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Ashe Build Guide by Thundermaus

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Thundermaus

Ashe, Shotsman ( I mean girl)

Thundermaus Last updated on October 23, 2012
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Basic Intro

Well. This is my first guide to a champion. I hope you guys like it.


Good Counters against Ashe

-Sona (Her harass Q is annoying and can screw you out of quite a lot of minion kills)
-Gragas (Again the harass ability is annoying)
-Nocturne (Can easily pull you out of team)
-Skarner (Just stay out of grab range)

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Pros / Cons of Ashe


+ Good AD carry
+ Good Crowd Control with Volley
+ Long range stun ( highly useful in long range team fights)
+ Q is a great slow
+ Good Farmer. Her Crit Strike can help her get last hits and her e is good gold boost
+ Increases her Critical Strike during inactivity


- Squishy (Early Game is quite important)
- Needs items to be of utmost usefulness.
- Slow initial attack speed.
- Low initial damage.
- Painfully slow initial movement speed.
- No in-built escapes

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I suggest starting Volley and prioritizing R>W>Q>E. Yet as you level up slowly you might want to level up E a lot since it is useful for farming. Frost Shot is very useful due to its slow. And Volley is a good crowd control ability. If you want to increase its slow equip a Frozen Mallet as it also increases HP for Ashe.

Focus: This isn't a bad passive. This passive is one of Ashe's best harass abilities. Focus up and store till its near 80% or more then go up to a champion and hit them. It will always give you tons of damage( early game 100-150 depending on champion armor) Its really useful to keep crit hit on someone.

Enchanted Crystal Arrow (R): <3 this ult. The ult freaking flies across the map. Use it to stun enemies when team fights occur. Then the rest of your team should be able to wreck havoc on them.

Frost Shot (Q): This ability is one of Ashe's most useful. It slows + does damage. Toggle only when chasing a champion or sneak attacking a champion or trying to run away from an enemy. This is very useful as long as you can run up or flash to kill them.
Volley (W): This ability is very interesting. Like other spells with other champions, your physical damage from your items is returned as damage with this move. That means if you stack damage items, your Volley will get stronger too. The level of Frost Shot is applied to Volley in terms of how much you will slow the enemies. You will want to max this ability out first (of course getting Enchanted Crystal Arrow whenever you can).

Hawkshot (E): Fantastic passive( It gets you tons of money). It's a great scouting tool. The cooldown for it isn't too high either. The passive is very nice on Ashe. As you should be last hitting as much as you can, that extra gold will begin to stack up.

You should probably level this after all other skills since late game this can come very handy but early game its nearly useless.

Tips and Tricks
Try and only use your Q when you are attacking enemy heroes.
Turn on Frost Shot when you are chasing or running away. Turning around and smacking them with 1 auto-attack will slow them right down.
Always have Frost Shot toggled on during team fights.

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Summoner's Wrath: For the upgraded Exhaust if you grab that summoner spell.
Brute Force: For the extra damage early game. That's 3 points for the same amount of damage 2 AD Quints give. This mastery will allow you to last hit easier and give you more damage if you decide to start Boots of Speed + pots instead of a Doran's Blade.
Butcher: To help with last hits. I recommend this mastery if you are not a proficient last-hitter, as the extra damage should help you in this endeavour.
Alacrity: This isn't for early game, as you shouldn't be auto-attacking, it's actually so we can grab the mastery directly branching off it.
Weapon Expertise: Is a beautiful mastery, especially for only 1 point (5 if you count those put into Alacrity). 10% Ar Pen is golden. If getting this mastery, you can forgo Greater Mark of Desolation for Greater Mark of Strength.


Hardiness: Great for early game survivability. These coupled with Greater Seal of Resilience means that the enemy AD shouldn't be hurting you too much.
Resistance: Fantastic against those AP heavy supports, like Soraka. As we only grab scaling MR runes, these mastery allows you to take a few hits from magic damage abilities early game.
Vigor: For lane sustain - it's up to personal preference, but I prefer to regen my health passively, as opposed to starting with a little extra health with Veteran's Scars.
Summoner's Resolve: For the upgraded Heal.
Deadliness: Again for rung progression.
Lethality: Ashe is a primarily critical strike champion. This mastery will mean your first shot of the game will hurt, and of course, consecutive critical strikes will do more damage too.
Vampirism: Definitely a must, especially if you start with Boots of Speed over Doran's Blade. Life steal is a core component on an AD carry's kit, and grabbing it for free via masteries is a bargain.
Sunder: More armour penetration, always useful, especially as we only buy Last Whisper as our 3rd/4th item, and is our only big source of armour penetration.
Executioner: Fantastic on Ashe, synergizes well with her perma-slow from Frost Shot.

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Basically I built Armor Penetration + Critical Strike. These two abilities could be quite useful on Ashe since her passive already grants her a Crit Bonus. Also build a Guardian Angel on Ashe so she isn't too squishy.

One of the best items on Ashe is probably the infinity edge since it increases damage and also gives you a great Crit Bonus.

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Basically Ashe is a great AD carry champion. It would be appreciated if you up voted this.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What about defense?
I highly recommend building a Guardian Angel or a Banshee's Veil. Perhaps even a Negatron Cloak if the other team is very AP heavy. This should give you some backleg incase the other team is winning.

2. How does my e even have a good active?
Dude. It scouts bushes. Free ward. End of Story.

3. Are you making any other guides?
Maybe. Seeing how this one does.