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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mancheese

Ashe - I said BEY (the real hi dead bye)

Mancheese Last updated on October 25, 2010
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Early Game: What's so awesome about Ashe is her passive which stacks you're Critical Strike every 3 seconds, so what you'll want to start off with is to hit the weakest one on you're lane and combo it off with an Volley making them lose TONS of health and you'll want to continue doing this through out the farming period between creep kills. You might think "I'll lose a lot of farming by doing this", my answer is NO, you wont seeing as Ashe is quite the squishy hero, you'll have to stay back from time to time making sure you wont get bursted to you're death, while you do that as I said, you stack up you're passive (While out of combat, Ashe's critical strike chance increases by 3/6/9/12/15/18% every 3 seconds, removed after next attack. Focus will now display a buff showing how much extra crit chance Ashe has) and fire it off on the squishiest opponent on the lane, once again combo'd with an Volley.

Mid Game: By now you'll have bought Boots of Speed/Swiftness, Philosopher's Stone or a plain B.F. Sword combo'd with anyone of the above items and level 6. Now you'll start to do some serious damage, and when I say serious I mean SERIOUS, make sure you keep on stacking your Passive, get it up as high as you can, and just keep on harassing with it and Volley. What you really want to do now is to gank as much as possible, what I'd start of to is some simple harass, when he drops about 20-30% hp I got my Passive stacked up, so I fire off my ultimate(Enchanted Crystal Arrow) switch on Frost Shot and basically nuke him down with my passive, ulti, volley and keeping him slowed with my frost shot, also make sure before you engage that you got the mana to drop the target, and always remember, pick the most squishiest one. Now you also want to help out on other lanes, whats so cool about Ashe is that her ultimate cooldown is quite low, so fire it off as often as others and yourself need it, and make sure to keep on stacking them frags up, for more and more money, by the end of mid game, you'll not just have items, but plenty of kills.

Mid/Top/Bot-lane, doesn't matter.

By the end, when you've bought Brutalizer, you should focus on what you're next item should be, I'd normally go for either Bloodthirster, Black Clever or Guardian Angel, I'd pick Guardian Angel seeing as you'll be the killing machine in your team, no matter what team your in, you'll be the one doing serious damage, as in "Hi tank, BEY DEAD". So the longer you're alive, and up and running, you'll be rockin' the battlefields.

Depending on how good of a start you get as in first blood and continued kills, you could skip fullBoots of Swiftness and go straight for aB.F. Sword for more kills at start, which I myself tend to do quite often.

No matter what, playing this Ashe build will get you top on the frag list, as in the very top, there's no doubt about that, and not only will you be killing one or two, but three to five of them, as long as you know what to do as Ashe.