgrade on everything important, speed aspeed and crit chance. finally get the black cleaver for that extra dmg and even more speed, aswell as a passive armor pen. normally this armor pen will do fine but if u run into a tank heavy group, get a last whisper first then a black cleaver. If it's not tank heavy get the cleaver and skip the last whisper for a banshee's veil if if's AP heavy team, or a starks favor to buff the team. lastly u can upgrade ur philo stone into shurelya's reverie. at this point in the game you no longer need a cash flow, and the CD reduction makes your Ulti come up every minute. and the active is very nice for a tactical team retreat while pushing that extra tower.

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Team Work

Ashe makes a solid mid laner wich is always nice to have in a team. But what i think ashe is best used for is constant AOE harresment with volley, slowing down targets and Ofc your ultimate, wich is a awsome none tank team fight engager.

Early game:
always ask for mid lane, due to a high priced itemset you will wanna get lots of gold early on.
harres with volley but dont waste your mana, use your clarity early and makes sure you're clarity is off cooldown by the time u hit 6 cause u will need mana for that ulti and hopefully first lane kill.
let him push you back to the tower, get a few more feet ranged and ulti him, hopefully in range of the turret, if not just chase him down with your frost shot and auto attack and volley whenever its off CD.

Mid game:
I always make sure i'am part of every team fight, volley id a great skill to get plenty of assists = lots of extra money. use your Ulti to stun squishys, or nukers whenever a teamfight starts this allows your team to nuke them down. Don't be afraid to use it.
with clarity you will hardly have mana issues unles u let frost arrow on all the time. ask your team if u can get the bluebuff, if not, get your enemy's blue buff by waiting in the near bushes and steal it once its low hp. remember your next hit after a while often crits, so u can take a good chunk of the golem's HP wich makes a good timed steal awsome.

Late game:
same as mid game but keep in mind, you should have plenty of gold from solo laning + the pendant and many assists so at this point u can start to really do loads of dmg, stay on the edge of the fight cause they will focus you, but keep shotting those arrows and volley's as your damage is of great value.