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ashe the damage wonder

Last updated on July 25, 2010
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First i would like to say ashe is one of my favorite hearoes she is easy but you have too use her rightwith your ult you are a ganker. heres where the guide starts.

first get that green pendant thing for massive hp regen ashe is a very squishy hero she cant take many hits so get that then get normal boots get zeal then upgrade boots to berzerker boots then upgrade zeal to phantom dancer then get last whisper guardian angel ininity edge and then whatever you please although i reccomend either damage or attack speed.

early game

this is ashes most important part of the game dont keep auto atackin try to last hit and use volly to harras oppenents ask if you can go mid. but farm farm and last farm

mid game

you are a ganker this stage will be all ganking thats all there is basiscly to mid game and also farm some more.

late game

yuor role in late game is ganking so by that time atleast 1 team had to have destroyed 2 towers in 1 lane so if your towers are destryed defend if you kill a bunch of the mthen push hard and fast whe nyou get the chance now its a battle of patience 2 teams aregoing to be pushing back and forth it may take awhile but if you are a good ashe with a decent team you have a decent chance to win


i usually use revive and teleport i mean revive is good casue shes squishy so ittle bring you back a lot quicker and teleport casuse ashe is very slow of course once you get berserker boots and phantom dancer you will be fast but across the map thats completely diffrent ignite no
heal maybe
cleanse also maybe cause your squishy ppl wil ltarget you so yuo will be able to get out of tough sintuations
ghost hell no you have a slow
and thats about it that concludes my tutorial comment plz :)