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League of Legends Build Guide Author freefidy

ashe insane dps

freefidy Last updated on February 20, 2011
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Im pretty new to league of legends and to build guides but I thought id give you this guide anyway and just see how i do. Any constructive criticism or feedback is welcome. Also i must admit I havnt had much experience with runes so if anyone has a better option ill happily put them in. So sit back and hopefully enjoy :D.

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runes and masteries

as stated above im fairly new to runes but these seemed to go well with my build. as for masteries these are standard on pretty much all ashe builds not too much i can add. they focus on armour pen crit damage and ability cooldowns.

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item build

ok this is where i think this build gets interesting. I start off with dorans blade just for that little extra damage and survivability i cant tell you how many times that 100 health has saved me early game. by the time you come back from your lane you should have at least 1200 gold for philosophers stone and boots if u can get boots of swiftness already great of not dont worry too much. time for the first major purchase the bf sword the earlier you get this the earlier you start doing big damage dont expect to be destroying teams yet but you can definitely hold your own. now upgrade your bf sword into infinity edge this item makes your crits do much more damage as well as higher normal damage and higher chance of crit. now zeal basically raises your attack speed giving you more dps and more chances to crit. another bf sword...this one will go towards somthing else though. alright this is now endgame items really upgrade zeal into phantom dancer. upgrade your second bf sword into black cleaver. finally upgrade philosophers stone into shureylas reverie this one is just because you can. ok as you can see this item build relies on crit damage attack speed damage and some mana regen+health i havnt seen many builds like this.

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skill sequence and summoner spells

skill sequence is pretty much default on all ashe builds volley to annoy early on then frost shot to slow enemy champs and get hawkshot last its not as useful as her other abilities. summoner spells are clarity and ghost, clarity is for those emergency attacks or pushes or even early on in lane where you have spammed volley or used your ultimate a couple of times i find it very useful. as for ghost its to escape ganks and very rarely to chase.

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early game.
straight off take mid solo your job is to get last hit kills with volley as well as occasionally hitting the enemy champ with it. dont let your mana get too low and try to farm up some good cash maybe even a couple of kills.
mid game.
mid game starts when you feel you are doing enough damage on enemy champs with your normal attacks you want to be a little more aggressive on enemy champs but to continue to farm a few ganks with your ultimate and help out a little with your slowdowns to get your team rolling
end game.
by this stage you are a machine doing insane damage with normal attacks you will send 1-2 enemy champs running this is where you rack up kills help out in team fights and ganks and push lanes where necessary. if you have been fed well and have farmed enough up until this point you should have no problems tearing up the enemy team.

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Ashe is a very powerful dps and i feel this build maximizes that potential. i have not used this build in ranked play simply because i havnt reached lvl 30 yet so i cant vouch for its use on that level. again i must stress im not a pro at this game this is my first build and help/support is welcomed and please leave comments to help me out in future. thank you for reading.