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League of Legends Build Guide Author RAAABZ

Ashe, the amazing carry!

RAAABZ Last updated on May 13, 2011
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Ashe, the true carry

Hello this is my Ashe guide on how to carry your team to victory with Ashe! Ashe is one of the best carrys in my opinion. She got stun slows and a "ward" thingy, thats really nice, all of your spells can help your team! First of all you want to get Dorans blade so you get increased health + attack damage. Then you should farm pretty well and harass your enemy with volley but not to much, you dont want to get out of mana, the reason you take hawkshoot as second spell is that you get more money for each unit killed, that means you will get 5+ gold for 5 kills, it doesnt sound much but it is after a while. Frost shoot is used to slow them if they attack you, dont start attacking them to much before you are level 6 then you should let them push close to your tower and you wait for most of the enemies minions to die and you fire your big arrow ( your ultimate ) you could scout the bush with hawkshoot and then you pretty much use frost shoot and volley and you should kill him, this will give you around 400 gold and if you have farmed well you should have money to your sword of the occult + Elexir of fortitude pretty soon. "When do i use my elexir of fortitude?" You should use it when your enemy doesnt expect it, pop your elexir and use your frost shoot skill for a bigger chance to deal the extra dmg from your elexir but it lasts for about 4 mins so no need to worry. You should get boots of swiftness after that, just so you can slow slow slow and slow with your frost shoot. You also wanna be able to run away late game, you will be squishy but remember to stay behind fire your volley and ult and use frost shoot on them. AND REMEMBER TO SCOUT (hawkshoot) THE BUSEHES/BARON/DRAGON/BUFFCAMPS FOR YOU AND YOUR TEAMMATES! If you have a hard time to stack your sword of occult you could simply buy some other damage item you want. In team fight you should pretty much stay behind your team fire volley and your basics attack with frost shoot on your enemy, you will deal some crazy damage! Do never chase your enemy in teamfights stay behind your team so you wont die! Thats why we focus more on damage than attack speed, cause you shouldnt run around spraying your basic attacks since then you are a easier target cause you have to shoot more to deal more damage, its better to deal more damage on one blow so you can run forward attack and go back forward attack and go back.. In that way, you will deal loads of damage and be hard for the enemy to kill. I do usually go with flash and ignite, ignite will help you win mid kinda much, just think about it, you slow volley stun and slow slow slow then ignite and he is dead! And flash so you can flash away if you get ganked. This means you should save your flash if they are comming for ganks. When you got your ult try to stun him close to your tower so you can hit with basic attacks and deal damage while he has to run away, use frost shoot so you can hit more with your basic attacks and finish him with ignite, if he flashes away or anything like that you could flash after but you should save your flash if you can, since you are very squishy and there can be ganks! I think that was pretty much it.. Now go and carry your team to victory with ASHE the frost archer!