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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author VashStampede

Ashe the Warrior Archer

VashStampede Last updated on June 25, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I know a lot of people would probably say this build sucks well all i could say is that this build is not a carry ashe but instead killing ashe. i would recommend this build only for those who have played ashe for a very long time now and would say that they are really experienced with her.


Frost Shot- Not the main skill we need but it could help in killing someone. That is why i recommend getting it once then spend every point on volley or ult.

Volley- The main skill of ashe that we would be using for this build. this build is also surrounded by a lot of expensive items thats is why youll use this skill to kill mobs quicker and a lot of them.

Hawkshot- In my opinion a good skill and would actually help us in this build. since i said earlier that most of the items we would use is expensive, this would help us get closer to it faster.

Enchanted Crystal Arrow- the main attack that we would use in this build. without this, we wouldn't be able to kill anyone at all.


my mastery build is 21-9-0 you might say i copy an assassin build type of mastery since this should help us faster to kill.


the runes i used are Armor penetration for mark self explanatory, health increase for quintessence, cooldown reduction for glyph, and dodge for seal.


the items are doran's ring for the quick mp regen as well as health and ap.

Berserk Greaves for that attack speed and movement.

Trinity Force- for everything that we might need.

Infinity blade- just like trinity force.

Youmuu's Ghostblade- for that armor penetration and cooldown reduction

Last whisper- for its attack speed

Recurve Bow- for its attack speed

Overview of playing style.

most of the time your going to volley the creeps in the way. so that you could get money and buy the equipment easy as that. your going to buy doran's ring first for its hp,ap and regen that it gives. we would start killing by probably around lvl 6(i killed someone already with this build at just lvl 2 and that was just by myself ^.^) i recommend that every time you kill someone go back to base and buy the part that you might need for the items. i also recommend that once you get the items needed to make for example trinity force, dont make it yet if you have an open slot. start buying a piece of the infinity blade then make the upgrades once you have no more open spot for new items. the best attack stategy would be volley without the frost shot on first. if you can keep doing this to an enemy champion and half his life with it then thats a good thing. then once the life is like at least 1/3 then we could probably kill it. activate frost shot then volley him. if he starts to run away and is faster than you fire away your enchanted crystal arrow. the keep volleying him until he dies. if he still able to run use your ignite to deal that extra amount of damage even if its a little bit only. and heal would also help in laneing longer and killing opponents or running away from them with low health.

Suggested sequence for item buying.
1)Doran's Ring
2)Boots of Speed
4)Brawler's Glove
6)Amplifying tome (Full item slots)
7)Berserk Greaves (your going to lose boots of speed and dagger and going to have one more open slot)
8) Sapphire Crystal (Full item slots again)
9)Zeal(Your going to lose dagger and brawlers glove and have another open slot)
10)Long Sword(Full item slot....)
11)Sheen(your going to lose amplyfing tome and sapphire crystal and have another open slot jeez)
12) ruby crystal (Full Slot again....)
13) At last make your trinity Force (You should be happy now once you get this lol and you have three more open slots now.
14)b.f. sword(wow expensive)
15)pickaxe(another expensive thing but essential)
16) cloak of agility(omg full slot again)
17) Infinity dagger(Happy moment again with two open slots lol)
18) long sword
19) Long sword(wth? full slot)
20) brutalizer (open one slot)
21)Brawlers glove
22) Avarice blade
23)Youmuu's ghost blade
24) recurve bow
25) sell doran and be sure you have enough money to buy a long sword and upgrade both recurve and long sword to last whisper.
26) lastly buy a recurve bow

1)well good luck with this build to anyone that dares to try it. i used it and was able to get 9-0-2 with it since we have a master yi so its kinda hard to get kills with him running around lol
3)3-0-6 i could see a good trend on the 3-vs-3 lol

1)1-2-15 hm not that bad maybe i should have putted that item that increase damage per assist and kill lol