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Ashe - Firing arrows since 1980s

Last updated on November 20, 2011
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Welcome to my Ashe build hopefully you will learn a thing or two about Ashe. Ashe is one of my favourite characters because of her ability to get kills or save team mates. This makes her an extremely strong dps if you can play her right. Will go over why i choose what i choose and then some items then tips and tricks

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For my runes i like to take the armour penetration on all my dps range carries it helps a lot later in the game when those big buff bruisers have a lot of armour. I take dodge runes because that helps you in some situations sometimes i will have around 10 hp and someone will hit me but because of my dodge runes i dodged the killing blow. It has happened many times to me. I like to take magic resist too because that keeps the harass low from any support you will be facing bottom like Sona or Janna

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I have played around with a lot of builds but i noticed this build can keep me going with great amount of damage and is SUPER easy to farm with the lantern. In the start i will either take boots + 3 potions or dorans blade. When i have a good support character i will usually take dorans blade making it easier to farm for me but if don't know my support in bottom lane i suggest taking boots and 3 potions it usually will keep you out of trouble.

After farming for abit you should have enough gold to upgrade to Bezerker greaves and maybe get a dorans blade while your there. In mid game you want to aim for getting a lantern which helps you bottom lane huge. The lantern gives you awesome life steal and you can also keep a ward in river at all times to make sure your not getting ganked from their jungler. Also it gives you a lot of armour to stop the harass from the other dps champion on their side. After the lantern grab a black cleaver to start dishing out the damage!

In late game you want to be looking to build your Phantom Dancers for movement speed and crit. Your final item will be an Infinity edge. You might ask why so late? Well when Ashe has a lot of attack speed you will be able to dish out your E (Frost Shot) really fast keeping that enemy suppressed making him an easy target. The final item is usually built on what you need to help to win. So either a Quicksilver sash, Banishes Veil or something else

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Summoner Spells

When playing Ashe you can be focused a lot which is why i take flash it keeps me out of harm a lot of the time so. Almost every DPS carry you see will take flash because they do not have a lot of movement speed or they have no escape skills. Taking exhaust on Ashe is just unfair with your Frost Shot. They really can't move and you leave them stuck hoping that you will stop pounding their face in

You can also take IGNITE, CLEANSE, OR GHOST

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Using your arrow is the most important key of Ashe. This is what will make a good Ashe player into a great Ashe player. Landing an arrow takes practice but it is all about predicting the movement of the enemy. If you see him running in an constant straight line calculate the time i would take for it to hit him then aim accordingly in front of him.

Tower Hits
If you see top taking some damage and your team mate will sure enough kill the guy with a good arrow make sure you will line it up properly. If there is 3 enemy minions left by your team mates tower chances are the enemy champion won't stick around so aim a fair bit behind him.

Helping Team Mates
I was playing a game where my team jumped into a 5v5 and then split off into 4v4 leaving morgana by herself trying to flank behind (where in their jungle). I noticed lee sin jumped on her and she was going down fast. By saving my arrow in mid game i was able to easily land my arrow on lee sin then jumping on him with morgana. We took him down with ease. Remember that you don't always have to use your arrow instantly in team fights. If you didn't start arrow into the fight then hold on to it for enemy champions trying to run away or for your team mates to escape

Ashe can be useless if your not effective with your arrow. Make sure never to aim directly at your enemy unless the enemy is acouple feet infront or beside you. Always aim in the direction they are most likely to take which would increase the chance of you landing that arrow otherwise you just wasted your ult. Try to make sure your laning it as much as possible from not HUGE long distances making you more effective.

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Tips and Tricks

Ashe has many tips and tricks to her but mostly its to stay aware of the map and really smart. Stay in the back of your team and pump out the damage. Here are some of my favourite tricks

Teleport - Arrow
If your playing mid, get teleport and a ward in the early game. Drop the ward in the mid then when the enemy pushes his lane past the ward go back to base. From there wait til he has about 3 minions left then fire your arrow at his face. Teleport to the ward and usually you will get a free kill from the tower pounding his face

Hawkshot and Arrow
When your team is together moving in the jungle use your hawkshot to scope out areas. Hover above the area that you just hawkshotted and line your arrow up to the area. If hawkshot reveals an enemy fire your ult and your team will soon jump on them