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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Ashe The Frost Archer

Last updated on September 2, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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First a good understanding of the role ashe. Ashe is a carrier and is good early/mid and late game. Ashe can beat any other champion as long she is protected because she is very squishy aswell. A good team set up need a carrier and Ashe is a good carrier in my opinion.

As long as i play ashe i found some weaknesses and strenghts. Lets see how we can counteract on the weaknesses of Ashe.

Ashe is a very squishy champion.

Ashe is a ranged DPS champion. the advantage of Ashe is she is ranged and she can slow the enemy. If you play Ashe smart and good then its not difficult to stay in your lane for a long time. And a long time in a lane is good farming with last hits. And the Dorans Blade helps you to stay longer in a lane because of the 100 HP and 3% life steal on it. The CC of ashe is Ice arrows /volley and Enchanted arrow 2 slows and a stun.

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The choice of Runes:

Greater mark of Strength 9 times
+0.95 Attack Damage

Greater seal of malice 9 times
+0.42% Crit Chance

Greater glyph of Strength 9 times
+0.28 Attack Damage

Greater quintessence of strength 3 times
+ 2.25 Attack Damage

why do i choose for full attack damage and a little crit chance.
Ill choose those runes for early game.
When ashe fires her first arrow she always crits it in the beginning.
and with full AD runes you can kill that one easily you will do a lot of damage and armor penetration is not necessary early game because the armor early game is very low.
So if you would choose armor penetration runes wont help that much.
Even for late game its not necessary because a carrier starts to hit the other carrier and caster DPS. Thats why my opinion is that armor penetration is useless on ashe or any other carrier.
You need to deal a lot of Damage to other carriers and DPS champions because they need to die as fast as possible in team fights. with those runes you can kill them early game faster and mid game.

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Ashe has 4 skills ice arrow/volley/hawk shot/ Enchanted arrow.
If you want to do a lot of damage then i should use this combo:

Volley -> 1 ice arrow -> Enchanted Arrow -> kill it with ice arrows.

Why like this Volley slows ice arrow crit chance (high amount of damage) and then enchanted arrow for the stun and a little damage when stunned you can hit it with ice arrows champion will be slowed all the time and you can finish him easily.

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About the items of ashe:

Dorans blade first item:
With Dorans blade you have more survive ability with a little bit of life steal and 100 HP.
This item is only for early game when your done with your build you can sell dorans blade for another item.

Berserker greaves:
I choose those boots because ashe can slow the enemy champion so he wont reach you anyway. and those boots give you another 15% attack speed and ashe can use all the attack speed she can get.

Infinity Edge:
I would buy infinity edge first because the high crits and a lot of attack damage. To get this item i first buy BF sword/ agility Cloak/Pick axe why like this BF sword gives a lot of attack damage and after that the agility cloak gives 18% crit chance. If you get a crit you will gain a high amount of damage because you have the BF sword already. then the pick axe and finish infinity Edge.

Phantom Dancers:
After the high amount of damage you will need a lot of attack speed. Phantom dancers is the right item for more attack speed.
Just make sure you get seal and then the other dagger. if you have those take the cloak again and finish the phantom Dancers.

Black Cleaver:
The black cleaver gives you another boost of attack speed and attack damage. ill take this one above blood thirster because if you get focussed your almost death anyway if you will survive it wont be by the blood thirster.

Last whisper:
with the above items you will deal a high amount of damage but the last whisper is to finish a tank late game. And you will burst through other dpsers armor aswell.

Banshee's veil:
This item can protect you from ulties or the first spells of the enemy. so you can survive a little longer. if you get protected this item will always protect you a little bit more.

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I hope that you enjoy learning to play Ashe in this way. Do not expect that you will grab this build and dominate immediately. There is a learning curve to this play-style, and you will have struggles. However, I am confident that you can learn to play Ashe effectively utilizing this build. Good luck! And remember to vote and comment :)