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League of Legends Build Guide Author chaozi94

Ashe: The God Build

chaozi94 Last updated on October 13, 2010
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This build has gotten me through thick and thin so well that its even gotten the enemy team complimenting me. At level 18 with all those items, your bow becomes a machine gun that can even solo cho-gath in his strongest form. Before I get too detailed into the items, let me teach you how Ashe should be used in a 5v5:

When the match starts, your gonna want to get volley and be ready for a fight. It's always best to solo mid and beg god that there will only be one enemy champion there. The middle lane is the shortest out of the three lanes which makes it good for slow movers like Ashe to get back into combat. When running down that lane for the first time without minions, pay attention to those bushes just in case they decide to hide within them. Do Not use Volley on the bushes to see if their there cause you will just waste mana if their not. If they are, then go ahead and pummel the living daylights out of them without getting too close to their turret. If they don't appear, then just wait for minions and one will eventually come down if your lucky.

Here is where all your farming needs to come into play. Ignore the turret and focus on killing minions as much as possible. If the champion against you attacks you directly, then hit em back but don't chase them or you will lose a chunk of health which you do not want early on in a game. The more minions you take, the faster you level, the more money you get and the quicker you will become a god.

Now the rest of this little guide will be about the items, but what I want to quickly show you is the perfect way to down a champion when you reach lv10 - 18:

1) Firstly, turn on your Frost arrows then Get that champion in your sights and slowly build up ground between you and them.
2) Once your in range but they have NOT attacked you, fire that beautiful Enchanted Crystal Arrow to stun the bugger and chunk his HP. If they attack you, your unlikely to win unless you have at least infinity edge.
3) Volley as quick as you can making sure their slow is still active after the effects of the big arrow wear off.
4) Pile as many frost arrows into them as possible. If you hit them enough, their HP will collapse quicker than toast can cook.
5) If your lucky, the enemy will flee. Keep on them and fire Volleys to keep the damage and slow on them. If your doing it right, you will look rather ridiculous as you fire, step, fire, step, fire, step until they die.

If another champion appears, be careful. However, if your lv18 and got every item then your pretty much unstoppable unless you get stunned over and over.

Now, to do these godforsaken items:

The first thing you want to buy are Boots of speed. They are pretty simple and useless, but if you get them right away with your starting money, you will be able to out run champions that try to kill you early on which is helpful.

Once you have the cash, get those Berserker Greaves as they will help in farming and running away.

After you get those Greaves, your going to need some life-steal as all other champions at this point will start to level very quickly. Life-steal will keep you alive as you build your way up to malady. Once you have it, your attacks will be more effective and you could start taking on champions slightly, but don't get too big-headed as Ashe will die in two clicks if she gets stunned.

After Malady, your going to realise your mana is really bad. We need to fix that, and by this point you will certainly not have much money to go with. If you can, get the sapphire crystal and meki pendant before the sword. After that, get Manamune and you will be fine Mana wise.

Manamune is a good weapon to set you up for champion killing. But the real deal comes when you buy Zeal and then make that into a Phantom Dancer. With that kind of attack boost and speed, your bow becomes a machinegun at times. Attacking champions now should be easy as pie.

After Phantom dancer, you really don't need much else but here's what you should aim for regardless: Infinity edge may cost 4080g but is a nice addition to your inventory if you do feel as though your not killing fast enough. Wits end is the other weapon to finish of your collection. Its mana burn is the item to wipe out those nasty nukes and mages and the added damage is beast!

Now, if the match is still going on and you are still in a stalemate or even losing which shouldn't be happening with your god powers, your going to need to save up some more cash. When you have enough of that gold stuff, sell Berserker greaves and buy Trinity force. THAT, is the final piece of epicsauce that will make you an ultimate turret, champion and minion killing machine.